By Leon Brown

Avid reader, deep thinker.

We are within the beginning of a new millennium, a point in time at which the attention of many people is focusing on deep concentration due to change. It is granted that the period clustered around 2000 is a rather splendid cursor for the calendrical system, but I suspect that this strong attraction is generated by a stimulus centered on a subliminal level. We live in significant times, which approach the end and beginning of new ages: the old Greek age of Aion is closing and the age of Pisces is giving away to the Age of Aquarius. It was during these periods of celestial transitions that those of the ancient world traditionally associated such with eminent changes — many of these cosmic permutations being of most unpleasant and chaotic themes.

Could it be that the concept of the "Aion" is in some way wired into the subconscious or collective memory, thus triggering a general response of riveting concentration in the populace? The modern savants assure us that it is impossible to determine when we precisely slip from one celestial age to another, but I wonder even about that. On a deep level, I somehow suspect that the ancient Maya had it calibrated to a niche of lucidity, and 2012 is the "true" date of this impending change.

Leaving aside the question of calendrics, it is safe to state that modern man is anticipating considerable changes in the world and his life. It is interesting to note their views and separate them into roughly three aspects of the future. The first is that we are fast approaching a period of planetary catastrophe, and the results will be devastatingly tragic.

When I wrote this statement in a remote corner of West Texas, the skies were darkened and soiled by the smoke from the vast forest fires in Central Mexico. I also considered the huge fires burning in the region of Amazonas and Indonesia. In addition to all this mismanagement of nature, we are further approaching a period when devastating earthquakes could strike in what is now heavily populated areas. Examples of such are Turkey and Mexico. We are also anticipating some problems as a result of a technological glitch with the Y2K anomaly impacting political and economic life on this planet. Volcanism is also on the increase, and like earthquakes, it is a result of a natural planetary cycle.

However, man in his infinite wisdom has chosen to erect large cities in the pathway of these natural and impending forces. Of late, we have had several movies that deal with a planetary strike by a celestial object. We like to shiver and shake over cinematic presentations of such dire events, but we resolutely turn our heads away from that which could be prevented. Whatever the cause, it is readily apparent that powerful and disturbing images are being triggered deep within the human psyche.

A second school of thought postulates a glorious future, a return of the Golden Age, with peace and plenty for all. In this scenario, wondrous things will hold sway and mankind will truly enter an age of enlightenment, both on the physical and the spiritual plane. This is a perfectly splendid view of the future, but with infinite regret, I do not think that it is a realistic expectation due to all the indicators and the record of human behavior over this last century (20th). Further, we can note that it is not particularly suited for the production of exciting and unusual literature.

The third view of the situation is that the planet will suffer a technological, economic and ecological collapse in tandem with destruction from natural forces. This period will last either from a generation or two, or on to several centuries. Then this era of sadness and economic loss will be followed by an age that is constructed on sound foundations learned during the hard periods. Perhaps based on logical merit. It is then that the age of transcending enlightenment will manifest itself. Not being a prophet, I really could not say which of the three views would arise as a reality. Hopefully there will be combinations of all three with the least loss to humanity being the best indicator of future life on this world. Indeed!

Unequivocally, expansive changes are in store for us, and only a fool would pretend otherwise. We should not at this point doubt that vast shifts are not only indicated, but they will be necessary. Indeed, they are demanded! And precisely what is it that "demands" these changes? Quite simply stated, it is the presence of man on the globe — the burgeoning population of this Earth. Recently, the national news agencies gave the population figures for the last century (20th). In 1900 there were 1.6 billion humans on Earth, which grew to 2.5 billion by 1950. At the end of this past century and the beginning of this new age, our population hovers around 6.0 to 6.5 billion humans. Many speculate that we will reach 10 billion souls by 2030. It is this last figure that indicates paramount changes of one sort or another, because this world cannot support such a number unless drastic relocation to space or the oceans is addressed by science and technology.

The people of Earth well know that there are vast problems ahead in the future, and due to the current modality of thought, they put it out of mentality to await another more convenient day for deeper contemplation. However, one can detect the anxiety and concern underlying their lives. They know that broad changes are on the horizon, but they try to ignore them. Nemesis is now peeking over their shoulders, but they steadfastly refuse to meet her steady gaze. Sooner than we would like, Nemesis will step from behind and confront our gaze directly. We will then be forced to look at her then, but it will be too late. In a sense, we are in the same position as the Romans were during the apogee of their empire. They could intuitively sense the great inequities of their political and social structure and knew that it would prove to be their destruction, but they persisted in their ways until the bitter end. Modern man is doing something very similar.

Like so many humans, I have read the ancient prophecies and have pondered their meaning to our future. I further confess that, at one time, I considered them to be phantasmagorical and mythically impossible. However, I must admit that I am now awe stricken to see the coming convergence of the millennium, the change of Aion, and the growing population of the Earth. This convergence suggests a nexus of ominous proportions. And it is in precisely such a period as this, that the apocalyptic or the millennialist literature (such as herein) strides to center stage. There have been only a few millennialist novels to date, but there will be more. The preponderance of them separate into two main categories. The first is religious in nature, and the others fall into the category of science fiction and employ such devices as earthquakes, plagues, or celestial strikes to accomplish their aims.

I read the above works with varying degrees of interest, and I admit that I found some things of merit in a few of them. However, let it be noted that I read these works one time and only one time! The point is that one time was quite sufficient. And then perhaps in deference to my jaded appetite, Ron Cook offered The Enigmni for my reading pleasure, and then things changed around quite rapidly. At first, I was not really quite certain what I had read, but I instinctively knew that I liked it. Being intrigued, I then read it again to see what I might have missed. At this point, I have read the manuscript nine times and each time, I find something new to think upon. Allow me to illustrate.

• For those of you who like science fiction, you have here a space opera that would do Buck Rogers or Star Wars proud.

• For those of you who like a good yarn, you here have a good adventure that will be meat and drink.

• For those of you with a metaphysical or philosophical bent, you will find worthy instruction and valuable lessons.

• For those of you who are disenchanted with modern society, you will find a scathing denunciation and indictment of modern social and industrial life.

• For those of you with a religious inclination, you will find this work to be a high- tech guide to greater achievements in spirituality.

• For those of you who like "forbidden science," then this work is enough to make the most hardened academician gasp and grab for his heart medicine.

• For those who like the millennialist genre of literature, then know there is enough death, doom, and destruction for a Hollywood epic!

• For those interested in the evolutionary progression of man, then this work offers a totally different and startling view of the process.

I could go on and on with this, but surely the point is made.

I must confess that I have been having pleasant fantasies as to how this work will be classified in the bookstores. (They never seem to get anything in the correct place!) I would judge, if they examine the cover, they will place the work in Science Fiction. If they bother to read a few pages, they will probably put it in the great catch-all of bookstores: New Age. However, let us not tell them that it is a straight work of fiction: a millennialist novel, if you will. By strict literary classification, it is an allegory. However, let us not inform these worthies. Instead, let’s have some fun and see where they put the book! Perhaps in a new section all its own.

And for those of you who were enraptured by my golden prose and decided to buy the book on my recommendation, I have a suggestion for you. There is the possibility that you will slacken down in the work on your initial reading due to the deep mulling of Claronu (story teller of the book). (These are the most important parts). If you do slow, remember these are almost alien words...try harder. Here are the guidelines to be observed in reading the book successfully. First, read it in the literal sense and determine where you are going as an overview. Second, read the book as an allegory and observe the endless battle between Good and Evil, Chaos vs. Order. Then, read it in the metaphysical mode and observe the Cosmic Dance. It is as easy as that and most beneficial.

And what more can I do except recommend this book for your delectation? Its meaning will haunt you forever thereafter.

Leon Brown

June 6, 1998

(Very late at night

and after numerous

cups of coffee, as is my style.)



From an old Friend

"This Book has a lot of good things going for it, Ron. It is very different and original, and I think it can sell if you market it properly. Warn your readers to wear 3-D glasses while reading this one — it's (holographically) complex."

"With a singular, unique vision, Ron O. Cook eloquently examines the crucial questions of existence. His well-illustrated book combines both the symbolical and the semantical expressions of existence in a timeless exploration of our inner and outer worlds. Cook reveals the evolution of morals and consciousness and unifying connectedness of the universe through a Claronu’oa poetic witness to being. It is unlike any book you will ever read."

-- Ben Garrison (former Graphics Director of the Seattle Post Intelligencer and national freelance illustrator and designer).





To My 1,000 Students

This work is for you (students taught at the university, the art institute and the high schools). I promised that I would put it up to give you all a repository of my philosophy aligned in a meta-fiction story. We talked about this for years (19). We looked at the pictures and thought how grand it would be to create a movie from the storyboards. I gave all of you permission to create a work off of the Enigmni base story. Here it is — storyboard all you want or write new parts to the whole. To others, you may try also. Just remember that this book is in copyright — check with me first. The other two books will be out soon. Good luck in all your endeavors. I will never forget you guys.




To my wife, who has watched me toil away on this project for many years, I say thank you for all the loving remarks and tickles at the back of my head. They kept me keyboarding away when I almost gave up on my column, teaching, education, politics and those who play with humanity’s mindset. Thank you for understanding everything and never doubting me. Life is indeed a learning means to being and becoming. All my love to you.



Synopsis of Enigmni

The Enigmni begins with a short description of the meaning and power of Light. Light is the projection or broadcast from Timelessness that influences the totality of existence in this manifest world...the entire universe. Its meaning to humanity is deeply mental, spiritual and beyond the comprehension of the part (individual). Light allows the quantification of existences as we perceive it on this side. Light and the concept of the Enigmni, a utility and part of Deity, is the focus of this work as a means to an essence in understanding.

The book starts in the year 2008, with a report to a superior from Dr. Somen Kosolapdev, a Russian geophysicist / anthropologist whose ancestors experienced the phenomenon at Tunguska in 1908, one hundred years ago. This event was an actual, gargantuan explosion that took place in Siberia. It resembled the detonation of a nuclear device. The resulting firestorm flattened many square miles of timber and killed numerous animals.

The report describes Dr. Kosolapdev’s passionate adventure of discovering a unique device that was once in orbit around the earth, and later crashed onto the surface as a secondary part of the total Tunguska anomaly. Kosolapdev and his crew of scientists search for and find the device which is the subject of the report and the subsequent data from an ancient being described as a surveyor. This unique device is not of our civilization, but shows data from a period of time that exceeds some 6 to 4 million years ago. This device is found to off-load visual and audible information. It is later called a Scepter.

The Scepter, as Kosolapdev describes it, has about 75 visuals on board (three that seem to include him). These pictures were drawn by a being called an Omegon whose name is Claronu. Other data comes from a being called Anjona, a superior to Claronu. All this data has been deciphered and decoded with the aid of the Scepter itself, which functions as a "smart tool." It is later discerned, that the scepter is a computer with wondrous capabilities that Dr. K is gradually learning. This scepter was in the possession of Claronu and Anjona in the past, and utilized as the means to reach humanity in the future with messages of our past and the directions for our future. The Scepter also contains data as to what we are, how we are, and where we will go after we depart from this and existence/s.

Kosolapdev seems to begin to buy into the messages of the Scepter and challenges his superior to read the subsequent sections that contain actual broadcast data from the thoughts of Claronu and Anjona as they relate to an event that took place on a planet of people called Enmayi (now asteroid belt). Claronu and Anjona are from a planet called Hytona (now Mars). Dr. "K" asks for his boss (director) to read on and prepare for marveling.

Claronu’s message (ENIGMNI: Title of Book section) is a collection of data that he records on the Enmayi planet where he has been sent by his superior shepherd, Anjona, to find out what happened to a people that "they" had believed were advancing to a higher order of existence. When nothing is heard from the Enmayi for a long period, Claronu, a multi-talented surveyor of virtual data, is sent to determine what has happened to their vested interest. In this part of the book, Claronu speaks of things that he sees as he moves about a horrible scene where no life is left in any form — but his own. He is alone on a planet where a strange, yet gargantuan and globular form seems to be everywhere at once. Claronu quickly ascertains that it is a weapon that he had identified in orbit prior to landing on the surface in his spacecraft, Shema. He calls the weapon -- Leche. He knows that it is the cause of death but does not totally know why or how it works. His primary mission is to survey the planet with his advanced psycho-cognitive abilities and depart before the weapon detonates in its final destructive phase.

Every aspect of the Enmayi people is to be analyzed by Claronu’s discerning eye (government, culture, education, spiritualism, and status of progression and agriculture). Immediately, he finds himself hand-drawing all of the terrible scenes because of his own vanity and selfish belief in "his" powers (the Scepter’s graphic abilities are broken immediately). Throughout the whole process of this journey, he reevaluates his Omegon self against the Alphi/Omegi status of the former Enmayi people. These states of Omegon, Alphi/Omegi, and Alphian are about the stages, within structures, of being development within the Virtual Realms. Alphian is the lowest animalistic state. These stages dictate the psychological and spiritual progression of the entire book and that of the reader. They are tied to the "why" of being in existence. The means to their existence is the Enigmni, which creates a virtual arena in physical state - a kind of atmosphere for things to be and happen. Claronu believes that the Enmayi forgot who and what they were, preoccupied by sexual matters both passive and active. His own kind (being) went through the above stages from animal to Omegon and thus overcame whatever element detoured the Enmayi life cycles (reincarnation). Omegons are Angels in final existences before monadship with the All.

While he speaks to himself and at the same time the Scepter (it records everything), Claronu becomes aware that this event is his final initiation before becoming dissolved within the All. He describes how as light beings, all of what is, came through (projected) the Goge portals (suns or stars) into manifest reality. What we naively see is taken for something else in each state. Claronu, being able to know on higher levels because he paid the price of the Law of Consequence, later finds the reason why the planet failed. He projects that Koan and Planca are the initial reasons why the Enmayi beings failed and returned to Alphian ways of animalistic passion. He also tells of how the Agricultural sects headed by Takion, brings war against Koan’s and Planca’s culture and the Leche. The Leche is built to destroy Claronu’s Hytona, but later is accidentally released in orbit around Koan’s own planet. It begins its multifarious phases of destruction. Many die while they strive to leave the planet. Claronu determines that they escaped to an Omegon food and research planet called the Gardened One (third planet from Goge). Claronu later is killed (or tuned out) in a gargantuan explosion that totally destroys a whole sector of that part of the Goge (solar) system. The Scepter is the only survivor and Jupiter becomes a planet rather than a pony sun. Anjona finds it and repairs its parts and sends it to earth with a strong message. The Scepter orbits until 1908 (millions of years) and is later found on the surface in 2008.

Dr. K submits a conclusion with many scenarios as to the archeological evidences that support the data that is before him. He believes that there are "Hidden Parties" that hide in the background helping to guide life on earth. He submits his own plan to a better altruistic means of existence to the director and leaves to check the site where the Scepter originally impacted for more data. He is apparently killed, and the Scepter becomes a keepsake of Koan’s ancestor and later activates to destroy the whole of this sector of Goge due to inaction by the present state of virtual being on earth. December 23, 2012. Will this end all of Humanity?

There is much more herein.




How powerful is the act of "seeing?" Few of us ever stop to think of this awesome operation of perceiving the manifest universe via on board sensory systems built into our very being. Seeing is equated with beliefs, but total sensory contact with reality goes beyond just the traditional five sensory experiences that has enlightened our philosophers and scientists to the point of seeking the ultimate answers to our precise existence.

Mankind’s oldest records say that ancient man was in awe at the sight of light (light is invisible, its effect is seen), and its energizing amplification of experiential processes. Man spent much time writing and meditating upon the complexities of the visual flame. To perceive the world beyond simple, yet empiric-measuring terms was his contribution to us. But did he know what we are only just now coming to understand through quantum physics? Add the new breakthrough technologies like holography, fractal geometry, virtual reality, bio-tech, nanotechnology, and others -- then, you are speaking of powerful concepts worthy of worship.

If perception is the "quantifier" of the world of reality, could this world also be an illusion created by the process of the essence -- the greatest of all virtual realities? Men of old thought that this world we live in was the projected playground of God. That he lived through each localization or being-of-atomic-makeup (all parts of the universe) in a many faceted dance of the elements -- matter. His Essence was the Universe of Megalight, which includes every pixel, or every particle composed of matter -- light -- DNA; and, light indicates prior knowledge, before events.

The Sumerians, Egyptians, and Indus Valley people were the intellects of the mysteries handed down in myth. Some of their most ancient traditions, reflected within the living Hindu religion, seeped through to us from the past in the form of Vedas or songs-of-life, which were recorded in archaic Sanskrit. The secrets of a powerful past lie hidden in what these ancients quantified from their perceptions.

The old texts of the Hindu indicate that reality was a love-act of "seeing" the gods (Devas) or "bright ones," and to be mirrored by that power with an observation or feedback. The process of "seeing" the deity was the sacred part of life called "Dar-san." The believer was consecrated by just the act of Dar-san and thus became all knowing, or worthy of being. Seeing was a form of touching or quantifying (measuring for value). The eye that comprehended the All was the third eye, which went beyond five-sensory perception into the realm of intuition and hyperphysics. The world of the ancient Hindu was many faceted and many godded -- what some would term "Holospirited."

The act of worship for one god was termed "kathenotheism." In this process the devotee’s Dar-san activated and energized the god focused upon. The god became a reality in the life of the beholder, and was no longer a wave, but a particle or part of god, once observed. This many faceted holomovement of "be-ness or being-ness" came to be a part of the religion of Hinduism, the oldest surviving religion of modern man. The very purpose of living to a Hindu is to get out of the feedback loop, and to get off the wheel of existence -- to escape the cycle of manifestation. The goal is to merge into the ultimate and absolute ONCE once again -- to return to the dream or creative element that is timeless. When outside the mega-holographic field of the universe, the being returns to the realm we visit when we release consciousness from the quantifiable form.

Quantum Physics is today’s great measuring devise for all mathematics that make up this, the greatest of all virtual realities. We live in, on and through the greatest assemblage computer of all in a broadcast. It is in an overwhelming movement of quantum reality seeming to comprehend itself through constant feedback-looping to calculate and recalculate at blinding speed, its very becoming known prior.

It is an electromagnetic broadcast that is both waves and particles, interacting with gravity and the weak/strong nuclear force (the three facets of Godhead). Each quality is fundamental and is the very dual personality of manifestation. Neither state of being is complete unto itself, but both states are necessary to give us a complete holo-field of reality. We can never know both states at once, thus never knowing the particulate or wave at one time. As an illusive wave, reality smears out over space where it seems to be everywhere at once, gathering quantum information about the probability of some potential state. Amplify this process to interconnect and influence everything else in space, as it is moving, and you have what we discern as reality within Sequential Time.

This reality is the opposite of the Big Bang...rather, the universe is the Big Broadcast of the Quantinuum, which gets its power from an unseen state of dreams or creative potential -- what some call God. This unseen state exists in timelessness and is thus not able to be quantified. Some see this great broadcast of quantum potential as the ultimate virtual reality, which communicates within and without inner, connected matter. This reality issues from a dream potential background or field into the illusive material state of being and becoming.

The edges of our distant memory about being within this realm are smooth, with few, if any perturbations in the conscious state. Beyond this world lies the potential and its continuum of mindscape or dreamscape. In this world, everything is known at once. Some say we are in touch with the frontiers of a mental hyper-fractal feedback loop that interconnects both beginning and end in an infinite process full of change. Many have equated the mind with the universe. Perhaps we all share this mind on some other level as it seeks to experience existence via ultra-sophistication built beyond the particulate level, on toward the gestalt collection of the One.

The surveyor of this ancient story, Claronu, is at the last state of being -- an "Omegon," as they were called by him. His task is to make the jump off the "wheel of being" into the "All" (generator of the existence field – province of the Enigmni). Will he achieve his Dar-san and realize the reality of existence for himself and the Enmayi? Will he make the jump to, what some call eternity?

What follows are the survey-data that he initiated, along with the follow-up data generated by subsequent interpreters of his acts and renderings. How it (the final story here) was finally found is another story. One must read deeply in order to maintain the fullness of transcending wisdom, for Claronu’s mentality was beyond most of us. We, however, must now make the effort at matching his understanding, to push our mentality to higher levels of discovery. It may be our total purpose for know who and what we really are.

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JUNE, 2008


Submitted by Dr. Somen Tacion Kansk Kosolapdev

Two years ago, I was privileged to be appointed to direct the phenomenon research at the Central Tunguska Region site in Siberia. I consider this more than a favor, since my great-grandfather was there on that day over 100 years ago. For that, I am sincerely thankful that I have had this chance for closure to my family’s participation in the observation of the colossal event, if only involving the sense of hearing and a burning sensation. Thank you.

Closure is indeed the key word to what I am about to put in front of your keen eye. The data held herein, is beyond a doubt, the most important news that mankind has ever had the opportunity to review and thus complete our collective memory. The illustration included herein will serve to show you the magnitude of this absolute statement (Pic. 1). The picture or rendering portrayed is an out-of-time expression of myself at the site. This illustration was "not" done on that date!

It is a proven fact, that the representation of our latest radiation protective gear, with me holding the crystalline capsule, is indeed the question of our entire existence on Earth. This report is about a slice of time and space that happened millions of miles and years from here! It is the one and only enigma that any being can truly say is ultimate and absolute arcane! Silence is all I can express!

The enigma of course is that the picture, and many others, were generated by a being named (per our translations) -- Claronu -- or something like that. His words and visuals were on board the crystalline capsule found at a site near the explosion that took place overhead some 80.5 km (50 miles) away from my great grandfather’s farmland in 1908. The exact coordinates are attached in related materials sections.

My father, who was killed while fighting in Afghanistan, told me the many stories that his grandfather had relayed to him of the morning of June 30, 1908, when the sun seemed to take flight across the Tungus region, culminating in a giant column

of upward rushing debris and flame. It could be seen from as far way as Bratsk. Some reports say that many saw it from 482.7 km (300 miles) away. It must have been brilliant. Much timber and many reindeer were deleted from life that day. Scientists of the day thought it was a large meteor that impacted the earth. Later some thought it was early experimentation of atomic devices by past advanced earthbound civilizations. Now we know part of the story.

My great-grandfather was said to have gradually lost his hearing from that point on. The hair on the back of his head and ears was singed as he said he turned away from the manifesting sight, anticipating something. His clothing was useless thereafter, taking on a plastic characteristic. I am sure you too have heard all the old stories and perhaps have read up on them for this highly important project. It is said that "white-nights" were produced by after-effects of the blast. I will not burden you with the amazing accounts that only those dead have experienced.

These stories are what piqued my curiosity, from youth on, to study and learn all I could about the event at Tunguska. Of great importance to this report are the stories, which indicated that, as the object passed on its final trajectory toward Tunguska, a glowing object seemed to eject, or pass away from the main, larger primary form. The ratio was (according to first-hand viewers) approximately 1/30th the size of the larger. Since my great grandfather had reported such a sighting secondhand from his neighbor, I have also received reinforcement from later reports. These stories and other data have always intrigued me and served as the catalyst to undertake this assignment. My love of the land is also another reason for my interests.

Finding any result of such an ejection was considered impossible except for the tradition of the peoples of the region. They saw it happen, and as always, reported a secondary element -- a low-pitched hum.

Off and on for almost 100 years, that hum has been reported by reliable sources. It seemed to come from a region some 64.4-km (40 miles), east of the primary detonation site. Since the primary site was determined (by specialists) to be caused by an air explosion rather than an impact phenomenon, there was no reason to link the two expressions together. This is an area we are still not settled upon.

My father had always corroborated the sound to me, but I must admit I had never heard it, even upon the occasions when he and I visited the area in my youth.However, upon visiting the local area, after my father’s demise, I began to hear the sound. It was a low-pitched hum, and the effect it produced was indescribable. I felt as though my heart were singing. Strange, but that is the only verbal description I can offer.

Some 17 years ago, the former Soviet space program had reported magnetic data from that region which did not correspond to the primary site that also had a lessor magnetic reading. It was east of the primary – some 62 km (38.6 miles) away from the big blast zone. The U. S. Military offered some declassified data that also held the same information, as did our military. Two years ago, at the behest of a grant from the Russian Federation of Geological Exploration, and with support from foreign interests such as the United States, Japan, France, England and China, we began the search for what was supposed to be a particle from a blackhole, a comet or a meteor. Little did we know then that a far greater enigmatic discovery was waiting at the threshold of our initiative.

Due to the adverse climatic conditions of the area, the weather only permitted us to work for four months out of the year in the region. Since we had a very limited temporal span in which to work, I feel extremely fortunate in terminating the initial phases of this exploration with complete success as our reward. In the first year, we only managed to establish the fact that there was indeed several sources, some hotter than others, to merit the cost in funds and the human effort of hand digging in permafrost.

In May of last year (2007) we struck scientific gold. The exact date was May 9, six years after the arcane asteroid conjunctions in 2001. It was early in the morning, when Cheska, a local member of the digging team, came to my quarters which were located in the large landcruisers which were joined. His shouts established that his hearing was causing him pain due to a high vibration from some nearby source. It later turned out to be the loudest hum ever heard in the area – so strong, that coffee was seen to vibrate in its tin on my makeshift desk. I heard the sound, though I first confused it with the generators sitting just outside the landcruisers.

I called in the research team’s helicopters with location devices to be dropped in the area of the most sensitive readings. Through triangulation and pure luck, we were able to pinpoint an area of the loudest readings, just as the sun began to rise. We swept into the area with great anticipation. At the loudest site, we found an area overgrown with pine and other shrubs, making it as difficult as possible. We landed the choppers at a place somewhat accessible to our crew, and sent the craft back to pick up equipment for the hard digging ahead of us.

Radiation was one of my prime concerns at first, but alas, there was none associated with the area, though we put on our safety suits anyway before approaching the strongest audio readings. There was much timber in the spot that we detected, but as soon as I could reach the ground around the impact zone, I found myself almost clawing the ground to find the source of all this noise.

The old crater was surrounded in a horticulturist’s nightmare, with pine leading the way to all manner of debris. After we cleared the area, we exposed a crater, which was about 6.1 meters in diameter, and 3 meters in depth. Wearing our cumbersome radiation suits; we set to work, digging by hand. The excavating went on for five days, and each retrieved particle was analyzed for scientific relevance, with resulting data assigned to "go/no-go" status for each stratigraphic level.

Finally, on May 10th, we reached what first appeared to be a charred geometric form resting in millions of tektites, what some scientists call fire-pearls. The object seemed to be covered with some kind of husk that had been almost totally burned away by the friction produced during its entry into the atmosphere. Parts of the husk that had survived were taken for analysis to determine its chemical makeup. (Such tests today have shown that it is alien to our technology — a mystery that supports the truth of this encounter).

We slowly removed the debris and tektites from around the object which appeared to be a six-sided form that was over 1.22 meters (4 feet) long, and .52 meters (1.7 feet) thick. We removed the charred material to reveal a crystalline object almost diamond-like in structure, and as clear as glass. The attached visual materials (done four million years ago) will show you the process of digging as we were monitored by remote-controlled video cameras attached to our radiation suits near the headgear. These cameras are called "reality grabbers" and are made in the United States. They holographically measure reality that is to be utilized in the reconstitution of visual information not readily determined initially. It is connected to the satellites for geo-positioning of all signals.

At some point, I recall looking up at one of the overhead cameras while wearing the protective gear, to show the 51 cms. (20 inch) wide edge of the apparatus. This is when events became most bizarre. This visual was later found, along with many others, in the interior of the crystalline object, which contained the most wondrous device (Pic. 2) and (Pic. 3). This rod-like, machine-like, and computer specific object, had unique markings that looked like words or symbols.

The whole apparatus, which included strange double helical forms inside, was later recognized as the Scepter of Claronu. We later learned that this tool was carried by Claronu at all times. It was able to project for us, holographic data or messages that the surveyor recorded somehow. Stored away in the crystalline container’s interior, we also found the remains of what looked like portions of hand-drawn notebooks. We also realized that the pulsing of the machine at various phase periods — which we are studying now, must have generated the hum. We do not know the total workings of this strange machine, but we do know the primary purpose for its message and its messenger.

The double-helical forms could be easily seen through the transparent structure of the Scepter. At the time, we did not recognize these forms for what they were. They were later proven to be small icons of embedded visual information, which were controlled by an on-board power system linked to some source that reacted like a computer or mentality. The "mind" is still a part of our search. Upon returning to the research vans at our center, we were able to discover how to extract the data with light irradiation. We were completely fascinated by these small flickering images recorded in its tiny interior.

Before we left the site, however, we utilized the reality-grabber systems located in our helmets, to survey the area one more time, thinking that we might need to return for more data at a later date. It was almost intuitive, or perhaps the Scepter reminded us on a subliminal level, that there was still something else that we must have overlooked. We hope that the reality-grabber’s virtual reality simulation capabilities will enable us to reconstruct the site at a later date for deeper evaluations.

When we arrived at the vans located at the area’s university research center, we "ran a cleaning" by irradiation of all materials associated with the site, except for the Scepter object. We feared that we might destroy some parts of the devices systems, or data on-board in its interior. Later we determined that the object itself was clean in and of its own systems to do such an operation. We were amazed. There was nothing on the object, not even our germs. It seems that tiny nano-like machines or micro-cleansers swept the Scepter clean upon an interior detection system’s alarm. To observe this process in action is another indication of the superior knowledge behind the technology. We have much to learn from this object that is beyond its apparent message.

Upon closer investigation of the material of construction in the Scepter’s building, an unusual event occurred. As you are aware, my team is in the habit of debriefing every three hours, or thereabouts, with the expressed purpose of retrieving data in a timely manner, thus keeping our minds clear and fresh in regards to the project. In doing this, we all became aware that the breakdown of the Scepter was proceeding at a rapid rate, and most of us felt that the apparatus was the primary reason for such success. It was somehow encouraging us or helping us to "learn" its meanings via a subtle broadcast to our minds — the hum. A deeper investigation will come later, but our primary effort seems to point to a coherency-effect that unites the mind through Alpha, Delta, and Theta waves. We found evidence of such data being broadcast to our minds on a subconscious level. We believe that it is communicating with us on many channels through media we may not know.

The first sequence of breakdown was to remove the rod-like device inside the clear crystalline container. It was metallic, almost as if gold could be transparent and as solid, yet sturdier than steel. The complexity of the apparatus required that we be careful to the extreme, so that no damage would come to this apparent marvel. What first appeared as little depressions on its surface, became ports — minuscule dots of light scattered over the surface. Although arranged in Fractal Patterns, this light seemed to reflect through undulating double-helix construction that adjoined the crystalline casing holding the Scepter. In certain lighting situations, the science crew in the lab thought they saw objects such as parts of pictures or symbols. This effect was short-lived, just as one would look at a hologram or magic-view poster in white-light holography and loses the image after looking too long. A precisely timed, mental flex was required to see these little pictures or icons.

Finally, we separated the rod from the encasement and viewed the entire apparatus with an eye on determining what it was. Nothing was broken in taking the two systems apart from each other, yet it was like unto working an old Chinese puzzle in twisting and clicking the symbols correctly or incorrectly, to divide the two main parts. In viewing the interior of the crystalline form, we determined that partial fragments of Claronu’s original drawings on a paper-like substance were still stored in one of its compartments. To obtain an absolute date on the retrieved materials, we utilized the fission track method, with the refined techniques developed by Karbolevsky only two years ago. We were confused and initially disbelieving of the results obtained, because the technique indicated an antiquity of over four million years. This was thought to be impossible. Yet, another test performed later indicated a similar age. It was not until later testing, that we came to accept and respect the dates. Their results strengthen this reports importance.

Though Claronu’s ancient renderings are for the most part totally fragmented and currently appear as a conundrum to our specialists, we now know that Anjona had them copied in a holographic format that was sealed in the crystalline and rod elements. That is where the facets of the helical forms come into play as crucial data. The fragments are presently being reassembled microscopically and may shed new light on this project at a later date.

The rod has proven to be the most unbelievable aspect of the whole procedure. It seems to be more than just a computer, graphical interface, friend or companion, and media carrier; it seems alive some how. The object is a long tapering element that goes from 8.9 cms (3.5 inches) to 3.6 cms (1.4 inches) within some 1.2 meters (4 feet) of length. Its color is overall a translucent gold, with spectral emphasis sparkling out at various times. It simply shines in interludes of iridescence at various appropriate moments — periods that it deems important.

When it is held by anyone, that person feels a strong attachment to the object thereafter. It is what we would call a "smart-tool." As of now, there are no after-effects from handling the rod, other than a natural inclination to want to just maintain some attachment to it. We have discovered that there are controls on the rod that can make anyone have a period of happiness or even a better day. The rod alone, is proof that this project is true, because we do not have the technology to produce anything like it at this point in our development. It is beyond our mentality.

We cannot pretend to understand completely, at any rate, the controls of this wondrous device, but we have discovered certain basic functions. The cumulative effect appears to be the product of a system of learning that works in conjunction with the crystalline structure, and also, it can work independently on its own. By chance, we discovered that a strong laser-like functionality of spectral emissions is directed from a source on the rod to the helical forms, or folds in the crystalline structure. At this point, we learned of certain adjustments that create the wonderful effects which produce the holographic images that you will encounter in this report on various pages. These holographic visuals may be seen in thin air or else can be focused on any object in white-light holographic resolution. Another function of this mechanism also caused considerable astonishment among the members of our research team. To our unabashed amazement, we found that it produces sound along with the images, and most importantly, it produces some sort of language.

The discovery of sound and language started with the images of projection. When seen, the sound automatically comes to reinforce the events or psychological feelings associated with the visual. Language was also projected conjointly. In addition, when touched or electronically interfered with, the symbols created what sounds like a being’s voice or a simulation of that voice along with background sounds. The presentation is much more than our computer simulations — it is total expression.

The discovery of all the support data, falling into proper sequence with almost supernatural ease, facilitated our efforts in deciphering the data and language of the "message." To our great surprise, a melding of ancient Egyptian and Sumerian proved to be a distant relative of this unknown language. Even though not related to the above "meldings" of old tongues, a third language, now called "Indus-Z" (the language spoken in the ancient Indus culture at Mohenjo-Daro) proved to be the "bridge" of enormous utility to understanding Claronu’s messages. The addition of this third language system linked with the others combined into a more complex formula that expressed as a "triangulation" of data. We owe thanks to Dr. Yisa Denaron of Thurston University for his recent discovery (2003) of the Indus-Z database system. His "breakthrough" work in third-level language has become an interceder for translation because of its computer-like syntactical/symbolic relationship and purity of expression. This is nothing short of revelatory and completely demonstrates that we are dealing with a vortex of data that points to a human-like reality from distant vistas.

I feel that the rod is constantly scanning our minds for data to translate into making the job of our learning an easier one. I would not be amazed if it began to speak to us at some point later in our search. We just do not know how to accomplish that at this time.

All the data that we are garnering from this project are being fed to a massive bank of computers that will be putting out a separate report that is somewhat foreign to data that usually comforts scientists. It will be devoid of politics, history, propaganda, and the usual dogma that clutters up what some call truth. Its meaning will be elaborated upon in the final "conclusions" section.

This preliminary report is designed merely to serve as an informal orientation to you, so that we may prepare for a complete presentation of our findings to the scientific organizations of the world. The date for this presentation is entirely at your discretion. I will allow the next few sections to speak for themselves, so that you may appreciate the power and the urgency of the ancient message, which has been revealed to us through this early research. My own conclusion will, as earlier stated, be appended at the end of the translated material of Claronu, and Anjona. I have some rather earth-shattering concepts to add, backed by the computer models and recent discoveries in various other disciplines.

Please read all the selections with great care, for each detail appears to be transcendentally important and scientifically quirky. Claronu’s message requires deep analysis for his language was unlike ours. His mentality was different than ours. I say this in no disrespect to my colleagues, but it was hard for us to buy into it at first, because we are scientists, therefore reserved. Yet, read the message and its meaning to our future. You will need to prepare for marveling!

Provided below are the most recent translations of Claronu’s terminology. It is provided to make your read of this data easier; though, I fear such a "read" in view of this report’s complexity, is beyond cordiality.





Enigmni Terminology

Arranged in

values of importance


1. Enigmni — The moving aspect of the All, active Godhead...the purveyor of Virtual Realms. Its symbol is the Hand that Sees (What cannot be created by mind, but that whereby mind and creation is One). The hand that sees is the mind that moves. Enigmni is the moving spirit of God. (Holy Spirit?) Enigmni is the absolute, ultimate unknowable — void within and without of voids.

2. Enmayi — The beings who have lived on the Enmayi World since the beginning of Time in this sector of the universe.

3. Claronu — An "arrived" being who has lived at the highest level of Being Existence. He is an Omegon, one who is in the last phase of existence before localizing permanently with the All in Timelessness. Claronu is a surveyor of physical data.

4. Anjona — Claronu’s Superior Shepherd or Leader of the Omegons on planet Hytona (Mars). Anjona is the background mover in this relationship. His strategy is played out in this sector of Goge Systems.

5. Koan — Leader of the Enmayi people, once just a high master of a leadership group of Alphi/Omegi Enmayi. He is taken by Planca, and falls in love with the being. He is the scientist who created the Leche. He became an Omegon Initiate.


6. Planca — A clerk of the Omegon Shepherds who is not totally an Omegon. She is called the "Child of Light." She engages Koan in the Chase...sequence of events that creates Chaos of feedback-looping. She is the bringer of renewed Alphian journeys. She became an Omegon Initiate.

7. Takion — Leader of the Agri-landers. Leader of the rebellion of Alphi/Omegis who do not wish to join Koan’s ways. Takion is closest of Enmayi beings to the world of Omegonship. Was bestowed Omegon status by Anjona on earth (The Gardened One).

8. Leche — An awesome weapon created to destroy Hytona in a phased methodology that culminates in total destruction on a planet wide basis. It was designed and created by Koan, a scientist as well as leader of the Enmayi.

9. Shema — A small space shuttle of multitudinous capabilities when joined with a Scepter or smart tool computer. Shema is powered by exterior connections to the sectors of Timelessness via broadcast in the form of Omegon knowledge.

10. Ult-Shema — Spacecraft designed to traverse vast distances in space. Ult-Shemas were utilized by the Omegons and Enmayi to voyage to the Gardened One.

11. Scepter — Scepter has the same connections as Shema but cannot move through time and space but must be carried by an Omegon. Scepter is a tool that integrates with the mind of the collective and its prime owner. Scepter also has many capabilities onboard such as a surveyor’s (abilities) on a higher level. Scepters aid their collectives with broadcast from Timelessness. Scepter can destroy as well as create. Its power in the hands of a knowledgeable user are awesome...beyond the Leche.

12. Potdomes — Translucent coverings that once covered the heads of all Enmayi in the cities (seats). These potdomes were coated with special elements to shelter the bodies of Enmayis from the rays of the small, yet orbiting pony sun called Egog.

13. Egog — Egog is the dog star or now in its chemical state, the planet Jupiter. Its fire kept this interior of the Goge System alive with its co-opted light because it orbited such light was periodic and changing.

14. Gardened One — Name given by Omegons to describe the status of a lessor planet of high volatility used by the beings of Hytona and lessor moons as a food source in their early development, and later as a planet of experimental development in genetics. Gardened One has no long lasting civilizations due to its imbalance of structure. This condition will eventually become an advantage when Macro Structures are developed in future times as described by Anjona. Gardened One is earth.

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Sub material: This is the first submission from Claronu after he had arrived on the planet form Hytona. He was sent on this survey mission when all contact had totally ended with the beings called Enmayi (Pic. 4). He was sent to the Enmayi world to find out what had happened to the Alphi/Omegi who would have soon become Omegons — Children of the essence of Light’s issuance.

(Scepter Translation)

My Words, my visions, are these, as I survey this lost world of the Enmayi. I am here at the behest of Anjona, my Superior Shepherd of the realms of Hytona. It is my task to record the data of each and every element in motion that suggests a message or information about the messenger of the Enmayi’s past. This will be done even as the ultimate weapon, Leche, sets sail in the orbit held overhead. I can see Leche even now from the visor of my Shema, the craft that delivered me here.

I will start the survey at the light of morrow. Until then, my task will set me to preparing my tunic and lessertac for the journey inland to the inter-realm of the poor Enmayi. As my words cannot escape the strata above, because of the electromagnetic issuance of the Leche weapon, I record this data for my Shepherd, Anjona. Thus, I clear the Shema for inter-night meditation and deep localization in the All. Signal Stop. Duration

(Scepter Compression Data — Systems functioning. Claronu is now in deep meditation with the All. Morrow is approaching.)

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What appears to be morrow-light (not like Hytona) descends as I awaken — Leche has done its designed job, for darkness is like a veil, forever present in this, the remains of Enmayi’s dreams. Surely it is a "dis-creation" that they have wrought upon themselves! Certainly, I know there remains no life to extend me the spewing of unfamiliar hatred. Ahau, this expressed loneliness is beyond any of my past experiences! Least of all, I have hush to defeat noise, with only their fruitions and works as my silent two-way communication. Good for contemplation, bad for future hopes.

Visual acuity must be my singular high reward, for no speech will rise today other than my descriptions to Scepter. Loneliness will surely be a severe companion seeking to dull my normally sharp observational skills. This task smells of a result that I shudder to meditate upon.

I leave the Shema (Pic. 5) now and set foot on the landing-zone of Enmayi flight – the avatar’s port, heading toward the distant potdomes (formerly covered areas) which rise in the Seat (city) there in the distance. The first sights to greet me lie exactly 322 strides ahead. I will be there shortly (Scepter to Triangulate distances).

My pathway is toward the zenith of the Seat-State, and its rubbled entryway lies directly before me (Pic 6). The plain I leave behind with my Shema is vastly shaped into the configuration of a clover-quad plant (recently designed on Gardened One). This is where much traffic involving the drastic flights of the Enmayi from what destroyed them — the Leche? No remains of Shemas, or their parts, can be seen by my penetrating gaze. However, the flatland behind me is covered in ashes of explosions, parts of dwellings, translucents — most are no larger than myself showing great force. As I stride precisely, I am almost to the dangerous cave-like entry to this first potdome of the Enmayi Seat.

Giant ponderous parts of once painful efforts at aesthetics greet my view as I step from the edge of the avatar’s flight-zone onto the plain leading to the rubble of the Seat. Exacting psycho-scientific data is now being recorded by my Scepter, a companion device for compression of my dialogue and visual survey in symbols language. This data is for the mind of Anjona, who shepherds the meanings into a new reality. This is my verbal-mark upon entry to my task. Mark.

As I enter upon a once well trod pathway toward the cut patterns designed into the entryway, I see no evidence of surviving plant matter — only dead particles of once beautiful expressions of the Agri-lander's horticulturists, who were once well thought of, by the beings called Enmayi. Since no being has trodden this path for 20 or more orbits of Goge, most organics are in a state of stark dissolution. Messages from elementals relating to the Enmayi are not readily apparent in the bits and parts that are scattered upon the cut causeway. I approach the yawning hole of darkness, which is reported by prior surveillance, to be the way in and out from the city or Seat. My multi talented Scepter will light the way.

The passageway is exceedingly pungent and dusty — perhaps the deterioration remains of beings drifting in the wind-spawned atmosphere. Ebonish and dank is this hole that spans some twenty by thirty strides — enough for hordes of terrorized citizens to attempt to escape at a moments notice to the avatar’s flight plain. I see the evidence as well as feel it. My senses are getting stronger and more attuned with the Scepter’s help. I must beware of too much confidence stealthily positioned by the Scepter’s secret means. Omegons are above this.

This tunnel shows the cutting of high powered light beams (like my Scepter) on the surfaces of walls and ceilings of this structure. The heights of desperation are exhibited here by shoddy swipes at the walls or perhaps they fought each other to escape faster. The Citizens of the Enmayi must have charged in abject terror to abscond from their own creation and demise — Leche. Ahead, dim light shows its presence some 36 strides away. The excitement of discovery is quickening my taste for survey — I shall hurry to utilize my acclaimed psycho-examinations!

I boast too soon, for perception deceives the very eyes I rely upon — though, a glance at Scepter proves me wrong. The slight glow I now observe on the wall is the shining reflection from my own from, coupled with the reflected brilliance entering from some 52 strides ahead. I will establish a setting here with such a shiny surface before me, shot by the Scepter’s on board graphic system. It will accompany my survey to Shepherd Anjona on Hytona. This representation will catalog my point of service to the beings of Hytona. Though, perhaps, I think too much of myself? It is only a setting (Pic. 7).

Ahau! This smoothness is too much the slicker. A telling from the All. I deserved this event for my reversion to Alphi/Omegi status. Could it be these surroundings? Ahau! Now I have slipped again and the subsequent lunge into the wall has destroyed the very tool that I needed to visually portray what I survey. No visual backup? It appears the only salvageable visual will be this prideful representation that I sought forcefully to obtain. It is my deserves that are just. Omegons do not work in such a selfish, sloppy fashion.

Mind, where are you? I never have, in this form, slipped mentally this way — a double slipping. I am a surveyor that has the knowledge to scrutinize all symbols, for the most minute, therefore deepest details. Yet, by "my" hand, drafted details are always best! This report will have an aesthetic slant to it, for I shall complete the loop of data with my personal renderings done by the hand that sees and seeks – as the Enigmni does.

Perhaps, I should observe on a contemplatively deeper level so that no other accident takes my remaining device (hand) away. On morrow, I will not wear this lessertac suit either. I shall explore and scout the Seat-scape with pack, Scepter, and my base

being. Why not? There’s no one here to see me in what Goge delivered at manifestation. Ah! I will be attired as at home – not like the very beings I now report upon. Although, respectfully, I brought my lessertac to wear for those in absentia. Why do I seek to convince myself? Who is here to twinkle at my form? (They are) long past and far away!

Humph! I retreat into past knowings. Meticulous survey requires a higher-ordered psyche, with less prattle, and more penetrating data. I must go past my "given" form and return to the task at hand which is to know the Enmayi mentality and why it was in aberration. My search truly starts just past this wasted entry full of old glories. I will climb over it and observe.

A blast of data is at hand! Through the parting in the stone-crumbled walls, suddenly data ushers in a vista of stimuli that disaster should not present in such decrepit beauty (Pic. 8). Ah, pain, such pain — my somber senses overshadow my expectations of such reported damnation couched presently, in utter pity. Its passive issuance feeds me visions in jagged coarseness that rips the structures of my soul. Precious beings who had arrived at such quantum solidity – to have started in such highly conscious light, deserve not this pallor reserved for the highest of sins. For them to have come to such abject complexity of "stuff" gathering is telling of messages held deep in a spiritless soaking-of-blood in bounteous data. Dark meaning lurks here (Pic. 9)!

I scream in disgust, though unheard in the heights of this Enmayi nightmare! Eeeah! How? Why, when they were, early on, given the secret of the absolute and ultimate unknowable? It was given them at the very start of this experiment in existences in this projected life plane! Billions of orbits ago, their fate was blessed and their purposes were defined by the very "word" inherent in nature’s means. The book of symbols in life's nature is all so self-evident!

I...I, Claronu, sit here at the entry hatch cut by the shaking and terror stricken hands of the former citizens, to escape the last dying gasps perpetrated on them by someone else’s insanity. From the perspective of a piercing stare, emanating from a superbeing’s vision, the totality of the mass of overburdening messages loaded by their actions, is seething in abundance. I am weakened by it all — expecting more of their spirits perhaps. Weeping has done it to me. I am faint from weeping – unable to catch my mentality in perfect sequence and fearful that I may, at some point, realize that I do not weep for them, but for what I may become as a result of this apparent initiation – once an assignment. Remembrances are now slithering back in their sordid guises.

Snaking across the sky above, I see the bulbous Leche device, of their own construction and their final ending, challenging me to survey this story in total. The weight of all these factors is too much. The super-will I so easily prided myself in, seconds ago, cannot carry me further on this morrow. I must focus all my strength toward returning to Shema for recollection of my powers. Signal Stop — Duration 2 1.2.02 (Scepter automatic interlace)




(Scepter Compression Data- Visual graphics disabled) Claronu on board Shema in emotional state — has elected no shut-off of Scepter device sensor. Claronu is reviewing his psychic make-up via reevaluation of his past history and all that has made him the supreme surveyor. (Scepter disallowed specific data, stealth channel — fill later). Claronu, a double Omegon, has accessed all virtual past of each entry into manifest states. He has now gained his state of highest spiritual mentality as a result of his remedial method in meditation. Claronu now enters communion of dream-reality. He is now localized in Timelessness with the All. (Duration) Claronu awakens — is in Omegon state for supreme survey mind set. He departs Shema and strides toward entry of Seat of Enigmni (old term of Enmayi Deity) Claronu has engaged decompression mode of Scepter.

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This morrow starts (according to my habits). The interior entry is now my post to survey the total message structure of all that I inculcate with my superior senses. I discern the interior of a destroyed potdome with its framework beams and ties presenting a twisted, yet wasted image of obsolete sculpture in chaos. They wave in reaction to the effects of a pulsating Leche inhibiting and inducing weather as it orbits over my head. As I render all that I see, (MARK) I will present the Leche overhead and at times a small rendering of myself for size relationships (so others may judge).

The Leche device peers down upon me as it is now centered in my view. Expressions of Enmayi art seem to inquire upon my form, from all angles. I will delineate in electric silver-stylus upon note pads from Shema, all that I fathom. At times, I will also show quanta relationships with the Scepter, or my drawn form in the sketches. This data is for the Scepter’s distribution in sequence program (Mark) for future quantification.

Scattered before my perceptual gaze, I see the wreckage of their mental pursuits. The Enmayi’s creative soul-messages borne upon every element and principle incorporated in their works, sings out to me in clarion tones as lamentable meanings to their very existences. The fruits of their leveraged being will be known to me, without a relapse of my emotional selfishness to cloud my survey. I am in the Omegon State of highest concentration. It is a condition of the highest level of entity progress and development.

Ghosts exist in any form of entity creation, in that their very mind is encoded into the solid manifest symbol in matter (Reason). I see their fruits of labor and it betrays their souls. One could let a ghost exist if one would open his mind to such. I can survey their very pallid thoughts at the moment of creation. Yet, for some reason, I feel almost as though I am being watched by the prodigious projects that litter this horrid realm, which unfolds before me (Pic. 10). The power of mind is transcendental when used meditatively. The feedback of the information between their creations and my mind still creates loops of communications on super conscious levels. I must pay no attention to the subliminal idea and seek the gestalt view. Their spirits now dwell in the protection of All-MIND and have aftereffects only on the lower mentality of semiconsciousness — domain of the Alphi/Omegi.

Caution is necessary, as I maneuver in and through this old Seat of Enigmni. Every message is taken by my scanning mental-eye where it is soaked up in many lifetimes of experience, plus the eye has the blessing of mental meditations with the All. Their scratches, embellishments of pride — all this filters through the plenitude of my Omegon memory (Pic. 11). Within me churns new data, constantly reinforced by changing feedback looping that corrects and amplifies toward truth of a message. All this chatter, just to keep myself on assignment and to compress the silence of so many parts of the whole that are only here in their former creator’s conceptional renderings. I already am beginning to miss them, and hope to join them in Timelessness to rejoice with them regarding their great works.

Ah, such devastation suggests a cause by that old nemesis of lost civilizations ... complexification. It must have been convolution, without the goal sought so hard by the cause itself, that failed before the jump to higher intellectual understanding. Such a magisterial leap would have eliminated their fall. The Enmayi just could not perceive all the gestalted consternation of what they had created and experienced, as a result of rampant change, ungoverned chaos. Apparently, it had become too mentally intense to inculcate all the data; so collectively, they simply reverted back to the base cause — the self. It might have fomented their end.

Self love is pathetically evident everywhere, since entities always seek just one thing in the early stages of prescient development. Why such preoccupation with their recognition? The desire to be over-indulged? Though, I once loved only the Me of my being when I experienced the many sojourns of being an Alphian. Oh! I loved myself so! Now, I know the pains of self-recognition. Why must I always remind myself? Am I not fully Omegon?

In their beginnings, the Enmayi were given the total sacred-knowledge of the All so as to create this new pointillized and quantified world of theirs, palpitating into virtuality (time and space). Their knowing this is an invariable law of existence prior to manifestation. Before their globular state, while still in pure plasmic form, the "they" that made up their first contingent to this orb, were exceedingly ready to bring the emblem of the Logos (Reason) into physical play via projection into hardcopy. What a wonderful age, but beware, see the results of not remembering the secret of the hand and eye! Even now I see isolated evidence of the most ancient symbol of the Enigmni hidden within and under more contemporary creations. Why did they not remember within their deepest consciousness, this old law?

Curious? I do not topically detect evidences of the Alphian form in the Enmayi’s earliest periods of existence. Though the Alphians made up half of their total beings, I can only see small, but recent tracings of the self-lovers. Surely some were kept in the

lower depths of this lost Seat (city) sans of civilization? They could not have survived all these orbits without the other half of the equation. As entities, the Alphian states have uniformly communicated through time sequences, "You can’t do without us." New entities cultivate within them, as part of the learning methodology in preparation for the Omegon State, which is beyond elemental birth. Could there be some esoteric unknown here?

All of my prior surveys of other, like worlds, have always messaged the survival of the total spectrum of entity development and ascendancy in this, the "hard-field" of virtual projection. It is law, and totally necessary. Why not here? There are the Alphians, created after the first "builders" who were advanced Alphi/Omegis; then, after the genesis, the perpetualizer forms of both categories always grow thereafter, utilizing the fluids and elements of creation to continue the material state of being in this alternate reality. Having been in on the beginning of this sector, I know this was the initial plan here also. After all, this is the journey that all, as well as myself, must traverse in the striving to attain the Omegon state. Omegon is the final essence capable of high material form. We are the providers who also watch.

Since I have experienced all universal psychic characteristics and behaviors of these forms from minor to major states, I should think that eventually I will indeed find much evidence of Alphian remains in the depths of this old Seat. Yet, all I presently see here in this first potdome are the singular records of Alphi/Omegi beings with their accomplishments in demolished broadcast — such loud media to the intellect!

From my preliminary and cursory evaluation, I see the Enmayi reached some of the Phase II level of entity authority. They had created and occupied forms of high sophistication in the early days of their projected arrival on this orb. Given only the symbol of Enigmni, they derived the perfect form for this environment. This was their first world, and apparently, only their first, for they did not create any other worlds as entities usually do in other realms of existences that have reached the Phase II advancement level. Why did they vary from the formula necessarily appointed from Timelessness (Pic. 12)?

Existence and its germinating ability to locally comprehend itself in succeeding material forms, is the mystery embedded in the symbol of the Enigmni — the programmed physical leveraging means to Deity. Only Deity is privy to the ultramacro-vision of the

burgeoning cause toward effect. Perhaps what went wrong, according to my cursory evaluation to this pre-morrow’s offering to me was, in reality, exactly the "right" mode for their ancient impetus toward the All. This survey is the grandest challenge to my deepest knowledge of celestial manifestations. I am supremely in debt for such blessings.

The Enmayi progressed from, what some would call an ideal condition, to an advanced Phase II civilization and maintained a thoroughly high level of achievement

for so many millions of orbits. It is as though they ruled this quadrant of this system in perpetuity. Such evidence is both a tribute and dilemma when one factors in the end result of their final works. One could almost hate those who caused this final fatality, unless they be Omegon and see the whole spectrum of the overall plan. Perhaps I will soon distinguish the involution of that plan. There would be a virtual continuation of this divine planning — if some Enmayi were able to survive somewhere in the oceans of space and matter. From here, my view surveys only dark foreboding results from such a chance.

In certitude, my mind condenses facts and chance — Enmayi influence in the manifest realms equates to much burdensome subjugation in their last days. This I feel as well as surmise from shallow graves. Their seriousness of mentality, ambition and power issued from the beginning until these last few digits of their whole time of duration. A seamless journey of constant and steady progress marked their curving trajectory of "be-ness" within the common spiral of life. They sought to develop essentially all thoughts upon creative existences. It appears they tried everything sane before insanity. I see no natural elements of failure in their works until a questionable self-destruction some 20 to 30 orbits ago. To have existed millions of orbits in a perfect climb is almost against the laws of Goge. I had not this gift! Ergo, this end I have not been gifted.

In steady stance I view a panorama — piercing concentration, the mode. I know the entities of the Enmayi demanded of themselves the highest of perfection in all that they attempted. Their degree of applied knowledge went finally beyond political wraps, to focus upon impacts of all aspects in phenomenal projection. Logic and reason enveloped in spirit guided their collective society to being poised for Omegon entry. Then came the derangement!

Here among all their artifacts are myriads of experiments in mental design that cannot feign boredom as a cause to become distracted. Though in absolute destruction, the parts betray intricately patterned productions that I must admit, I cannot adequately render such beauty in my drawn reports — time does not permit, and I must admit my inferior desire for speed of survey, handicaps my best output (Pic 13). Further, the Leche contrivance pulsates in squirts of death, the need to present an economy-of-scale survey.

Ah, their passion for creation, none have I ever detected before today’s view. In the distance, dimly, I see more wonders to marvel upon when the next morrow strikes its period for more exploration. I shall return to those sectors of the Seat after my localization at the Shema. It has been a full period of orientation, but next comes the deeper study. Signal Stop — Duration 3

(Scepter Compression Data — Visual graphics disabled) Claronu has spent much spiritual energy in traversing the terrain of the Seat of Enigmni. Little time was spent in recording voice or thought. Scepter Stealth Mode supplied interlaced matter. All primary visual graphics for this duration have been rendered by Claronu’s hand while viewing from Winged Being and other sites. Other imaged means may be found within spectral recordings. The monad of Claronu is in the initiation stage. Claronu now enters communion of dream reality. He is now localized with the All.

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Dawns the new morrow, and I, Claronu - The Omegon Surveyor, seek additional messages from adjacent potdomes to the last observed sites. A superficial observation suggests that I am now approaching the domains of their learning locales. Images tell me that in this once enclosed dome of translucence (now twisted beams writhingly pointing to the Leche) indicate that education was once taken here. Symbols of their language appear in positioned importance upon every wall and device to trumpet the mystery of mind. Surely, I will know their secrets of intellect after this penetration of their skeletal souls so readily displayed before me (Pic 14).

Learning has always meant climbing the structured steps toward the All. Knowing has required a mind saturated in the light-of-seeking where the entity imbibes life’s esoteric meanings from the "cup of the hand that sees." I feel sure that as I climb these many steps before me, that the very essence of the Enmayi’s psyche will disrobe to my persistent probing of their spiritual passion (Pic. 15). Indeed, these are the tombs and tomes (to my eye) of departed will.

Keyed in the rubble of this citadel to scholarship, I scan deep meaning from each symbol that the beings created for their initiates. Their education was a strength-based methodology, inculcated through gestalt meaning, ever exponentially rippling through the sensual lens of mind. As they progressed in this school of life, they grew by the proficiency of their known abilities, rather than being taught a memorized body of thought unrelated to other knowns. Memorization was effortlessly reinforced by a natural sequence in relevance to juxtaposed data. Each faceted individual learned through their own component parts brought into this virtual life. Some were many talented, others were not so fortunate. Each being entered this world on a journey of their own choosing and on a mission from Timelessness. The curriculum worked around the entities’ strengths, building globally out to sequentially fill the voids of unknown principles. No other system have I seen so strong, only in exception to the higher Omegon, do I bow.

It is joyous to stand here in a familiar place. I love mind. This grand facility once housed the teachers of the Enmayi civilization, which included at one time the secret of the Enigmni. I see it represented here, although in its later days, it was defamed and ignored. Ahau! Education without the end and beginning of a journey is none at all.

Upon the walls of this old great temple are the very icons of their past accomplishments. Deciphering these symbolic messages will corroborate my theory of their knowledge of the Enigmni’s secret.

Such former walls of repute, divulge more than just their prominence of cognitive affairs, they knew the secrets of the mental computer that is the inherited lens of every entity to the virtual state (Pic. 16). These walls of aggrandizement tell the secret all Omegons know, that the lens is the means of interface with a world composed of pixels of atomic programming containing the laws governing this gambit which issues from the broadcast of the All. A teacher to Enmayi students here points out the methods of this tool. Their wisdom was indeed ready for the ascension to Omegon state. What went wrong with such a base of unmovable spiritual wealth?

Continued exploration of these hallways of their academy sends the chill of former feeling to my monadic spirit. Sadness is not usually a point of dwelling upon in my state, but I feel pain for those who exerted supremely for the good and ended up unfulfilled and in retrogression. There was once greatness here expressed in creative tangible form, yet now I foresee that one little element of existence has caused this end that I retrace here. Their end was a case of learning the evils of leveraging and collusion over what they had for millions of orbits prior — that being gestalt love and a unique body form.

I have often psycho-visualized a point of observation that lets me see all that makes virtual existence and "life" understandable to the Alphi/Omegi. Everything that has made entities what they are comes into a focused vision that details the total life-spectrum — here is the point-of-departure. Certainly this is an Omegon’s view, that allows me to determine where I need to apply emphasis and utility for others to see the relevance.

Leveraging is everything in physical "be-ness." We are here to move in and through matter. Why is it so hard for lesser beings to know how moving the parts of this machine can create chaos unless total concentration of mind is applied? We must know the larger view of who made the lesser or reverse. This requires study in this physical realm. Then we learn that there is no such thing as creating, where there is no mind to move. Finally, through light, we understand the source of Timelessness.

Everything is entwined within the light of the mind. Everything is Mind. This concentration within broadcast gets each and every minuscule elemental into leveraged motion that creates event-sequences locked in time and space. The goal is not to lose status, position, or self-control for "be-ness" in motion. To not create on the FLY is to suffer loss of leveragability. Those who do not move, die. Defeat is possible through acceptance of fear, loneliness, victimization, the void, or nonexistence. Defeat would also make us a casualty of our own lack of moral disposition. Here we open up the power to being defeated over and over.

It is said, "No entity is a true victim, for his being is set by the consequence of his own acts or non-acts." One must be guarded in moral consolidation. Some unknowing spirits in the projected universe use or leverage the tools of power to propel themselves from one or more events toward ever more complex events. This creates conscious movement through the media of time and space. It is the ultimate programmer’s technique that makes them feel this non-reality. Leveraging matter is accomplished through the utilization of the lens-of-sensual understanding, better known as the brain — a receiver of virtual-existence’s sensory data.

This tool of Timelessness provides the input / output ability served by our seven sensory connections to the physical universe. In the virtual universe, beings are what they know and what they communicate to and from the other aspects that complete the feedback loops made up of the "Me" and the "Other"(everything outside of themselves). This is done through the mental manipulation of illusions and truths, plus their relationships to power-positioning, or —leveraging! Alphians and the Alphi/Omegi usually accomplish this through strategy built upon self-gratification (false love of self), self-empowerment, self-survival or even our Omegon’s true, unconditional Love for the Other.

In the early stages of being development, power-vehicles (tools in this world) are used to leverage reality, or mater in this illusion of time and space. This should be known to me, I lived them. They were injustice, knowledge, love, friendship, beauty, wealth, social position, morality, and immortality (religion). I learned their application of truth or illusion and selfishness versus lovingness as power ingredients: how they can be built or included with any of the energy-concepts to be leveraged by the entity to produce manipulated results within the arena of event sequences — life. Sadly, the Enmayi learned this in their last 70 orbits of Goge.

In my Alphian conditions, education was taught through a permissive-liberal curriculum centered around reward and punishment methods which reinforced the theories of behavioral adjustment, positive enforcement and deference to authority, rather than earned respect. The punishment means were emotionally charged versions of character assassination. I was made to feel guilt rather than shown the true reason for correct behavior. The Alphian educational methods produced satisfactory beings because of the initial creative start in existence. In time, however, creativity wore away and collusion (self-oriented demeanor) began to creep into my being. Others and I sought increasing favors from Alphi/Omegis and each other to satisfy our needs for increased sympathy and popularity. This seeking for prominence followed us into our social and vocational adult lives, where cliques formed a mutual adoration fellowship.

The recognition syndrome was nothing more than a power surge. As the participants began to expend as little effort as possible to get the most reward possible, leveraging through misinformation (lying) signaled the expansion of a selfish/ulterior motivation.

In the plebeian stage of Alphia, I found all things went to my ego’s desires as permissive behavior expanded into my own means of conducting life with others. Learning for all suffered at the whims of individualized gratification. Collusion became our means to cohabitate with other beings where common desires joined to our mutual detriment. We destroyed ourselves together. Increased pandering among certain segments of my Alphian world/s produced waves of support programs designed to reinforce a civilization of insecure personalities. Souls of Truth and Love were present then, but few and far between. Blind conspiracies created polarizations that elitists utilized to usurp power from the naive. In essence, we were their slaves.

Alphians fell prey to networked collusion, which began to approach a kind of sick pollution that diffused creativity and the true self-image of a moral being. Subconsciously we Alphis knew we were living a self-manufactured illusion called misinformation. Propaganda became the fashion in those early existences full of double speak and narcissism. When Truth is eroded, a complex society cannot recognize leveraged-illusion that totally supplants moral character. That society is positioned for a chaotic fall, as happened here. Where the Alphians came from in these last days is still my course to follow.

It is bizarre that I digress here with all these symbols staring back at my past. It is, unequivocally, the sign of my own initiation peering back at me. Whatever the course of these thoughts, it is part of my reason for being here. Perhaps it is the final catharsis of my monadic soul. Some slight element of sickness may still reside in me.

The malady of self-pity, where the Alphian, or Alphi/Omegi constantly "mirror" one another for psychological reinforcement by showy positioning, outrageous speech, and immoral activity, reeks of the smells reserved for beetles. Alphians are worse, for they seem only good for breeding purposes in the beginning. They constantly seek visual adulation to the point of obsession for posturing themselves nakedly in settings that provoke rebellion and war-making from opposite genders. This is fun to them. Adulation and fawning prevails as their mode of operation, while they exchange flattering remarks so as to inflate each other's shared lies.

At localization in dreams, while they have only their thoughts to review, lowly Alphians blossom in guilt and beg for mercy for their fallacious lives. As I know, guilt was hard to shed when only the darkness was our partner in sleep — sleep that is not illuminated by personally perceived charisma. Our very bane was ourselves.

While illusions grow in the Alphian and Alphi/Omegi states, consciousness of the real world decreases into a fabrication of their own imaginations. (Is this because self-oriented illusive life produces more social and personal consequences via living lies?) Beings sense a feeling of, "Is this all to being?" Individuals caught in this web become easy prey for being leveraged or manipulated through emotional trickery that is really guilt-ridden serendipity. With a persona modified by regret, realization of being taken advantage of, seeps in on the morrow for the complacent entity. After Alphians are driven to lower self-realization, many seek revenge through violence, which only perpetuates their naive condition in an amplified forum. Then it is learned by the collective populace.

Beings who experience the "leveraged-illusion" have produced most of our social problems, including the lack of interest in our early learning systems. Their particular lives were built upon reinforced infrastructures of collusive behavior. Hate-gangs and other undesirables can proliferate in a world full of self-perpetuating lies. Hatred needs creative change and perspective to lesson its bonds on an entities early mind. Such a change requires the ability to rise in higher-ordered cognitive skills that reflect the Logos (Reason). The introduction of such a non-collusive paradigm ushers in a field of creative panorama where life is seen as Truth and Love.

All these things the Enmayi knew, as recorded here, yet they lost it in the end. Would that I had such a start in my beginnings as they did, but not their finality.

My society, at that time, was poised within the tacit-dynamic of living and being towards a civilization based upon achieving improved wisdom and mental expansion for the masses. The Enmayi’s progress was straight-lined and then the plummet to oblivion — the record here shows. Our pre-Omegon climb was such a mess of lies, that reversing the trend seemed to be the only alternative to survival. Our striving was for the goal of the highest state rather than the antithesis. We sought the climb to super levels requiring encyclopedic-scope of knowledge and the memory of who and what we really were. Relevant educational purveyance was devoid of leveraging techniques, though we knew the principles well from the failures of earlier cultures. Self-destruction was a concept that we overcame as we advanced away from the status of victimization. Self was subsumed. We realized that the collective was the true reality. We were the Other.

Did the Enmayi educational establishment address old conspiracies and illusions by ridding their society of the disease that increases susceptibility? Benign mentality breeds the attitude that overlooks the covetous motives for failure in virtual worlds. This creeping sickness is the sufferance of allowing hype, policy, propaganda and the positioning of assumptions as truths, to influence malignant advancement of indolence in the mindset of the being. Cultural polarization, utilizing the corruption of thought, has long been a leveraging tool of the elite, who use their opinions to manipulate lessor-educated minds into groups. Such corruption debilitated the curriculum, once on tangent, to sidetrack the flame of knowing to a mere ash.

Long ago, our society was plagued by this lack of perception. I was perhaps one of the greatest of all the dim-eyed. Then, came the mental progressions fed by increased understandings of the "Eye of Enigmni." This great gift was given to all civilizations of the Goge Sector. The Eye stresses the three levels of perception or visions that all entities must accomplish before arriving within the awakened Omegon state. Learning that we are what we think, spurs one on to the seeking of holospiritedness within virtual existence. Even now in my advanced level, it pleasures me to recall the stages of being that I traversed in my trek to union with the All in Timelessness.

The staged categories are such: First is the Alphian, a being who perceives only from one event to another and does so only to gain advantage for himself. He seeks permissive relationships; speaks in self-modes of authoritative and manipulative verbiage, and positions himself as a victim of existence. They conspire only for reward, or else, to counter that which threatens their own existence or their quest for personal power. Alphians are linear in vision and think only in straight projections: lock-step personalities that broadcast in self-contrived illusions of attractive "sameness." They wear costumes for effect and attention; they present a false persona to their fellow beings. They are infants in an adult form; prone to tantrums in old age and are always seeking others to bolster their own security, either interior, or exterior.

Secondly, the Alphi/Omegi state is one of creativity, knowledge, utility, and curiosity, but structured in a single-minded, selfish mindset. They are prone to missing the real reasons for being and existence in this creation-state. They cannot step out of themselves to see the total gestalt of existence until the last phase of their form, when an epiphany might allow them to see the Enigmni’s symbol — then they become.

Upon becoming, they, through the knowing of the Enigmni, find the final state of being — Omegon. Omegons are beings of universal knowledge gained by self-sacrifice to others unconditionally. They are beings who possess a long-range, or total vision of being and becoming. Omegons are very old souls — collective spirits of vast lineage. Would that I made the leap beyond, to final knowledge for such a beginning as the Enmayi could have done. The hard road was best...for the strongest spirit.

Ah, my mind drifts so, through the wealth of experiences and therefore, knowledge that I have lived over and over. At what point does this constant reviewing cease?

But, of course, this thinking will certainly help me to complete my task, for I will need all I know to concluded it.

The lithic renderings on these walls divulge the great skills of the artisans of this world (Pic. 17). As one of their kindred members, and one who loves art and creative works, I would that my little sketches of all this data-driven task, could stand the test of their opinions. I for one think theirs is best. At the least, a record of both will perhaps survive for other eyes to judge.

Enmayian science and art were almost to the Phase II point where Omegon intervention could have saved them from their self-destruction (Pic. 18). Contact by Omegons was already made some 100 orbits ago. Why could they not bridge the gap? Preparations were being made to welcome them into the fold. I recall hearing of the great and exciting contact with the Enmayian world, heralded far and wide on Hytona, for us a very short time ago. I remember looking over the reports of how they seemed ready for the next state in being development. There was a glitch in their form somehow? We had stealthily watched with periodic and private contacts sending our superior Shemas against the pink Enmayi sky. We tested their convictions toward enhanced becoming. At first, they feared us, because it was evident that we were different, and our powers were also beyond theirs. It took many orbits of observation before finally, they unveiled us to their citizens. This was a little before their end.

The power of their discovery of the principles of the virtual universe, as portrayed on these walls for their students, show just how close they had come to meriting our arrival. Such superior communications for all citizens to learn by and to collect data for transaction of daily vocation is everywhere present. They even learned to connect minds directly, with these new networked systems. It was a kind of synthetic virtual reality. What caused them to miss the window of opportunity and why did we not act to save them? Ah, I sense war at their core. We did not know if such was on their minds? Ahau! This thought must pass for its meaning hurts my soul.

I have mused enough, for time speaks loudly in this frame of reference, and I have only little to aid me in this objective. Perhaps I delve too deeply into all the matter on display here, for subtle traces need to arise also, for a true picture to be reawakened.

These carved icons of their times, tell of hidden nuances that must be delineated by my hand and mentality — essences must be revealed. Speaking stone shouts of great teachers prior to their impetus to failure. These old shaman always spoke of the secrets of the Enigmni and kept the populace strong in such traditions to uphold their civilization’s moralities. These pedagogues not only taught but also administered the public learning, thus doing double and triple duties to maintain an economy-of-scale to their educational programs. Top heavy and tokened bureaucracy was not a part of their learning programs until propaganda entered to cause change for the worse. Their long periods of success stands as a beacon against their last peg of failure to the old leverage of entity victimization.

Enmayi students were mind-locked into attaining total edge in knowing, and this was the pursuit for millennia, until the last 30, or so, orbits. In what amounted to an eternal classic age, knowing and learning enraptured the Enmayi. No thought of failure or victimization arose to dispel these lithic billboards of those prior orbits. Life was long and creative. Then, in superimposed media, the catalyst for ignorance showed its ugly and hated head to a generation of ill-favored fools.

Their educational courseware explored every field of endeavor that impacted this virtual existence. Space travel, engineering, electromagnetics, soundworks, quantum configurations, being-power, etherics, micro/macro machines, bodyworks, hydramonics, art, chemics, holo-reality, and more, all examples of what Omegons explored eons ago, through our gestalt-means (Pics. 19, 20, 21).

I see no evidence of governing or anything like a controlling factor such as government to add the burden of bureaucracy upon their educational system. However, I do find slight evidence of little tributes to governors in the last periods before their final fall. This is curious! I recall Anjona, my Superior Shepherd, once conveyed that theirs was an interconnected realm of naturally occurring service and responsibility for each other almost as the tiny "hiveans" that were developed on the Gardened One in the very distant past, they also function in an interconnected manner. The Enmayi seemed to be extremely adept at interlinking with one another in a superior communications network that included wide and narrow factors of inclusion. This almost matches the Omegon technique of encompassing society as one multifaceted bundle of creativity without adversity.

The evidence here points to a society that closely monitored their educational system with their teachers who administered and taught curriculum that was relevant to the community at large. Education drove economy and the reverse. Their teachers knew every student’s talents, as they would interface with the larger world of vocational infrastructure. It was a very clean system that deprogrammed hindrance factors. Their teachers were "national treasures," highly respected individuals that lead the community and had vast responsibilities to remain current with burgeoning knowledge and exploding technology. They were almost the same as the "Archeons of Shepherding" that all Omegons are accustomed to offering as mental gifts to others. This, of course, is an abstract notion of the two necessities. It helps my being to become brighter in the Light of understanding.

Ahau! Deeper in this educationally fraught potdome there accumulates ever-higher levels of bureaucratic evidence in the form of heraldry and blatant ornamentation.

Government had ascendancy in these recent messengers lying naked in the rough. It somehow grew into existence as a result of some stimulus that I have not mentally discovered to this point. Administrative hedonism asserted itself to become the Enmayi’s plight in the last days. This is entirely too evident. These ornamented busts pay tribute to egotistical artifacts that glare out in the face of perfect educational achievements — fruits that were once held high in the critical mentality of their sacred citizenry.

Service to the members of the select Enmayi had always been performed within the constancy of observance to the laws of Enigmni, a sacrosanct notion of the Logos. Their ancient records adhere to this law of virtual existence as broadcast here, as well as the knowledge in our records that I carry from past studies prior to this assignment. It is all made known to me. Enigmni is an Omegon implication and fact of idealism conveyed from the secrets of Timelessness. This world is full of a past once so strongly kept, and recently, so arrogantly disengaged. The cause to forget the Enigmni, must have been huge in distracting methods. Passion melted away because of the mental power of whatever it was. Such knowledge is dangerous to existences.

Artifacts in infinitude, old forms interspersed with deadly new rubbings, exist alongside the lately demolished accumulation of Enmayi totality — all are a record of multiplicity beyond the pale of creativity. Little change in style of representation had taken place in millions of orbits (theirs being fewer yet longer than ours are). They all stare out at me in sullen disapproval for my presence in what seems to be a grand impropriety. Aesthetic methods transform from high ideals to high command in a dizzy dance of conflicting intentions. I am seeing the transition that took place in the last orbits of their abrupt change to aggressive demeanors not becoming of a Light Elemental. Chaos was their last glimpse of this reality, which was once their dreamscape. Worthy ideals were ripped down and replaced with shallow models filled with hegemonic impetus, impregnated by inflated egos. The contrasting insinuations of happy work verses forced labor in false-play show all too well the Enmayi condition of pure Alphian nonchalance. Now it gets interesting!

The Enmayi must have been in an abnormality or "steady-state" for most of their existence on this orb. Then, "snap," in the batting-of-the-eye, rampant change! This is what it must have been. There is so much affirmation here of accolades to their great teachers extending back for thousands, perhaps millions of orbits, to reinforce

my vision. One teacher could only live so long? Only Omegons live eternally in various dimensions. Why did they live so long? Why were they locked in a pre-phase II civilization of stuff collecting? Their "stuff" is everywhere (Pic. 22)! It is all frozen in heaps of the Leche’s last convulsions. Pray, are there more expressions to come form the orbiting weapon? I have not the will on this morrow to test for such a dismal eventuality. An overload of data breeds psychic fatigue even for hardy souls. Shema calls ( if only such were a reality ), I must end this second period of message meditation. Scepter will record all interlaced matter. Signal Stop.

(Scepter Compression Data-Visual graphics disabled - interlaced data triangulated and recorded) Claronu onboard Shema. Long, past morrow has depleted Claronu’s Psycho-cognitive verve for topsight clarity and bodily tone. He is in excited state of mind for the project. Some confusion has caused him to call up data on history of Omegon (Hytona) interface of the Enmayi. He searches for any misinformation of messages on his survey’s database and corrects the record. — Claronu is in meditative calm. Claronu is union and localization with Timelessness. NOTE: Auto-Pilot has purged the reserve energies in the Shemas system for flight on the morrow. Indication is for local - free - flight for Scepter-aided, magnetic survey over the planet. Claronu now awakens for the third morrow of his survey.

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Indeed, the past morrow was an experience in message development that I relish as a reason for being. It has such excitement to the soul, that existence is worth the price one pays to get to this super articulated level of being. There were many observations that did not easily juxtapose with my preliminary flight and assignment information loaded in me before I left from Hytona. Such a lack of preparation signals the reason why I am here — to get at the truth and return it to the Shepherds. I feel there are other ulterior reasons for the misalignment of data to my cause; however, I have not awakened to it as of now.

On this morrow, Shema, Scepter and I will move to map the entire globe of the Enmayi world to determine if the preliminary preselection of the old Seat of Enigmni by the Shepherds, was indeed, the representation of the whole planet (Pic.23). Perhaps there is more in the rough landscape of the Agri-lands and major contrasted realms. The adventure of seeing the manifestations built by the Ancients, who came before the Omegons, is always my greatest exhilaration to soulular virtual travel. The Ancients designed and built the virtual structures that Alphi/Omegis take for granted. What else could be so passionate to my mind other than facing death as an Alphian? The sting of death is now no longer a worry in my condition.

Shema and Scepter are now one. Shema, rise to take the side closest to the white of Goge, the portal of passage. Steady survey mode is in order, yet we must keep our distance from the orbiting Leche device, for it will disable the electromagnetics if we come too close. Keep a distance of one forth the span of one global turn as our margin of safety to your systems, Shema.

Ahau! I have lost all contact with the world of Hytona because the Leche has co-opted the electromagnet structure that Shema and Scepter both need to make contact in physical space. Anjona cannot contact me other than through our mentality if such can come into serendipity. I must think of him often. The entire survey must be taken back to Hytona, for there will be no communications outside of a physical contact. There is no fail-safe for this mission other than the message being laid at the feet of the Council of Shepherds. Strange, that would be many feet to lay such a message so pointed. If something happened to cause me to stay in localization, Scepter would be my backup.

The Leche has become an adversary worth closer watch, for it has deleted the function of data transfer, as well as, now representing potential that I may come to regret at some future moment. It appears to be everywhere in full force. Goge, this assignment is very much a taxation and a test of my makeup — all my teachings and learning stand to be glorified. I must hold on to tight concentration and beware of distractions of self-indulgence. Patience and truth, buoy up my holospirit in strength, for this morrow I will see some of the cause of this horrid result. Perhaps I will see the Eye of Enigmni from above — would that it were the reality rather than the symbol.

Though the Leche has stolen Shema’s electromagnetic reach and its edge, through hateful broadcasting of complexity and confusion, I will, in growing magnitude, not let it dampen my renewed zeal for this challenging mission. The expediency of this soaring observation platform mode should be beneficial to the gaining of key messages about the Enmayi culture’s means of regeneration (Pic 24). Even now I discern below the once fruitful beauty of the raised platform canals and terraces, creating natural vistas for appropriate planting of successive eco systems. Ingenious were they who designed such systems that nutritiously supported other successive systems of plants that protected each other’s sequential zenith, then later sacrificed itself as food for the high-point of the other system in rotation. Their seedlings were also such to naturally evolve again in protection, nourishment, and welfare for one another.

These Enmayi Agris were scientists that developed successive systems requiring thousands of years of research to finely tune such a perpetual-motion of perfection in planting (Pic. 25). They learned well form the Ancients who taught the Power of the Enigmni. Ah, theirs was truly knowledge equal to that of the Omegons who continue the Ancient’s work on the Gardened One. The Gardened One was always the source of food for all of us in this sector of Goge. The Ancients ate from its heart.

Even the dark veil of destruction cannot hide from this former agriculturist the roots of uncanny and successful science, which was built into the "atomic system" by the Ancient Builders of this Goge reality.

One has but to look at the massive public structures that proliferate here in the Enmayi world, fifth from the seat of Goge, to see their metro and suburban areas supporting former populations as large as 500,000 beings (10,000 per potdome) to realize what is really involved here. And, what would one see? Though most of the destroyed urban sites and almost all of the suburban sites are still left unexplored by my penetrating eye, this quick flight will corroborate my intuitions while Scepter maps the generalities with its many spectral rays (Pics. 26-27). A better picture of what happened here will assemble after this day of programmed passage.

Their systems were uniform for eons before the last 50 or so, orbit. Now, they are all but concealed by the deteriorating trash and the decayed remains of the catastrophe of the Enmayi’s mad dash to survive something that exposed the darkest of endings. The patterns of mayhem do not totally enclose the magnificence of their past greatness, however. Their engineering and agricultural prowess has a singular ingredient that projects such accomplishments back into Timelessness. Raised fields, canal systems and arboreal succession can be discerned between the lines of Leche issued devastation.

Though this I have not yet confirmed — their apparent fear and hatred for Omegon interdiction, and war with their own kind seems the culprit of all I survey. Something caused them to lose respect for what their ancestors had created in the past to such a degree, that all love was lost quickly in a mad frenzy. Trust and Love went for nothing.

Ah, the Agri-landers almost saved them. I see the traces of rebellion. Though the Enmayi Agris never slashed, burned and then replanted this land for nourishment, the final citizenry of the potdomes, lost respect for the mindset of the Agris, for evidence of slayings are clear, that they cut their own throats for future lack of sustenance in killing the sources of food. What emergency could cloud the minds of beings so relevant to create a pre-Omegon world, then without thinking, throw it all away? What event could cause a flight from mental wealth?

I see below, the countryside was the last to fall to the self-inflicted, genocidal madness; because croppers, and Agri-tracks still attempted to plant up until the end. The Agris must have been jerked off of the planters and killed. Now those last days radiate the evidence of what came to pass for my records. It is evidential, that the Leche was involved in this matter in some form or function, for its discharge is in documentation everywhere as a petrochemical charring — a signature of evil.

While Shema hovers steadily, the Scepter probes below the surface and details evidence of hidden artifacts of the evolutionary developments in preliminary agriculture, and traces of the primary technology that the Ancients built into this harmonic system of Goge. Theirs was, to cleave the surface of their world in search of food, and to cause reproduction of it. They learned every element of nature, to consider the principles impacting the conditions of a dynamic planet’s surface. In their view, growing environments could take place on the hillside or the wet-virons (Pic. 28). All problems were met in conjunction with the conditions and contexts of the "other." Planting was done in a mutualism of ecological design that was not addressed since the Ancient establishment of the Omegon Gardens of Goge on the Third Globe (Pic. 29 - 30).

The Enmayian Agris were shepherds of the land, guardians of the "primary technology," the gift from the All to the state of "be-ness." Written in the message of the primary technology is the word of the Logos — symbols. It is so evident, Alphians cannot even perceive its words of Reason. The Agris toiled on their community lands and labs for none other than the horridly changing citizens in the potdomes. What a loss on expediency of virtual "be-ness."

If not for the dedicated Agris, all would have been lost early in their history. They were the heroes of this culture — almost Omegon. As the scorched artifacts to efforts at maintaining the primary technology of the Ancients emblazon the articulated visor of the Shema, I cannot but weep for the unselfish discipline of those who loved creating form the land. I will that Shema hover in silence over the sacrificed fruits of their endeavors as tribute to their Love and care for others.

I am spurred to render in a free-style, the beauty of the rough life experienced by Agris in the arduous lands that warmed their hearts with breathtaking communications from the All. These beautiful vistas spoke in colors, sounds, and smells that only one atuned to nature can know — they were messages of purity and reverence. This expression from me is the only hope that future beings will know the honor I feel for their souls and the spirit that irradiated from their works.

Not but a few durations ago, on Hytona, in the comfort of my loving abode; I finally reviewed the many parts of my existences that typify my interface with the primary condition. It is reminiscent to what I survey here. I feel a kinship. Those first steps of living in a virtual, manifest condition of matter provided my soul a means to amplification (Pic. 31). I remember contemplation through misty eyes, the transcendental depth and the original beauty of design and naturalness found in these periods of expressed time. It was during my early existences that I gainfully found euphoria as a broadcast from the All. Euphoria was the first teacher to announce to me the Timelessness that I had forgotten. This lesson of Reason, in the form of hardcopy within matter from the energy of the spirit, rekindled my search for Home. Nature seems to bring euphoric conditions when one is unionized with universal mind.

The Agris must have had these feelings many times in view of what they accomplished. Their world had much to stimulate meditation with the designer of hardcopy. Life in these lands must have been supremely free and unlimited. Communing with the primary elements of material construction in the physical realm, was/is indeed the most passionate feeling — when one first enters this state of Time. It is now etched within me for eternity. Behold, the rolling folds of disturbed formations giving away to messages that render in essences that loudly broadcast — cause and effect. Such Truths Alphians finally learn.

Living with the primary realm was, in the past, more pleasing to the individual than the age of saturation in media technology. But, that was part of the reason for existence, as only my position here can now validate. Being Alphian, and occupied with selfish cause to seek recognition, one cannot see the value of successive states of soulular trials. If higher becoming were not, I would remain in the primary world — forever! Still, it would not exist without the generator of Time — the Enigmni. Primary technology as Alphian was a grand, beautiful journey when revisited in gestalten, but in singular mode, it was hell for I knew not the total immortality. I only saw death as a means to an end — my end.

Then, living in the primary state was using the creativity of one’s mind within the immediacy of provisional, raw nature. Stone, wood, bone, fire, wind, and self-ingenuity went a long way for those of us that were first-timers (now old souls). We knew, intuitively, how to fashion tools from the basic foundation of the primary designs by the Ancient Archeons. The first Alphians were schooled from birth by the natural instincts (lessons in becoming) of living for pure survival. Observation of the environment, such as the hearing of a certain avian call, or snap of wood, or scrape of stone, could mean danger, or signal the indulgences of a festive meal.

Knowing the meaning of nature’s messengers was everything to a long happy endurance in the pixelated realms. Passing as means of survival in this school’s classes was directly proportional to the amount of knowledge and effort put before failure and death. Survival is known to the Enigmni — well known. We learned to help and to some degree, be each other. Failure, or non-participation, insured an easy out of the clan’s security. If failure happened, it might mean a life of scavenging the land in loneliness and rejection only to die before our time. The first signal of the Alphian’s move toward the Alphi/Omegi state came when beings learned that there was a need to Love the "Other" rather than the self. Unconditional Love saw a beginning. It meant another day of the fruits of the Garden of Goge. It is evident that the Enmayi must have had something like this as a beginning.

The camouflaged record here, obstinately shows the Enmayi blossomed into Alphian egos at the latest of dates. One would surmise that they did not enjoy the realms of the primary technology for long, but developed to the Alphi/Omegi state quickly and remained so for a very long duration. Their mystic days of the steamy forest were indeed short. The Agris were the most privileged.

This duration now finds me standing upon the threshold of what could have been a Phase II or III civilization, one once capable of drawing the Goge system’s globes toward unity and synergy in morality, vocation, technology and spiritual expansion. All the ingredients were present in this world for the power to rule in goodness and worthiness. Yet, I find only a mystery facing me with so much data for the positive construction of an Omegon success, crushed in the last instances to the ultimate disparagement. It is as though one would reach the highest crestwave of unbridled technological knowing, enough to extrapolate a new continuum, and find chaos in its stead. Why would one be transfixed by the weight of such agglomeration? Why, indeed? As I hover over a trash-heap created by rampant greed, corruption, and fear of failure, "be-manship" seems to slide down the proverbial progress-curve’s backside to come to rest in the trough of despair. Why? If a civilization such as this was on tangent, then what hope do we Omegons have of expansion toward the highest mission of continuum exploration in the face of potential? Failure was not in our plans?

I must remember my station and vivid potential.

There is another view. This other vision is one of the potential for a catalyst to an even higher theosophical Divination to be represented here. Altruism not withstanding, there are plans that I am not privy to fathom. I am only the watcher. It is possible that this record of my survey, will spur us through intellectual evaluation on the FLY across the old grave to land on the next greater wave of highest passion to existence. The All, through its Enigmni shall evoke this to be so from Timelessness.

If higher levels are achieved as a result of this fall and subsequent survey for the Omegon state, then renewed super-consciousness will expand in this sector, and the tragic end for the Enmayi will become a blessing. The consequences of it will be upheld and paid, but the result will be higher. This survey has the importance of a super-string, to wire it all together.

Amplified change is indeed hurrying the spiraling destiny of us all toward forced decisions about this system’s future. Every trend and condition in this universe is currently being impacted, especially now, by exponential change that is blurring into mental and spiritual chaos as a result of what happened here. Yet, while synchronicity seems hidden now, the only "out-of-sync" transgressor of their combined mindlessness is eternally in view of myself and all those dead. None of us can make changes in this on-going circumstance of the foreboding Leche. Whomever created it swelters at the base of the ferment. The repercussions of such hate will resonate throughout the period of this active Goge portal.

Omegon visualizers of future morrows cried out through the channels of the virtual spheres, in a Goge-like fashion, warning of this "period of the dark soul," a time of pain, yet bliss at the possibilities. Omegon values here on the fifth globe next to Egog the minor dog star, will never shine because of this burgeoning selfishness that ripped life from the feeble grasp of an unsuspecting populace. Their journey must, by law, start anew in the New Goge Creations. They must start again in the primary technology schools of Alphian ways.

Emptiness fills my soul at the thought of having to start this trek once again. I am glad that I am Omegon, for now I am protected from such a failure to existence. Omegon state is forever open to me, however, I may serve the realms of Timelessness. I still feel their unaccomplishment and one tiny pain is also within me for what is coming.

I must stop Shema and walk here (Pic. 32 - 33). What I am sub-discovering may possibly present me with a fatal flaw to my own current state. I feel strange. This sub-conscious thinking lends messages to my soulular image that indicates my final initiation. If this be true, my final challenge in physical form may arrive soon. Perhaps a walk will refocus my thoughts to understand the repercussions of such an event.

I have remained off-level with Scepter’s abilities to meditate deeply without help from the natural systems in its medium. I cannot shake the clanking of shackles that pull me down to total reflection upon only the me that resides in the All. With shadows of dissolution everywhere, why not slip steeply into selfishness, and care only for the protection of the being that I am sharing. It is, of course, that same old trap, that has always in my past, called me back to dwell in Alphian form. So familiar the feeling, like an old friend of an orgasmic nature calling me to participate. I must step aside. The mirror almost appeared once again to entrap me in primary matter. The mission is most important here, and I shall strengthen my determination to overcome the power dwelling here where billions of souls cry out for me to join them in their plight. I shall only observe and pass their message on to themselves waiting in another duration.

Back to Shema before I visualize patterns no longer a part of my mentality.

One element this landscape offers to the mindful spirit is that, even though I may sway in thoughts of movement to unknown challenges, I am well positioned for the final step that comes to all "old" Omegons. I am that because this state is all transitory and for the most part a "test" for becoming. Every message of the Enmayi is really a "ephemeral object," or a means of the Enigmni to move "be-manship" from one event-sequence to the next. Their structures, art, education, agriculture, and all these creations are transitory contents that act as media to carry forth the events that made up their former world. How we use these ephemeral objects determines the consequences of the future events. My consequences are few. I have no need to fear an end to this many faceted realm of manifest existences, for I have done my very best to meet all tests to my character, faith, love, and rendering to others. I shall not fall from this the highest gift of being, though tested with the massive data of this lost world that turns my soul’s "shine" toward paleness in the face of so much death. I am so lonely. Once more, get behind me, there is only future ahead in virtual states.

Shema, continue on — work is to be done.

For the Enmayi, their consequences will be revisited. Consequences will cause change, thus hurrying destiny toward forced decisions about our Goge system’s primary-to ultra-tech future. I feel the trends and conditions bubbling up in my mental projections of what future morrows may bring. This part of the universe is being impacted by geometrical currents full of new elements and principles that to me are blurring a true vision of the cause. The positioning of the Leche, ultimate weapon, in the mix of events that shook this planet, is the cause of such an aberration to my mind. My lack of vision here is another indication of my initiation.

Could Omegons be compromised in this new gambit? Perhaps it is a final test for all of us.

Omegons would never knowingly create chaos in the Goge system! Again, I waver in my convictions. I must return to first site of the Seat of Enigmni to recollect my thoughts. Yet, dreaming in the light of a morrow, I see vistas float by with Enmayi citizens playing, learning, and enjoying one another as friends. Dissolving in and out of their expressed creativity and love for life is weakening my focus as localization is no longer a strength for me. I see them in the past. I, for the first time, am experiencing the "total aspect-ratio," of a mental gestalten. It is an unbound experience where all seems to float by my expanded position cursor. It is a blurring of time and space to the mental eye.

Ahau! To awaken from a dream that one is knowingly participating with, is euphoria prohibited in usual states of amplified mental compression. Special things are happening on this world of the Enmayi.

I have awakened back at the Avatar’s port and I do not recall how I got here. This is supremely strange for Omegons. Before I commune on this morrow, I feel the need to somehow understand all that I have surveyed and inculcated into mental aspirations since landing here some three morrows ago. I become more by doing this — the force to resist is high! I wish not to think upon these things. But! There is no means beyond it, for escape is not an option. I force myself to recalculate.

I am forlorn, for I have seen the remains of a few inner-seat potdomes and the outer edges of the Enmayi hinterlands, where the Agri toiled to keep the "high tekies" in food and worldly products with advanced agricultural methods. Nonetheless, a memory for the primary technology of the Ancients could also be read between the lines of the new. I have seen the educational realms that created the masterful intellects of the planet, all in a high Alphi/Omegi category of being-status.

But, only in the last orbits were the true Alphian curriculums or reversions, utilized for selfish purposes to boost, successfully, most of the Enmayi toward anti-ethical, anti-moral standards of leveraging. I have come to the conclusion that there were no initial Alphians in numbers worth consideration ever in existence on this world! None! None, for millions of orbits. This conclusion is of course impossible, but the messages prove as facts to this ideation on my part. It is confusing me, but probably not the inner workings of the Scepter. Alphians did show up abruptly in the last 70 or so orbits in burgeoning counts during the last phases of this planet's life. Again, the facts corroborate the ascertainment, but how this is possible, asserts the mystery I fear will test me to the core.

There are still millions of bits of information for deciphering into message status. Notwithstanding, I will somehow state this anomaly of pure Alphian existence at the end of a civilization rather than the opposite, as a record for my survey. How this happened will no doubt occupy every moment of the remainder of my stay in this lonely edifice to chaos?

One last observation. I fear that Omegon influence may have been a prime mover in this unbelievable desecration to the primary purpose of our virtual experiment within matter. How such as Omegons could risk their eternal essences is something I have not even thought possible. I have no desire to read these vibrations in this transitory state that needs illusion to become complete. Signal Stop!

(Scepter Compression Data- Visual graphics disabled) Claronu onboard Shema. Claronu has once again reviewed the data on Omegon activities over the past 100 orbits of the Seat of Enigmni and on Hytona (a different orbit rate per records). Expressions are not readable through various systems of reception. He seems unsettled. Claronu prepares for morrow’s trek. Claronu enters communion of dream reality and localizes with the All.

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Dawns the morrow. Remembering the many times in past lives of getting up and stretching my physical body of soft tissue and blood and bone, piques my old desires for an instant. Omegon bodily systems are vastly different and much more connected but less dependent on the environmental output. I could not have lived on this planet if I had to breathe its dead atmosphere. Strange that I would retrospect about such bygone morrows. The air was so sweet and fresh to smell, with weather and air to pump over my straining body’s muscular needs, as the image of Goge rose over the red hills of Hytona — or the Gardened One. I spent time on both, but never here. We took a different course. I even recall a life on one of our moons. Such for reminiscing.

On this morrow, I walk the paths of the Enmayi equipped with a different set of mental conditions that will pierce every mechanism for messages (Pic. 34). The emphasis will impact the root reasons of my being Omegon and reinforce the quality of reporting. Though I stride with resolve and deep consideration to my essence, I fear that a different side of the Omegon condition has yet to be blessed upon my cursor of understanding. The point of focus can at times get complicated, I’ve been told.

Some morrows ago ( is it three or four?), I stood here at the entrance of this "hole," a high being who knew all the essences of manifestation from germ to finished superconsciousness. Yet, what has happened on this orb of the Enmayi — to one such as I, to have suffered a short fall from grace? I feel not as super as I once supposed and it is cause for hesitation. So lacking in synchronization of purpose, perhaps I am sidetracked by the input of so much exterior failure. It draws me down. I feel my mission is in dire need of refocus.

As I kick around this ruin of an old potdome dedicated to their pony-sun, called Egog (dog star), I too feel the need to be spirited on a leash in dog-like manner back to Hytona where safety and information is a comfortable reminder to my high state (Pic. 35). When I am on Hytona, I am somewhat closer to the All. It is all an illusion — the closeness is always everywhere in the same force. It is the condition of thought that can suggest familiarity.

I must refocus on the messages that are shouting to me in their symbolic forms as though they wish to help me do my job. Everything that exists is alive in some manner — a one-unit elemental vibrates with the energy of a memory from Timelessness. Secretly, every ingredient of this projected broadcast of matter can reveal to the trained mentality, the ravages of a former existence now terminated. It is all here. I can read the fine scratches where a dying Enmayi being clawed at the walls, seeking to die in some form of dignity (Pic. 36). There, the last remains of the being pile in flaky dust to be blown away by the programmed expressions of the Leche device. Yes, inside are my volumes of experience and vision, ready to reveal the entire scope of this ruin. There are times when I look past the apparent for fear that I may see myself looking back at what was. Loneliness is the cause of the many.

Oh! Deeply hidden somewhere in perhaps the tiniest corner of my soul lies the old messages originally set at the first crucible in this dimension of experience with pointilated quanta. Mentally fragmenting the original essence, "we" explore the new realms of virtual creation, an infinite complexity-of-potential housed in the cursor of shared time. This driver, called Enigmni, pushes the implicate quanta into convolutions within laws to exhibit order and unperceived unity called chaos. These things I now remember, for I have all visions of this tangential animation for the many-faceted-essence, delivered by the All.

So many experiments in "self-be-ness" traverse my soul’s reference, thereby helping to recall every localization, every sense revisited, encompassing the totality of eons of sequential moments. But – what of the larger question? Does it relate to the me that I have become at this point of challenge and perhaps initiation? Or, do I relate to the community of existence to which the Enmayi also were relatives — holoparts of the same me? This I know is true — that is why I feel all the billions who died here within my soulular monad. Such weight must have impact, even in an Omegon state.

Answers to my questions on the Enmayi’s fall could also clarify my own future rise. In learning the messages of their creative expurgations, so meaningfully arrayed in these flowering tombs of potted luminescence, react with my millennia of localizations to become exponentially unified within my final Omegon being. I shall know much before I finalize this mission of deeply felt orienteering.

This then, must be my course. I shall internalize the superficial data for the eternal service I seek to array before Anjona. Through special Omegon privilege, I will retrocognize the past of the Enmayi and take their history and thoughts back to be consecrated with the All. In the process, perhaps I shall add to the "overall’s" good and purpose with the final analysis of my survey. Future civilizations may find simpler paths to higher states if I pay with concentrated sacrificial efforts. Deeply, I now apply my mind to the anvil of Goge. Euphoric, intuitional impetus for transfiguration into the Akashma Records of universal knowledge (data of all time) is such pain to the Alphian mind, but such precious beauty manifest in celestial music, vibrates to the dance of Omegon passion.

Such meditation clears my mind and breeds focus. Consolidation localizes the blur of unperceived unity into a meaning for order. Pattern to my current condition is in urgent need of unity for confusion to Omegons is unique unless the whole universe is being positioned intellectually — then there is cause for overload. Even now, I feel the highest presence of awareness. Such intellectual glee in superlatives of data compress within the prime cursor of my mind. Blue-white light blinds my old Alphian mental seat as symbols of words unexpressed drift past my visual field. So short seems the adulation of total knowing. My destiny peeks between interlaced information to give me hope of eternal rest from such future inundation of an avalanche of Deity.

The Enigmni seeks a forum for parlance with me! This was the rush! My mind was probed for worthiness. Preparation for such is beyond my cursory knowing. Would that all entities could feel the power of such a probe into my depths of will. Even if the darkest shepherd could feel the light that I now receive, such a being would never stray again from the pathway that has been laid before this existence in Time. I indeed feel the presence of power at the enlightenment that I experienced just prior to this. It is such, that I could spend eternity in the Secret’s stare. Enigmni indeed you are the cause and effect of virtual movement.

Movement has caused my mind to gain from catharsis. The cleaning of my mind of what, until now has preoccupied and distracted me into thinking on lower levels breathes fresh photons to my soul’s eye on being. I will put my hands upon artifacts, and inculcate all that has transpired in the templated existence of such forms. Every quantified part reads like messages from a recording Scepter mode. But, there is more — I see, feel, smell, taste, hear, and intuit these atoms in every state of their projected vibrational state here in these realms of movement.

Psycho-cognizing these Enmayi forms, sends my mind back in time. Back to visions of their day of construction — the meaning behind their purposes for being projected here and how they came to be manifest. All these created elements scattered about have millions of messages for my understanding (Pic. 37, 38). The erection of this grand, now headless statue, resting before me, was accomplished with sound waves as a means of construction and levitation. Sound is perhaps one of the last means of technology in the courses of climbing civilizations, to arise into full bloom as a process to advance higher work. Their engineers were on the verge of Omegon accomplishments.

I can see these creators of this advanced station that the Enmayi accomplished. Their mentality shines forth and tells me the brilliance of their achievements. I see the eyes of minds of the sublime artisans; their thought processes mapping new vistas to expand into. But wait! Hum, how is it that I see only the Alphi/Omegi in every high minded achievement? In observing these works, I see the pushing of all limitations to the final degree of force; yet, with such approaching verve toward Omegon responsibilities, there is no amiable greatness other than amplified Alphi/Omegi existences. They could not ever go beyond! Yet, they saw in a top-level form, but never attaining the morality that goes with the obligations bound in higher attainments. Their genius was apparently missing the ingredient necessary to all Omegons — freedom of will.

There must have been a severe tightness in their rearward regions, considering the lack of genius beyond or less than the mid-level of being development. Steady state is the only condition that they achieved in the millions of orbits in existence. They arrived, went up fast, and leveled off at a near genius level almost in a state of serene tension, if that were possible here, and apparently it was.

These Enmayi were severely deprived of the freedom of all that a being is entitled to as an individual. Individualism was subsumed. They worked in unison, were very orderly, but had no capability for the freedom of their own creative adventures in high passion. High passion is necessary as a final test to the Omegon, who must play such passion through morality. To be moral and free seems diametrical to one another, yet it is the ultimate test.

The Enmayi seemed to belong to a mutually aligned culture that emulated each other in appearances, dialogue, social etiquette, and political expressions. They were exclusively networked in collusive and sometimes false playfulness. It was a gambit to them. Their games vanquished the individual for millions, perhaps billions of orbits. It seems each took their turn at leading, and "playing nice" with one another out of deference to an inner insecurity. They remind me of the "volkers" that we recently genetically engineered on the Gardened One — obsequious and fawning creatures meant only to be consumed as energy-builders and raw products.


For one to manifest as a cowardly volker, would be a very short term in the virtual worlds — a condition meant only as a point of reference in our long, hard journey. Why would one vibrate in such a form for eternity? Have we witnessed the creation of a new creature? This new entity apparently reverted to an Alphian state, and got even worse? What is lower than a coward who cannot face reality? Well, perhaps a fly or a germ or a rock! Something strange happened on this planet, and it must be part of a more vast expression from Timelessness. New universes are about to be made. I only hope that the uselessness of the socially conditioned creatures is weeded out in finality for they contribute little unless utilized for higher conditions. A high being must have character and that attribute must be won through a merit trial not a chase as a victim.

Darkness seems to fall upon my continence here, as I prattle about the direction of soulular creation. Leche must be adding a new chemical to the poor Enmayi atmosphere that darkens out Egog-primary, and Goge-the source. Light is indeed expressing less in the distance. The Spanners erected to guide the Leche in its travels, seen silhouetted against the sky-field, show their dish shapes vaguely. Those Spanners whose work of magnetism and sound variance, were the culprits and harbingers of doom, when they somehow stopped their program to destroy all I see here. They seem dark against the sky-field to such a degree that I can no longer make out their shapes. Swells of blue and purple sparkling in incandescence greet my eyes as I survey the horizon.

What object of grotesqueness appears as if an instant villain who bursts into my presence (Pic 39)? While my experience of utilizing retrocognition is somewhat eroded by soft living on Hytona, the scene before me is causing fears not in character of an Omegon Surveyor. To see and perceive in totality on this higher level is of such fulfillment; however, I am visually cloaked in shadow with this ever-ominous structure looming ahead. It seems to enlarge faster, growing exponentially as a phantom with each step of my stride toward it.

I must confess in hesitation, this building ahead in the next potdome is of great magnetism to my psyche. It is as if I have seen it somewhere before in an old Alphian expression of nightmarish output. To walk up these stairs and take in all its information is staggering to my initial assessment. Each element is seething in data of compressed evil, deposited at an energy level beyond the average Alphian’s capability (Pic. 40). Dense is the message my penetrating eye ascertains, for worship is the only condition that commands such power of impregnated photons of mentality.

Solidly, this reinforces my true knowing that the Enmayi went from Alphi/Omegi state back to early Alphian. What I see here makes it clear. The emotional state of the earliest animalistic thinker in soulular form, can be smelled and tasted still, in this putrid surrounding. Even through the chemical deposits of the Leche, I can detect the lust and ejections of musky elementals upon the surfaces of the abominable edifice that climbs before my eyes of purity. Even my eyes blink with disgust at the brazen signature of a being diametrically opposed to the essence of Timelessness. This being should have never been allowed in the virtual worlds. Weakness ascends into my own core at this new disclosure.

Ahau! Its familiarity is staggering — impacting my memories of times and localizations of distant pasts. The ties to self are so powerful when renewed after absence. All the old smells and symbols that jerk repeatedly at the psyche and the base form do indeed pour out of this greasy ruin. My super-psychometrizing capabilities with compression of data to the point of unlimited saturation are overwhelmed by the primary ingredients to motivational passions held deeply in animal behavior. Like perfume it wraps itself around my senses, and almost animates my shabby desires once again. I, I must pull my higher senses away from this magnetic, stealthy filth.

Too deep! The power of this site is overwhelming my resistance to old evils that represent the Alphian states of my past lives. Like a flash, all my former existences of localizations in manifest realms pass across the cursor of my super-conscious mentality. The loves, the hates, the dirt, the blood, the wealth, the struggles — all such trash piled as a barrier to the sight of truth. What joy I once thought I had experienced when occupied in such deception of will. They were all points of learning for me to rise to this level of Omegon peace. The killing, the lying from personalities full of anger, jealousy, spite, loneliness, rage, despair — oh, and grief, exaggerated by greed. Lust, lust was always a hair’s width away from flaming forward. My resentments and distrust of everything held me back for so long. What of the ultimate? What of fear...always the pains of fear tearing my heart apart. The not knowing! Fear always creeping up, upon all my existences to eat at the wellsprings of my heart. Life as Alphian is always all consuming. It is the world of consumption!

Me. Me. I was always embedded in myself. My self-esteem was my only concern because I always feared the loss of recognition. If not recognized, I always feared that I did not exist. So, I hated — loved only myself, and most of the time in the deepest recesses of my mind, I hated myself. Revisiting these former selves is natural in this highly animated psycho-cognitive state. I must reach for a calmer level for these images dancing before my mentality are indeed anathema to my soulular being. It is a sickness of the innards that, when over the belch of the taste, brings on the experience anew, only bitterly amplified.

The arrogance and superiority that I once paraded around in fear of lost love disgusts me to my present field of generation. This place I must not visit. It is full of illusions of an emotional world without reason that portrays a wallowing in the energy of passion beyond taming. The Logos is absent here, only the immediacy of gratification is the singular stimulus. Hell is experienced here, where one must start to seek the journey that leads to Omegon finality, or sinks into the material arena to become fodder for future enlightened souls.

I see myself in all of this secondary-virtual reality, as if a vibration is being tuned into distortion. I seek to linger here and revisit old sniffings, but I have been there before, and know the sordid story. Alas, I must pull myself away from this old magnetic beginning and seek to dwell in higher realms. I must return to Shema before all my own inner strength flows away with a tide composed only of memories. On the morrow, I shall return to this mega-crypt, with renewed powers that now cannot be found for the shock to my expanded state of survey. With a mind so open, it fills full, when greeted with such a wealth of sin. I turn my back upon this, until I am renewed.

I am turning. But, I do not walk away from this profanity that presents herself as if a beauty of profound endowment. Little nuances become oceans of spray, that drag me down in its undertow. I must stride steadily back to more recent remembrances that are oceans not constructed of tears. My Alphian self, long latent and suppressed in logic and spiritual imbibing, is revived in its promiscuous contemplation. It’s the stimuli of my senses, and the nostalgia for unbridled pleasure so densely arrayed in this evil site’s compressed message, that crushes my soul before its onslaught. One stride after another adds impetus to my recovering yearnings — away from this!

Old thoughts breed pain to my soul’s scabs, bleed — bleed! As I pine for the sight of my little Shema and its refuge from that, that sorry agglomeration of Enmayian mistaken culture, I cannot keep from remembering all those I loved and lost because of my own selfish gratification. Lost to the altar of continued reawakening, until I finally saw the light and purpose for being. "Be-manship" is its own consumer when couched in sadism of the inner-directed self. I see every test as if it was now, and not lives millions of orbits away. Blessed to see it all in the gestalten of Omegon vision. I now feel the worth of having lived each sequence — where now is the Shema, and where did I put my Scepter!

My Scepter is not with me! I must have lost it in the ruins when jolted with the shock of this powerful detonation of evil. Now frantic am I! Oh, is this my final test so cutting, that I have lost the symbol of my strivings for all these past arrivals?

Where are you Scepter!

Are there more traps in this Hell-wrapped environment with its Leche-eye scanning my every move! What other little adventures await me in this sordid journey hidden in a simple Surveyor’s mission?

Wait! Slowly, I realize my plight. There should be no dilemma for such as I. Well, here it is again. That mote of my mind. It is my old welfare wrap, ensnaring my life support system once again, to cause me a gasping condition once more. I am as usual, releasing to "my" pain, here in the face of ultimate pain displayed so well in the framework of this very survey. The billions of eyes that must be looking at me in shame form a world I have not visited since the Omegon blessing. They in their disaster can only shake their heads at me while I stand down here shrieking to the realm of Timelessness. I feel it, poor me, but poorer still, them. Where is the understanding of my supposedly "high" state of being, and its wonderful selfless teachings? As I have experienced so many times in these durations of being, reversion is the curse when faced with the base being of existence. Survival from fear and the loss of an edge to the other is always first! Damn impetus! You pain of eternal movement. I once understood this complexity of the fall from worth — why do I lapse away from better knowings?

I faintly recollect — "Goge, Goge is my portal of arrival, from him I issued into states of structure. Light, am I made whole in physical manifestations? Goge shines within my being as well as without. Photons build my abode of occupation — I am made to seek, and seeking will I make homeward. In this journey will I excel? Goge, the grace of carriers, a cursor to the medium of media, through this vehicle, a means of motivation, I shall see the mirror of the All. Goge is the broadcast source of His Eye. His Eye is Enigmni — the mover that sees!"

Ahau! Here, where I first noticed the darkness of this potdome, I find my Scepter!

Faster, fast I move away. These strides are stronger now, and I shall move out of this area toward the Avatar’s base to embrace a reprieve with my little Shema. Shema, Shema — open your way, for I enter heavy-laden with the dust of damnation. I have survived my souls faltering condition, and revival is in sight! Signal Stop. Duration.... Duration.... I no longer know under which duration I serve. It is of no consequence now, for the mission has changed beyond my powers. A new condition will dawn on the morrow. I feel the significance of something I have never known before! Signal Stop!

(Scepter Compression Data — Visual graphics disabled) Claronu recites his stanzas of Goge repetitiously. He reviews his pledge to Omegon beliefs and meditates upon their importance. Corrections are made to his duration data, entered by Scepter interface. Claronu dissolves into localization with the non-local, the All. Interdiction: Midway, Claronu has an interloper’s message from dream state. This mental marker signals last journey status, to Scepter. Scepter marks data. This is the sign of his final — beginning. Claronu awakens.

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Curious. Clarity has never been so keen to my mental witness while in the dream state or localization in the All. I am awakened by this vision! It has startled me with deep realizations of some future event that Omegons can survey via timelessness measures that allow focus on future happenings. I am want to illustrate the messages graphically while I am so totally awakened.

This future event involves these visions with a new form called Hue-men. Hue is the visual vibration that beings oscillate at in light. This new pulsation in the realms of virtual existence describes a more advanced being on the horizon. They are in this vision that I just experienced. My first drawing is of a sealed form that has been discovered hidden deep in an impact crater. It is a jettison pod or shuttle of last resort, like the one on my Shema!

Next are scenes of some new form of growth that Omegons have not yet totally designed genetically. They are tall molecular forms and silhouetted against them is a helmet-like form, perhaps a head or a droid with tiny objects flying around the top piece.

Finally, I illustrate the droid’s or being’s presentation of the crystalline shuttle to the eye of some graphic server, or the eye of an observer (Pic. 41). He wears a suit of radiation protection. Still the orbiting graphic eyes fly overhead. What looks like a Scepter from a high Shepherd — (Anjona?) is encased in the tiny shuttlecraft as is appropriate for Omegon storage. This place is not Hytona? This data is too much in my present condition. This unknown data clouds my mental mapping capabilities, and I am dreary of this unusual disclosure. My Scepter will fill in the missing data of my survey later in time. I must relocate in the presence of the All. Timelessness is my only shelter. I must regain my strength for a super effort on the morrow.

(Scepter Data — Compression of all data successful — Claronu awakens)

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Pain greets this morrow of past anguish unbecoming of an Omegon. I am returned to the mindset and bodily power of the Omegon state. I must perpetuate connection on a subconscious level with the power of the All, so as to maintain the potency needed to accomplish this increasingly complex mission. Subliminal meditation will be needed to keep my center in focus. I beg no special concern, yet I am committed to keeping the work at hand on schedule. My stern face peers back at me in the reflections of glassy sheathings lying about as destroyed reminders of Enmayi technology. It is not beyond my evaluation, that the coming morrows will test my soul and spirit as examples of a superior Omegon will. The Crux is perhaps at hand for this warrior of many journeys.

What lies ahead is important, but my concern with these structures with their foreboding messages, might indicate an unknown purpose for my being here. Yet, I feel as though I may be able to see some of the divine plan if my mind is focused and can decipher the meaning of the "vision" that expressed itself to my mentality while in dream localization at Shema. I feel the mystery of its envelopment to my psyche is unfolding within me even now. The Vision has even stronger purpose. Such a revelation, sent on a flight out of Timelessness, can only mean one thing. It is a message form the All, one that will certainly impact future generations and also serve as my link to future morrows.

Spread out in exhibit are they, the increasingly hateful images that the last Enmayi artisans created near to this unsavory place (Pic. 42). They leer and point in the direction of this last construction ahead of me. Sensory stimuli is intense here as I read the signs that will show future generations and the Brotherhood of Shepherds the exact reasons for such a fall for participants of this Enmayi virtuality.

I see evidence of the downfall in and through almost every element of construction on this roadway to that burgeoning hell in the distance. The Alphian strain smells and radiates messages of the reintroduction of sorrow to a once proud body of beings that could have tasted Omegon finality. They were somehow thrown back to barbarian thoughts of murder and cannibalism. Yes, I have seen the bones and evidences of their guilt hidden in holes dug under the shelters now in debris. It is as if a society of base-animals assembled around this rising complex of filth now in my field of sight.

Havoc such as this area exhibits have I not seen in all my existences — except in vague memories of a semiconscious mind. It was perhaps the earliest animalistic wars, where we experimented with passion and emotions. Those morrows back on Hytona were as dark as a being can imagine. Remembering its pain helps me focus on the reality of this scene’s presentation. It was a non-stop chase from predator to victim and the medium of assault was lust for the taste of blood. Ahau! This painful subject, I must not dwell upon.

Goge........Silently, I whisper. What is before me is surely the initial Crux of my delivery. For it is evil personified in works of horrid aesthetic representation. Fear creeps into a vessel that has not known such a feeling in this form. I am within the grips of automatic damnation. There is no sickness like this expression that engulfs my countenance. My freshly outfitted body armor cannot warm the inner localization — cold, it is the memory of blood letting in a furry of witless clashes that greets my senses.

The expressions of anti-essence, looms before me in all its false pride. Oh, dark home of evil strategy, builders of the Leche device that excretes shamelessly overhead — your snarling has met its challenger! This was the seat of their headlong plunge into a finality of aberrant agglomeration. This trash-filled pile of pride is their pitiful legacy. It is stark and bare of the spirit that once had a chance to escape manifestation through. Such loving Light never had a chance. Now this planet is in doom mode because of the Leche’s many weapons of destruction. Weapons of their mind and once pointed at my own Hytona, where the mystery of Enigmni was learned and kept sacred.

Anjona, my Superior Shepherd, once told me of the times that he and other Omegons had visited the Enmayi at the request of their leader, Koan. He was their Master Striver. Koan is the figurehead upon the topmost section of the structure that makes up this complex of hell. I recall reviewing the recordings of Anjona’s Scepter when they met long ago. Koan had reached the highest states of Alphi/Omegi, and had brought the Enmayi beings to the same high states of being development. They were ready to advance to the Omegon level of spiritual transcendence. Our visits were made public to all Enmayi citizens, finally revealing what those lights were in their night sky — our Shema’s watching.

It was a time for great rejoicing and jubilance on Hytona. Anjona and his company of Shepherds left the Enmayi in a state of total happiness, and the prospects of their movement to higher states of spiritual existences was celebrated. But there was one tiny glitch in the arrangements. Anjona left one member of our world behind to administer and protect the flock of Enmayi initiates. I remember that one message from that being indicated that it was enamored by some strange event of transformation. That being was called Planca, spirit of Light. She was to assist the Koan and the Enmayi in the processes needed for structural discovery and advancement toward Omegon finality.

So, what happened to offset the proceedings?

Now that I stand here and receive the stimulus of these readings, I intuit that Anjona must have known the great why of this happening. I am receiving strong indications of this sensation. Though his mindful spirit is not for me to judge, this intuitional inclination that I am experiencing lurks within the soul of me and the trailings of the souls that were here. It is lurking at the mysterious dream level. Anjona knows much of my state, and it is not for me, his lessor, to question his guiding mind. It is for his understanding of my cause that I am here to garner survey information and to build my own essence toward bonding within the All.

Ah, ahead is the great edifice to Koan, with his head mounting the topmost parts. Wings of enlightenment spread from his temples and his lopped-off nose lies at the base of the building. He seems to be enticing the being positioned on the column opposite from his likeness (Pic. 43). Who is this being? It is spread apart in such an ungainly pose in total submission. It is unseemly for such a pose to appear in public arenas. This juxtaposition of architectural elements in such a fashion must be an indication of their moral decay shown to be rising in their final morrows. This sight is indeed, disgusting. It is purely Alphian in character — a flippancy and total disregard for others feelings. Alphian, I have rendered too many views of this dreaded state of being. One wonders what immoral data hides in the interior of the inner realms of Koan's subterranean citadel.

Two entries confront my way. Which one would be naturally first in their sequence of entry? The entryways are one above the other, and as they are positioned, it is almost impossible to enter the upper entry for half of the stairway is cut by the doorway of the lower entry. Curious? I believe the upper way is first from the data that many beings went directly to the top for some motive I do not yet read. I shall seek the upper way for data streams out in volumes. Darkness long forgotten greets the light of my scepter, knowing not what I shall meet in this heavy vault. If breathing were necessary for my form, I would find it heavy with death.

Goge, before my eyes in the upper section is the sanctuary of dedication to beings who lead the rebellion of change that catalyzed the end I survey. It is almost as a place of worship to the images of beings who positioned themselves as superior to the populace. Perhaps my deep psychometrizing can rekindle the data in my mind so that I can fill the memory gaps in Enmayi history. Meditation brings on penetrating power — render to my touch, oh you forms.

My touch reveals a most exquisite work of art — a beast! What form to betray bemanship? Ah, it is a rendering of Planca? Planca...our little spirit of Light (Pic. 44). But, Planca accompanied Anjona and remained behind to fulfill the contract and contact by Anjona led Omegons. Why would such a tribute reserved for greatness, be applied to one so minuscule and truthfully, a clerk or recorder of agreements?

Planca was always seeking the higher realms of relationships with the most active of all Omegon hierarchy. Such a being that was in the association with the Brotherhood of the Shepherds would not have need to be portrayed for aggrandizement? Planca was only at the tip of Ascension into the All.

One does not move to greatness as positioned before me. Planca could not have been close enough to ascend the ladder of Timelessness, unless she found some great challenge to initiation. Perhaps this was her case? But, no, recognition would not have occurred in the dying of the Enmayi and its whole civilization. Ascension is long in coming; even I have long to tarry unless this survey is my greatest moment. No time to think of me.

One life period such as Planca’s in initial Omegon entry is not enough! But, here in the Enmayi’s post of higher accolades is this "little-one" who was left behind to assist the Enmayi toward Omegon accomplishments. Something went wrong, if these be the true signs of my survey. Perhaps if I would cease these selfish questions and resume the psychometrizing of my capabilities, I could see the truth of this observation.

The power is returning to my mentality. Slowly, I touch the undulations of the surface of this grand rendering of Planca. Tears come to my thoughts. What? Upon the tower’s opposite wall is a representation of an evidently older portrait of Planca and Koan in what must be a truly obscene pose. To be described in such demise by the hand of an artisan is killing to my profession (Pic. 45). Sick. This must be how they appeared in the last days prior to the catastrophe that later befell this world and its apparently, dual leadership. Planca and Koan were "union-in-relation."

Both present as well worn by acid-karmic roots, eaten into fleshy depths of selfish ways. They must have tried everything that came to mentality. I confess I cannot truly see which is the Koan and which is the Planca, their union is so presented as well mixed. Why did they become one? Reading every message of the skaggy pits in their noses tell of relations unnatural of the same types. Looking deeper, Oh! Ah! — But for the Eye of Enigmni, the issuer of Goge, this must not be possible! Yet it is! Planca, as felt here, has changed form genetically, and is indeed one with Koan! Deathly, disgust overwhelms my spiritual trust, to the deepest sorrow!

If not for the gravity of this happening, one would find a hint of humor in such a story if told as a play or gambit. This was, without a doubt, the prime catalyst positioned in some event that broke their fragile quest for higher states. This sinful, selfish step by Planca has set the course of Enigmni in tangential sprays.

After Anjona, the Superior Shepherd, and our Omegon intervention party left the Enmayi planet, Koan and Planca must have somehow fallen into a state of uncontrollable interface. They sought material joining and a union unseemly. Planca lost the spirit of light and fell to the depths of Alphian animalism with Koan; Planca's fall must have been heavy indeed! They reverted, from high knowledge to low passions that progressively began to exponentially drag them to low — lowly structure.

Programmed instincts of base-"be-manship" could have been the stimuli that created the concepts for the Leche. But, Koan and Planca had to somehow maintain their intellectual high, while feeling their Alphian passion. How this was accomplished, I do not know. There is much more to learn here!

The Leche, Koan and Planca — I must pause here and reflect on these new elements of more recent Enmayi history contrasted against the beginning and known facts of their creation (Pic. 46). My old brow furrows at the flashes that traverse my lens-on-manifestation. Sorrow, out of love for their souls at the start of this experiment in virtual realms, hinders my increasingly complex process of extracting appropriate survey data from the jumble that Leche has created.

Oh, I know not all the true expanse of this grand plan for this realm of existence, only the Omegon view, and where I shall go from here. But, wetness clouds my discerning mental eye as I contemplate the happenings on such a bright hope, as was theirs at the front of the sequential events of created time. The Enmayi were of my local in our first ray sent on through this Goge System. All parts of the whole had high ambitions for this expressed reality, so far in the dark. Darkness sometimes becomes too much a friend.

We basked together as light and thought beings, waiting upon transmission to our assignments. How excited we were as we emerged from the portal, moving faster than the light that shepherded our way! All was so fresh on our mentality! Then, all anticipation of experiencing new learning via His structural domain was our fate. Pointalistic existence by high vibration movement nearly caused a supernova. It was so long ago, yet on the Timeless level of being, it was only a tiny blip in the eventless dominion of watching.

The structural progression of "be-manship" in this material illusion is so important to the dreamscape of true existence in cosmic mentality — whose home is duration. It is easily forgotten when one is cloaked in the weight of flesh. Material as a means motivation in a physical state can get a soul into deep selfish mindset. It is a trouble because of the ease to dwell upon one’s self. This deepness houses the law that makes virtual being contingent upon consequences. The Enmayi all must have reverted back to the densest state of matter due to thinking only of themselves. Their knowledge and wisdom became secondary against the desires for constant adulation. One can become comfortable with unending attention. Such preoccupation spurs desire toward a passion. In such a frame of mind, self always wins over the All because feedback loops are minuscule, with little room for nothing else to occupy space.

As I illustrate upon this shard — which is my procedure while I muse, I regret the lack of coverage I am able to generate for such an important survey as this one is becoming. Perhaps what I do here may not be enough to truly portray the feel of this dreary place. I hope future generations will understand the true despair that I see on this morrow. Anon, I must return to the site of Koan’s mastership and survey further the records of this once opulent world. I will return to the deeper thought when circumstances present a better scene back at my Shema. Creeping around these graves of ideas, are beginning to take their toll on my steady gaze and firm grip.

That room intrigues me. It forbids my entry. Darkly positioned, this room under the vault to Planca’s regalia and portrayal is filled with what was the greatness of the Enmayi before the fall into Alphian-state. It has purposefully been hidden by Planca’s ostentation. But what I see shows a beautiful world represented here in paintings, and flat sculpture. Here, a rendering of the primary seat of governance (Pic 47). Design and creativity were worthy of an entry to Omegon ways, based entirely on the levels of artistic achievement. They enjoyed the balanced state of Alphi/Omegi, a condition that operated from the best of both worlds of Art because they could feel the immediacy of both passion-driven conditions.

It seems that social organization was a natural existence for them, with order and planning working in coherency and never at odds to any situation or event — until, a new ingredient was injected into their societal mix of serendipity. Koan was merely a Shepherd of their once strong order of governance. Why would he have an edge to rise in importance?

How could Planca, a child of Omegon grooming, submit to the lowering of standards, when neither one of them were inclined initially toward contemptuous Alphian status? What animalistic sin could have punctuated their normal existence and take away their pledged advancement toward higher bliss? Instead they met their finality ill clothed in the mistakes of ceaseless desire.

Such a gallery of images do they parade in a proud fashion! The next image before me shows their mental creativity by signaling the heights of their aspirations to seek the secrets of places beyond their world. Perhaps they were seeking to spring into space and time to fancy a visit to Hytona or worlds beyond Egog. This group of works according to my psychocognitive means, shows the change from old aspirations to the budding of new moods and ideas. They sought to be more than they thought they could attain. This is irreconcilable with reality!

They were more than ready to become Omegon. They sought higher levels that do not exist. Where could such dreams of a reality beyond mine have root? It is as if their leadership felt a liberty that broke apart old laws and allowed them to see the worth of ultimate knowledge of the All. This element alone chills my being! Though they did not reach this ideal of more, they certainly dreamed of it. Dreaming is the localization of true insight unleashed by the bosom of the All. It is not an illusion, and they saw the possibility of becoming more or being different yet the same as we Omegons.

This is where it all came to a sudden halt.

The event evades me now, but this change in artifacts at this the most important data-driven site shows the subtle switch in their collective thinking. Just as their minds seemed to unleash new possibilities for the good, and they were ripe for change, something skewed them to the other evil. It was just a slip of the tongue. Decadent exploration became their primary striving (Pic. 48). It started with a few and grew to consume the entire civilization.

Uninhibited were their artisans in portraying the new found freedoms in expressive and scurrilous styles. The media transfer nodes, that kept all citizens informed, were taken over by a smutty mindset that seemed to encourage permissive, impudent behavior (Pic. 49). What did they give away in order to receive a false "clear" to their mental understandings of morality, and why did they forget their souls in the transition? The soul is the gift of the Enigmni. Secret movement in other states depends upon the soul.

It must have been only the "thrill" that base-animals of instinct recognize as limited pleasure. It was the electric-tickle that turned them blind to the reality that they truly were. They sought this new experience over and over. The old slight of hand magic of "tiny" pain. The prick of little pens of energy that ends in catharsis of frustration. This they traded all their millions of orbits in quest for higher states, to be fooled by a little game of chase.

The old animalistic coup of the kill was their only gain. They were playing the oldest game in time...the eternal attraction of "chase" for supreme gratification. Chase is played by the seriously hardened entity for it is the only apparent attraction to existence for the slow of mind. Yet, the Enmayi were not slow of mind. What else could have caused them to fail so easily?

Basking in blood is a place the higher Omegon mind does not dare seek when the total picture is finally grasped by mind. What caused the Enmayi to forget their fine cultured past? No other event could have shown them the way to Alphian filth than to see such obscenity enough to be learned by the collective as an attraction. A seduction never before experienced by the culture. Unique behavior that tantalizes and changes the feedback looping to such a vibration so delicate that it is unnoticeable, this is the cause I seek. The affair of Planca and Koan? This must have been the catalyst that declared devastation upon this dead world! It deranged all potdome minds in a flash!

Their embracing of ghastly animal behavior must have been viewed by all in such a short period, that it catalyzed instantly and became exponential in collapsing the social mores of the entire planet (Pic. 50)!

Aggrandizement of the psyche spread like star-fire in the populace, and to add strength to the effect, Koan had it sanctioned by law. Since the Enmayi had never experienced anything beyond the placid agreements of technologically created offspring, they went out of their minds in unbridled passion. They reverted in throngs to the animal state where Alphians enjoy such domain to its fullest grit.

Ahau! I have stumbled upon the planetary cause of the whole mindset of the Enmayi. It was so well hidden to the Omegon observers, that it was overlooked in all our investigations. We were of the opinion that they were as we are in sexual inclinations during the Alphi/Omegi phases. This revelation has finally shown its animalistic face in the contrast of circumstances that I have finally unfolded. They were all sexual principles in one form.

I now know the secret. The Enmayi were of both sexual principles in the one body from the birth of their existences and their projections into virtual form. It was the rule of their game. It must have been a boring gambit of long duration. They were all capable of the same creativity in one being and it became commonplace for their lives to not expect bonding encounters with one another. This is why they developed artifacts that were so profuse and sophisticated — they were preoccupied with creating things rather than sexual events. They learned quickly because they were not distracted by the normal social behavior of pursuing the other. They progressed faster than we did in the Alphi/Omegi states but lacked the impetus and will to go into the final phases of Omegon character. They had reached their apogee.

There was no excitement of the "chase" because there was no stimuli to the degree of abject animalism. This was the case for the whole planet — all were of the same building principle, even the flora and fauna. Their minds were free of the need for recognition spurred by desire’s standards as Omegons were tested in the lower states. Enmayi passions were created upon universal development and worthiness of the whole. It was all in one, and one in all. One thing they could not do in this lower unfortunate state, they could progress no more.

Koan, however, was somehow the freak of nature that periodically happens during the course of events. He was not weeded out but exalted as supremely different. He was celebrated!

Ah! Planca, that little stealthy one, rather than that of Light, was different also, in that of aspiring to be Omegon in spirit, means becoming finally non-sexual as related to the "chase." To aspire to the foundations of the All, one must overcome the need to procreate in virtual matter, but to build in "Dream Stuff" for the future Goge systems. Yet, Planca had a secret that none of the Brotherhood could have known. Planca was centered on the "Island Void" built around nothingness. The Island Void is the projected means for virtual worlds to be visualized into existences. Planca was made in this image. Where Planca looked, there were only questions of a state of existence. She looked inward to the void! Most like her look outward to the creation. Her mentality was not supported by the goodness of the All, but the opposite! She used us all. If she breeds (with Koan), the universe is long in creating for half of her will hold back mental progress. She will have established selfish defeats.

I should not worry; she is dislocated from the cursor of the All. She is no longer virtual within matter.

Koan apparently showed Planca the willingness to expose his instrument for her cause to know the answers to the foundations of being. Answers for Planca were the reason she sacrificed a soul’s destination, for moments of stimuli and gratification never before felt. Their unsanctioned interface must have been constant. They went public with all their indiscretions and immoral ways to capture the imagination of their charges. The Enmayi bought Koan’s and Planca’s means of immorality and so paid with these horrible gifts to their demise. It is all in what I survey here.

Now the survey methodology is in a zone of rapidity. There is much more to this Enmayi mystery. Here, in Koan’s spiraling hallway, things greet my eye with pictorial reinforcement that they sold euphoric acts to all the population to appease their burgeoning guilt. Thus was reborn selfish pursuit. For millions of durations that have passed since we came to this sector of the Virtual Realm, those "arrived" Omegons thought that our work was almost complete. Now all those who reverted to Alphian being, because of what happened here, must return to this hell and begin anew, in life forms they have already mastered in past experiences. What is the true cause of be-manship? To become. This, they must do again.

Planca and Koan both had a great penitence that they had to defray by spreading their self-oriented mentalities to the population so they had much to buffer their deeper thoughts. They characterized this pandering of "their" lifestyles as a "Causeway to the New Age." Under this banner the two set out to change each and every citizen. It was a physical and mental war that they declared in the unsuspecting, yet celibate Enmayi. This produced the first large conflict ever to the Virtual Realms. Many did not wish to join them in the crossing of the causeway to a world of unknowns no matter how enticing the propaganda.

Evidence is everywhere. A stressing of the cultural past began to take on a sameness of messages that were constantly distributed to the populace via Koan’s media outlets. They began spreading illusions as to the proper attitude of a new behavior. The concessionary grimace became the means of tricking and convincing the populace of the new direction of Koanian Mindset. Hidden in the grimaces and the false "open-faces" were the hidden and evil messages of misinformation. They sought to dupe the populace with false outward appearances. I see them still broadcasting now in pictorial form. One by one, Planca began to charm the governing factions into new collusions of "the causeway’s" vital interests. Corruption spread like disease in the Potdomes, and then on to the Agri-lands.

As each day went by, illusions were aired to convince the "Collective" that all was well in a world that would eventually explode into a gargantuan war of special groups. Enmayi harmony ended with the power of hidden agendas never exposed to the common population as a truth. Half of the Enmayi wanted to change and were supported by the media and its impact on mentality constantly reinforced. The other half seethed in a new behavior of anger, unsupported by sanction and denied a forum to counterattack. Leveraging anger between groups became the delight of Planca’s and Koan’s strategy session, which were reported to have happened while they interfaced sexually. Their immoral arrogance was broadcast for all to emulate or die.

Much of what I came to survey is archived here in this gallery of spiraling halls. It appears that this walkway goes on forever in a vast circle of amplifying information. I cannot delineate all the images that are necessary to convey the full story. Time does not allow for the Leche will soon go into its last stages, and I will risk not being able to eject from space the capsule of this information to Hytona. I must decipher more rapidly and only the most important items. No time to waste, my localizations with the All are off schedule. Shema must wait.

What plagues my ancient mind, one of many mistakes over the innumerable incursions into this, the virtual life projections, is the total collapse of the Enmayi’s spiritual climb to higher status. They were almost there. Because they were not sexually hindered by desire like the lessor animal mindset - Alphian (on Hytona), they could have tried some form of spiritual rebellion. Yet, I know that in the higher mind, there is always thought that such foolishness will be eventually rejected. This in reality did not happen, to the dismay, I am sure, of the higher beings who watch what happens in the Goge sectors. The Enmayi were totally shocked into oblivion by Koan’s and Planca’s lapse into abject selfishness. How could any being forget that we entities are all connected to the reality of Oneness, through the Goge, to the All, in Timelessness.

When Koan’s clerks and later "their" acquaintances (looking for more converts) converted physically and mentally, via genetic transfer and manipulation of the harmonies, produced a new class of beings, the balance of power changed physically. The lowest class of beings became the norm for the Enmayi populace. As they inculcated the message, an avalanche of "joiners" subjected themselves to the same rites and procedures to pass into forms of new beings. The act of anticipation signaled the plunge into selfish decline for all members of the Potdomes. Aggrandizement and bodily self-florishment became the modality of the morrow. Any being outside of the new collective was shunned. In reality, those who did not follow the new formulas for conversion were considered as non-beings by the "anointed." Those who did not convert eventually were relieved of their lives in some legal fashion or hidden away as non-entities.

With a portion of the population on Koan’s side, those not included gained a new name — enemy. It was a first for them. Omegons know this name well, for we once experienced this phase. Those Enmayi who did not support Koan’s accomplices were forced out of the potdomes and became the hidden survivors with the Argis. These threats of termination shown on these walls, by beings who once moved beside me in the projections to this world, seem to go against the foundations of existence. It is almost impossible to the mind; yet, I to went through this phase.

Koan’s media and constant presentation of Planca’s physical attributes became the visual icon to his message of permissive demeanor. The Logos of the Enigmni was hidden from common viewing. Spirit was caused not to be considered.

Koan laid possession to the symbol of the Logos, the Eye of Enigmni. He placed himself as the representative of the Source of Experiences (All). This is not so bad, except that to be the representative of the One with no relation other than his children, is the domain of Omegons only. There, on the wall of this tribute to Koan, is his arm wrapped around the symbol of the Logos (Pic. 51). How dare he use the "mark" as his tool for leveraging the minds of his charge. No man has right to find edge over another! He never reached the status of higher realms of spirit, or the true position of Omegon status! Damnation has finally shown its face in the manifest domains of the virtual broadcast, which materializes all here!

Oh! Pain shoots where none was ever felt. My gaze betrays me. Next to this assemblage to Koan’s glory to himself is the final blow to my angelic center. I weep to even consider conversation with myself of this data to my record held within Scepter. For some future duration, Anjona will know this survey’s meaning, and I may not last to hear his truth — until later.

Oh, Anjona, my Grand Shepherd of superior knowing, here is found your image at the giving of the Light of the Hand that Sees. Here inscribed in Enmayi artistry, is the ultimate tool of Koan’s hold upon the mentality of the populace. Anjona, forsakes all my past beliefs in him, for an instant, in a confused state am I at the image I see before me. Anjona gives Koan and Planca the Light of Omegonship! This is impossible!

Yet, as I quickly render him in his glory at giving Planca and Koan their secret understanding ceremony, and they, properly attired in initiates wear, I know it must have happened (Pic. 52). This image marks time at a different rate. For now, things change.

As my own time grows more compressed and unalterable, I must, at this vision of this ultimate animal hate, rest my soul of any further emotional weight. I shall retire to my Shema for pause in meditation with the All. I feel heavy as though I were of an earlier phase of being. Why have such feelings returned to me in this superior state? I must rest when rest was never a condition recognized by my higher form before, at this degree of fatigue. Signal Stop!

(Scepter Compression Data — Visual Graphics disabled) Claronu goes directly to a state of dissolve into localizations with the All in Timelessness. His vitality is low for one constructed in such fine design. Frustration, though not of his mind, seems high and in need of deferment. Duration dates are disconnected — backup data is 10 units. Systems are in working state. Outside elements (Leche) are overstressing the structure of the overall system. Validity of data is skewed, ratio unavailable. Claronu Awakens.

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Disturbing! Disoriented? My mind is full of swirls and extreme chaos as if in a wind. Goge! I am dissolved in finality! The All has taken me in my condition of Dreamscape! I am having difficulty localizing in any virtual status — out of focus and unable to localize my form. My mental sensory systems are not functioning enough to see the cause of my drifting. What is wrong with my superior abilities to observe? I fear I am not maintaining my Omegon powers to the degree necessary to survey this strange vision in front of me (Pics. 53, 54). All is lost in a mission so important!

Ahau! This is not illusion! It is reality outside of the visor of Shema. What foul weather is this entire landscape that is rolling in vast distortion, due to the powers of the reborn Leche! I have seen some details in slight regard to recognition as I surveyed Koan’s gallery in morrows past. They give me clue to this power to distort and skew reality by electromagnetic radiation. It is the sign of the end of its electro-flux phase, for the pulsating broadcast is almost cycling to the last detonation of energy. Will the Leche soon go into that phase instantly? Or, is my time to finish this assignment still within the span of fate? The messages I have need to be prepared for some transmission to Hytona!

Shema, show me the data of the "Storm" that Leche sends to us! Shema, aided by Scepter indicate that this blow will subside if cycling is to be believed. While I localized with the All, these cycles were consistent in a disengaging series. Consistency in chaos is not for my mind to see. It must hold to the records and messages of my support systems. It may be the beginning of the last for this poor little planet that had so much hope before Anjona, Koan and Planca sealed the fate. It was the lust of Koan and Planca for the gains of Omegon style, which they must have had, designs on taking Hytona for their own. I must render more views of this unbelievable scene outside.

This chaos is beautiful (Pic. 55)! As this moment sweeps by in dark, emotional character reflected from the generations of Leche, my intellect sinks into deeper contemplation. My mind won’t let me think upon any single event other than this psychedelic presentation of undulating light sent from evil’s creation. This light reminds me of the presentation that I saw in the gallery. Its pain, I can dwell upon. So much distortion here – not unlike what I see outside. Why did Koan and subsequently Planca, need the symbols of such an important Omegon ceremony to show his Enmayi charges? Is it part of a vast plan?

Deeper concentration is needed here. Was it because there was a break in the collective behavior of the Enmayi population that caused Koan to seek added power to pull all his members together under the guise of some unified social mindset? The revelation of a world of different beings existing beyond their planetary group would put fear and wonder into a social unity for protection of the nationals. Once he got their attention with the revelation of the reality of beings such as Anjona, who would grant Omegon gifts to their psyche’s added amplification, he then could align and direct all the beings as one unified weapon — to build the ultimate weapon! With the spread of already loose morality accomplished, the singular event of Anjona’s gift would solidify his grasp for ultimate power.

Oh, my mind storms with the outer chaos, during this useless duration. Betrayal, frustration and worry over existence grip my being now. For any other being, betrayal of principle and spirit would be enough to command the total cursor of a lifetime of Alphian hate. There is more here, than meets my third sensory level. Anjona — to have granted Omegon Light state to those two, without due merit and worthiness for cause, would end his High Shepherd status. His commission by the All states this, unless there was strategy interlaced here in a "token" gift to find higher means to leverage future souls. Our stay in this virtual realm may almost be over in some minds, but I for one see the meaning of Anjona’s apparent extension of this period into one of lengthy revelations of even higher accomplishments. Granted, this is only a glimpse. But, I see something extra here.

Omegons on my planet did not know that Planca had gone over to desire’s ways and needs. Koan and Planca must have not stated the truth, but lied to Anjona in order to receive such a great gift as the status of living in Omegon Light. It is eternal in many ways for the light changes the cellular make up to a higher version. They sought eternal lives in an Alphian state! This is ultimate evil!

They must have plotted to use the added intelligence of the gift, to construct the Leche to end Omegon Existence, which is possible only by killing. They would have lacked the ability to deliver the power of such an awesome weapon unto the Hytona realm. Anjona would not have known this plan. Koan used Anjona’s kindly trust in their "false" spirits, to present himself and Planca as deserving (as Planca already was in the eyes of Anjona) of the "gift." All messages in my survey are now aligning in magnetic precision, agreeing to this new assessment from fact.

All this musing and a storm rages outside from synthetic maneuverings. The Shema’s visor reveals the works of Koan even in chaos and his absence. Planca’s tiny contributions are also discerned (Pics. 56, 57, 58). For one who sees, their works shine forth irrespective of stealthy means to conceal. Koan and Planca must have passed on the light to members of their select few who colluded with them to assert a new force in this sector of Goge. These select sold favors to the remainder of the "participating" population that, by bowing to them, they sealed their fate. All who saw the effect of the Light upon the face of even an evil one would know the amplification of great knowledge and animation to the possessor. All would want such; yet, the bearer has always received it on merit before. Why did evil win possession?

The Enmayi’s seeking of recognition became the sickness that beings of elective sex realignment (perhaps given by the Light?), or split off-sexuality, always encountered as a result of such a passionate desire. Always in such conditions, unless given by merit to an Omegon, beings become obsessed with heightened desire for selfish recognition. It is a unique case where the other half seeks alignment with the opposite half of "be-manship." It is truly a frustrating circle. Koan and Planca learned this, and used such sin to fragment and distort Truth to their charges. Soon, most of the planet was changed into this sin-oriented pursuit of life. Understanding of Virtuality was lost from their intellects.

Obsession and compulsion ruled their once high minds in liberal self-gratification. Self-orientation was sold to the collective populace, as bait to control emotional dictates for a sinister, Koanian Master Plan. Control of the good aspects of the Light was their ultimate goal. To ensnarl goodness wrapped in truth, would allow their strategy of evil to expand and be represented as the only means of existence. Omegons were in their way to control the sight of the All. Yet they no longer could find meditation with the All’ s domain for it was forgotten due to their half-mindedness.

Leche became their tool and their symbol for freedom of the building subliminal guilt that was asserting itself on their souls. They focused on Leche to control their madness. To see the Light through evil means is to not know its power. Left to itself, the Light would eventually eat away the evil, so it had to be constantly reinforced by Koan’s and Planca’s wills.

I see that Shema’s instruments show that the electro-storm is subsiding. Little time in this duration remains to complete my survey. Since it is my cause for existence to be here to record this survey, I must remain sharp here in the opening eye of a storm.

Leche, you evil orb of the Enmayi’s best creation after Koan! It is always floating above everything that I survey. It is such a complete weapon of death, it could even kill me, of hardened Omegon reality. Leche gives vibrations as I watch, of its composition held colorfully in the spectrums of its battle with indirect light. It is a volatile instrument of death that causes bio-death, chemical death, radiation-death, sound-death, spectrum (light) -death, environ (weather) -death, and finally plasmatic-death from a supernova-like detonation. All these things destroyed the Enmayi except the last sequence including weather-related phenomenon dissolving into the culminating event — a gargantuan detonation of unbelievable force. The weather sequence has started now, and I have little time in this duration to resolve my mission before being caught in the final phase of Leche. If this happens the mission is incomplete and unusable.

To hurry, when negotiation in such a varied realm of chaotic undulation, is indeed impossible within the laws of a virtual projection — it is impossible. I must try. I must rush to my duties and return to Koan’s and Planca’s gallery, where there seems to be a large collection of data, all messages are large and in the smallest planetary space (Pic. 59). All the point of what happened here is there to be disassembled by my keen knowing. I will take the shortest route to the site through this storming. While traversing the remains of these potdomes to the last sight, I will render one or two more visuals to add to the specter of totality to this mission. The resolution loss will be slight, but the drafting on the fly is even more difficult for the best of surveyors. I am the father of surveyors, if I fail there will be no messages to come after my efforts here.

Strangely, as I stride in a windy assistance, this duration brings me to a melancholy remembrance of past similarity in this same mental status. It is the finality of this assignment that seems to be presenting itself to me. All I see and record is dead and gone, no food for the stimulation of exuberance, other than the knowledge that at one time, before Koan and Planca, the Enmayi were relatively happy. Yes, they were a serious lot — preoccupied with education and quality of life, but lively in true spirit of Love. When exposed to unbridled euphoria, as Koan’s advancers presented, they just embraced it in totality, for they were trusting souls of long, ancient traditions — feedback loops were too small to see the reality.

When mental data is "softly" presented to mentality, entry is easy for shallow minds to handle in short small packages of sensory expression. If presented as childish, it is even easier to digest. Evil tyrants could easily conquer minds if this methodology is used, and Planca, having duped the Omegons for many orbits, was well trained to launch this method on the unsuspecting Enmayi. Those connected by Koan’s emplacements in the potdome communities became opinion leaders with a cute cause to softly position ideas in an already coddled populace. After all, what Koan and Planca were selling to the populace was positioned as "feeling very good" to the Enmayi passions through arousal of the psyche and body.

While all those in the potdome were feeling good about the governance from Koan and Planca, the Agrilanders of a more closely "aligned-with-the-land" mindset, where not being captured by silly little slogans or cute gestures designed to hoodwink the mind. The Agri-landers were the perfect example of thinkers who are cautious of any show of out of the ordinary behavior.

The Agri-landers were observers of nature, and saw the lies in the eyes of their antagonists. Those who understand the realm of the "primary technology" can always detect a hypocrite faster than a liar can spout a lie. The nature of their labors required the finest scrutiny of all elements in their constitutional environments. This was the cause of their division. The soft and the rude were at odds, and the rude was not ill informed, and the soft were loud in their defense of fluff, an illusion. It was reality versus delusion and delusion was larger, while reality was truthful. One was the true feeder, and source of leverage, while the other was the flagship of being leveraged.

To an outsider, the informal fallacy is easily seen, while to the potdome dwellers, they saw only the illusion that Planca repetitiously presented with her network of practitioners as a clear and emotional truth. Planca lied, and the Agri-landers read it in her eyes. True souls that have not lost their beam on the crux of existence, were the Agri-landers.

Ahau! Their final war of rebellion surely caused the miscalculations of the launching of the Leche into what was supposed to be a holding orbit for a later outer-orbit delivery through space to Hytona. It was meant to destroy all Omegons. Does Goodness work in strange circulations in spiraling islands of chaos? Indeed, I say so! Leche, Koan’s tool for this sector’s domination, eliminated the evil that would have destroyed all great works of the Sacred Omegons, soldiers of the All and movers of Enigmni. My feelings betray this conclusion; however, this reality is not over, perhaps only just being revealed to a singular source. I know not the total strategy for the setting up of this virtual gambit, but I know it is beyond my present knowing. I must parse the realms of the All to know the Truth.

There! The dreaded gallery of Koan comes to my view. Soon I will be to work on these troubling thoughts that float in my super consciousness. Due to the burgeoning expressions of Leche in unknown sequences, one cannot know the truth of a last attempt or a few more durations until this event of survey is over. Yet, there is little time to waste in any outcome, for I feel the urgency of this cycle within my soul.

Hurriedly, am I pushed from the past viewing of the Anjona presentation of the Light, and now to apply my psychocognitivity to these new artifacts shaking before me form Leche’s pulsation.

Now, reading the aesthetics of the next sculptural elements upon this curving wall of aggrandizement — the building of Leche (Pic 60). This the pictorial-relic dedicating the building of the ultimate weapon of destruction. Here is a work that sets forth the first planet-wide effort to build the weapon that kills beings for no reason other than selfishness. Omegons would have wept for such a loss in spirit, for they were thought to be sincere in their quest for truthful knowledge of the higher realms. The structures of Timelessness must have also looked in sad reflection at what the Enmayi had built out of evil. Violence is new to the higher minds of the "chase." Complexity has now amplified the events of Chaos. What else clouds my disappointments in storms unceasing?

Koan! Ahau! Such work from beings I have never seen much higher. This next work shows Koan himself, in a pose, showing his power over Light and the Leche. It is great art for one so hateful. It was done in the days of his youth, when he must have first met Planca, and the two formulated their plans. Yet, I see that this was done when he was aged for the Leche is in the scene (Pic. 61). Old was he when that event took place, yet could the Light have restored his youth to an old body? Of course, he has received the Light! He knows the secret of long life, perhaps even what some would call eternity. From the readings of all the details left for my scans, I know that the work was done little before the beginning of the end. The launch! The scene includes the director of the project who stands behind Koan at the ready to pull the release so that the "divine" Leche could go to first phase orbit to wait for the UltShema vehicle of deep-space power, to carry Leche to my Hytona!

With Hytona out of the way, Koan would have control of the whole system of this sector of Goge Portals of virtual delivery. That would include the Gardened One, where Inventions by Omegons, to create future projects are always in various stages of development. Hytona, grown beyond self-sustaining levels, even now utilizes the Garden Planet for its sources of food. Yes, food for the few Alphi/Omegi that still progress to final Omegon states on Hytona. Would that the few left would finally seek initiation. Koan wanted the Garden Planet for his governance. He who owns the Gardened One has charge of food. Nevertheless, Omegons require no food, unless occasionally we seek to remember an older state. It has been long since I consumed food! Koan would have not had an edge, if he thought Omegons had such a need. Anjona must have shown a courtesy in partaking of their food, but Planca would have known of Omegon needs? Planca was on the threshold, and still required sustenance. She may not have known, since the higher forms seldom convey the secrets beyond initiation. She did not know all the secrets! It is of no consequence now. Why do I even worry?

No! Koan knew that the Gardened One was needed for his expansion plans to repopulate Hytona, after he had annihilated all the Omegons in this sector. Such realization causes me to be glad in the destruction I see here. To feel this was about the poor Enmayi is against Omegon will, but I so love those who strive unselfishly. The contrast between good and evil is so stark, that it moves me to hate, which I cannot participate with collaterally.

Koan thought so highly of himself, as did his charges, the Potdome - Enmayi’s that supported him blindly. A spoiled generation of self-oriented beings were they. Self-lovers in a mutual society of admirers of each other's self-actualization. All forms of indiscretion were permitted those who followed Koan and Planca. Agri-landers, were cut down daily, in the name of their cause. They had no laws against their conduct, only those of the Agri-land stood for meaning and the Soulular way of the Hand that Sees — Enigmni. They were expected to follow the special laws assigned just to their Agri-be-manship by Koan and Planca. The Agris became slaves to be manipulated into growing and producing foodstuff.

Even while the Leche was being built, and Koan’s strategy was being pushed upon the mentalities of his charges, the Agri-landers remained in the Alphi/Omegi states, unaltered. Unchanging were these great patriots. They kept the traditions of the Truths given them in the Light states at the first of our broadcast through the gates of Goge in the beginning. Conservation of the Secret of the Enigmni was theirs while the remainder of the Alphian population of the potdomes sought thrills of the "chase" between seekers of recognition and followers of desire. Such preconditioning kept their minds away from the evil they were creating and building in the dreaded Leche. Or, were they just preoccupied with and aspiring toward Planca’s unique form?

The Leche was a well-planned project. Koan’s scientific mentality was on a level with and as keen as any being who was blessed to lead. He was always aggressive even in his former state before transition. The science of their times must have progressed rapidly since Shema technology was very difficult. They learned to travel through local space and prepared to visit realms, such as Hytona (with destruction on their minds). They prepared in paranoia, seeking to kill all that stood in their way. Their aim was even for the Garden Planet and perhaps onward toward the portal of Goge; though by now they had forgotten how to use it due to their new possessions of desirous flesh. Finahom, embryonic home of future departure, which sits beyond the Garden Planet, was also a point that Koan had become familiar with targets to possess. Such as I read in these evidences before my scanning eyes.

When Koan learned of Anjona’s Omegon State and our world during the first "visit," he was determined to destroy Hytona and supplant his own rule in the sector. It was not for him to attempt, nor was it for any being in the virtual domain to even speculate upon, yet it happened. There was one paradigm he did not learn; although, Anjona gave him the knowledge, evil does not win in the finality because of the law of consequence. This law is always there because of the Enigmni. The only win for Koan was the destruction of his own world. Such a reward! The law of personal and social consequence is the result of the forces set in motion at the edge of Timelessness. Only one thing can stop it from consuming a virtual life, that being unconditional Love found first by aspiring to Omegon states and dissolving into the All.

Just before the launch of the Leche bomb, some two orbits before the end, Agri-landers rebelled and became the beings of the "Hand that Sees." They invaded the potdomes as stealthy souls, killing the evil, as if a scourge, with pent up vengeance. Takion must have been the instigator, for he was the bravest leader of the Agris. I recall seeing his well-organized developments and lands when I visited the Agrilands earlier in this survey. His skills could well be discerned. He and his ancestors had fed and supplied the Enmayi for eons, as did all his neighbors. Perhaps because of his great influence, he was the "Merited Keeper" of the traditions of the Enigmni for the entire planet. Few knew this in the Koanian days. His only sin was to give of himself to the good of the All and all, which is no sin, but unconditional Love. He would have been the first to become and attain the state of Omegon.

All this rebellion and fighting that occurred, prior to the ignition of the Leche device in orbit for flight to Hytona, must have been a confusion of immense proportions for all the beings of this planet. Too much hate for a soul to carry was their drawback. Destroying each other and their homes represents most of what I see all over this planet. They were already defeated in spirit, even had they destroyed this whole sector of the Goge portal.

Though my capabilities are almost perfect to read the data that once was real and left emission trails on the surface of everything touched or altered, I cannot ascertain all the compression of information that is spilled and piled upon this hallway of final destruction. This is a very dense point. Vibrations are too high even for my spectrally developed sensory receivers. I feel the events perpetrated by Takion. He must have come here; or else I would not know all this information of him. His germ is somewhere strongly present. I feel pain as though he emotionally came close to death here. He had someone die here, of his friends of Love, and the tears of this event are dissolved in this agglomeration. Omegon insight is at times too much to understand when information fleets from reality at speeds few can grasp. A slow eye and a quick mentality are required here.

As I see here, Agri-landers were failing in their attempts to defeat the hordes of Koan, this prior to the launching of the Leche device and its planned activation. Ahau! Here in the dust, I have determined that this transcendent weapon was activated in a vast comedy of errors, and it had not been programmed for its final destination to Hytona! In their zeal for this newfound emotion of hate, the Enmayi of Koan were making mistakes. Koan’s superior tactics and his scientific knowledge were winning combinations to cause the masses to heightened euphoria for the cause. When passed over his golden lips, the blackest lies were transformed into the most radiant of ill-represented truths.

In desperation, the Agri-landers applied their mentality toward thwarting the evil mission of the Leche! They targeted the most critical event of the Potdomers as their point of victory. It is evident that even in war, the Agris did not want to destroy their former kindred, just end the cause of the conflict. With such pressured Love as a test, they were surely poised for Omegon lineage.

Here the evidence of spectral radiation shows my expanded sensory mode that the Agri-landers slipped away in the shelter of darkness and all the loud propaganda so unceasingly broadcast from Koan’s sophisticated organization. They played dead and hid in the places that few potdome Enmayi would even presume to be capable of such stealthy creativity. The Agris stopped all pressure and appearances on the Koan factions, thereby shutting down any evidence of existing. The beings of the land appeared to finally be totally defeated. Nothing happened for segments of the Enmayi’s orbital durations.

Koan began to relax his hold on the weapons at his call. He rested for a time and then turned his mind to Planca once again. By now, he had gone beyond infatuation to using her as a tool for his strategies. Koan had other genetic "she" relationships by now to satisfy his voracious hunger, and Planca was even aware of such indiscretions. To pander to her ego, Koan had commissioned a new work of art of her for the gallery. Even though Planca was much older at the time of its execution, this relief of her was as she appeared in her youth, when she was a creature of radiant beauty.

Vanity is part of the sickness of desire for recognition — to have evidence of one’s existence is important in order to carry on in a split-sexual environment. Because she had become the genetic "she" extreme, Planca, the former Omegon initiate needed strong will and great power of focused mentality to overcome all the emotions and issues that were against the grain of the pure soulular Omegon. After all, she no longer had the strength to contact or meditate with the supreme All.

Koan’s preoccupation with his monstrous sexual emotions caused the end that I now survey. Their mindsets were a new experience to handle mentally, and much went wrong with the cause and effect modality. Power shared and co-mingled between two entities that had never experienced the euphoria of passionate desire, was reinvented at every turn of events. This created issues that exponentially expanded beyond time comprehension. The whole of the Enmayi "be-ness" never had the experience of fighting, because the Alphi/Omegi condition in one form, as they were, is always a shared responsibility done only for reproduction. Yet, in their new Alphian frames of reference, competition for recognition gave away to a new emotional means of constant blackmail, and exposure to guilt and complaining. They became victims of each other. Deep guilt for what they were doing with their lives and souls, caused them to ignore the threat of the better, mentally prepared Agri-landers. They still hid and watched.

For segments of durations, no word came of any sightings of the free Agri-landers. Those captured Agris, frustrated by their new conditions, were kept as slaves to work the lands for energy needs. The Koanian factions began to clean up around the potdomes and send out enforcers to seek the remains of the "defeated" Agris. While this was happening, the Leche was already in orbit, waiting to be sent into action against the unsuspecting Omegons of Hytona. But, the Agri-landers were hidden in places that Koan’s forces knew not. The characteristics of nature, incorporated in the wilderness regions, were well known to the Agris, to the point that finding them would have been impossible. New workers of these productive old lands would have to be trained in the potdomes. There was rumor that a few Agris had escaped in self-constructed Shemas for the moons of the planet, where life would have been almost unsustainable. Jokes were made of the Agris about how base elements were only known by them, so perhaps someday the moons would be filled with Agri-landers, who knew how to live on little or nothing.

Agri-landers were not intimidated by the necessity for subterfuge and the necessity for new creativity of a "warring nature" — they infiltrated into the lower utility ducts of the potdomes, where being wastes were vented. By lowering themselves to this level of filth and bodily stealth, they learned the details of the potdome’s multifarious construction. Since security was created by the minds of those who did not think on the ingenious mental plane of the Agris, the need for circumvention and defense was beyond Koan’s forces ability to comprehend. Koan simply could not visualize the need to protect his holdings against forces that presumably did not exist.

When the time came, Agri-landers would be everywhere — ready to spring into action. Their prime focus would be upon the site where control of the Leche was centered for command. This site was in the gallery area of Koan’s new governmental seat. The very place where I stand now and garner data from past vibrations of spectral info is where everything finally played out.

Omegon awareness of what was occurring here was turned off, because it was construed that the Enmayi were all preparing for the receivership of the Light that would be given by Koan to the whole population. All was thought to be in safe reverence. Omegon thoughts were only of the sharing of knowledge that Alphi/Omegis would soon have in common with Hytona. Soon, we would all work toward the culminating experience in joining the All in Timelessness to build a new, higher universe. Alas, it was not the condition to be. The forces of the universe were off on a new tangent, not to be changed.

Omegons, including myself, were totally unaware that such a terrible device, as the Leche, was even being built to destroy the many beings of advanced form, living on the fourth planet from Goge. Now, as I psycho-cogitate upon these remains via my spectral sensory capabilities, these leftovers from a once peaceful citizenry seem non-relative to the evil that spews forth from above and here below.

To think of my home world, where I was manifest in this last state of physical existence, as being destroyed, seems sad and beyond comprehension. I feel like it was only a few durations ago that we all were so excited at the prospects of experiencing a new form of existence in this sector of the virtual realms. Vicariously living existences from Timelessness seemed almost impossible before we finally accomplished it. Our broadcast from nonbeing to and through the Portal of Goge, was an unbelievable experience as the assemblage of our material forms came into Time. Exploding outward into these orbits of thought turned reality was one of pure ecstasy. The Light that came to occupy all of us, the Enmayi also, was the means of spirit to become virtual reality. So recent, yet, so long ago.

We were going to build a new concept in this domain. The Icons were the first to design these concepts, now they only watch in Love form Timelessness. It is enough for them, for they put forth much effort and creativity. Becoming Omegon was all of our goals then — a means of schooling ourselves for greater vistas in the domain of One. We must all return to the One in the end without end. From here, I wonder what happened to the process. Perhaps it is still just an instant or beginning in the strategy of the Mental Mappings from Timelessness. I sense it when I am dissolved and at rest in the All...where I am in Truth. My future dream is an example previewed by Deity.

Time, though it does not exist in the Inner Realms of Truth, does not permit me to sit and contemplate the enormous proportions of the illusion of which I am now a prime participant. I feel the responsibility of my mission. There is no alternative, but to perform eloquently and purely.

Gray is the outlook, for certain of my past emotions flushing forward to bathe my mentality in sorrow. Sitting here, in this gallery of purposeful aggrandizement, for no other reason but an edge that does not exist, I ponder more than do. To survey is my commission from the highest source, but I find a slowing of will to search my inner "be-manship." The singularity of purpose is bewildering. It is as though I hear celestial music in the background of my thoughts. An understanding that is more than thought on a level I have not intellectually attained drifts through the cursor of my mentality. Oh, I am preoccupied with this existence of the Enmayi as it applies to my empathic meandering nature. They are in a sense, a reflection of me though I cannot quite grasp the meanings for concentration is difficult. Could the electromagnetic power of Leche be degrading my very thoughts in some means that I have never known?

Omegon states do not usually degrade in the physical reality, it is part of our edge here. I could not exist on this poisoned world unless I were capable of interface with the All and physically beyond the second stage in matter projection. We are more than the Alphi/Omegi beings, capable because of our higher missions to the others.

We cannot die, but we can leave the virtual realms if an event occurs. Yet, something, perhaps the impetus to thought caused by all this finality, is the power that interferes with my desire to function at maximum capability.

Scanning this chamber, my eyes fall upon the relief of Planca (Pic 62). She was supposed to be an Omegon. There she is portrayed on the wall as an Alphian mother to future generations. She, the grand mother of ill-conceptualizations sheltered in selfishness. Mother of the "new" Enmayi. She saw the glory of ultimate recognition, to take such a lightless plunge back into the desire stage is anterior to the plan. The preoccupation of half of all Alphians to blindly create out of lust, another sheath for one of Spirit is perhaps the ultimate reason that this plan could go into ulterior modes. We know not what we do in that state for we are not totally connected, only think we are. Selfishness is the first order of existence for that form, it is perpetuated. The mind becomes wrapped in the mechanisms of a short-lived journey dedicated to preserving the entity beyond the reason for existence. Planca, why did you give up your hard earned-enlightenment for this illusion? Was it desire?

When one thinks of the All-given capability of genetic creation onboard, it is lovely. Simple, yet in a way difficult. Planca was one step from initiation and slipped back to the beginning of Time. She may be doomed to this repeating feedback loop for eternity as her kind will also. It is known as the conundrum of being. If this has happened, I know not the remedy, for it has manifested into a panacea that only the Enigmni can complete.

Planca knew the power of positioning. By an entity’s vocational merit, so is one known. To become Omegon is to rise above this false-playing as practiced by lower structural form, to be selfless in all endeavors. Planca knew how to leverage the Omegons, by evil means or lies, to cause this destruction of the Enmayi. I know that Koan was her initial target for leveraging, but his power for physical evil superseded hers. Planca’s sin was more universally broad and not seen at first. Koan’s sin was easily seen in its cruelty.

Omegons leverage subtly, not for the self, but for the other’s good. To "leverage" this means of power and control of sequences of events to the selfish cause of recognition and desire is no longer necessary, or of benefit to one who knows that all is really One.

Planca became the ultimate false-victim. When one positions his being as a victim, great power can be utilized via emotional blackmail or martyrdom. Since the beginning of our period in these Portals of the Goge Systems, many worlds have raised whole generations of victims who leveraged the minds of other naive Alphians, and Alphi/Omegis that felt sorry for just about anything. Couching a being in weakness is strength if strategy is involved. Some beings position themselves so that they may usurp the strength of others for opening doorways, disposing of lower Alphians, and administering adulation where needed. Many victims pose so as to extract gain by the facade of "poor-me" when they are perfectly capable of any operation initiated by themselves in private. They use victimization as a puppeteer. Mind over matter is their game — a sly mannerism to accomplish their desires with the least amount of effort. These victims are hegemonic as was Planca and Koan who excelled in the same techniques. Though few remain in the Omegon domain, there are some on the lesser planets.

I have seen some so-called victims totally take on the trappings, bodily language, posture, symbols, and verbally bruised voice of whining torture, much as a babe does in infancy. Many break into tears when initial communications don’t get the job done. The ultimate victim will threaten others by verbalizing a situation toward the last stages of life — death (because of you, I shall die). Victims often use absolutes to reinforce their bluff, while the receivers of this wrath, will simply weaken by listening to the false perceptions reiterated.

Planca was the beginning of a new radical behavior for the lives of the Enmayi. This viewpoint was like falsely stating a "true" love but only to do so to receive sexual gifts. Sexual gratification is not an unconditional Love in receivership. It is the domain of the lustful.

Many false-victims, following after Planca, used techniques like pouting faces, Alphian tears, downcast eyes, and the Planca-like attire of provocative concessionaire to present themselves as victims of love or its neglect. Such unjust leveraging! They were positioned as approachable, permissive, (concessionaire of euphoria), and represented a "soft-entry" target for sexual interface. These means were a trap that the opposite being was leveraged into participation with the false-player — a player who sought only to gratify their desires for recognition as supreme beings.

Some Enmayi beings even went to the extremes of body enhancement; or the counter, to look in need of love by creating false colorations (a redness) in their body parts of such, to appear as if they were "in demand" or of repeated use, by the most voracious lovers of the realm. For most of the Enmayi (self-oriented beings) this must have become the habit of every durational period, to participate in the security of the insecure. They were creating an illusion in what should have been a truth for living in Love.

Planca became the behavioral example to her kind, creating a distinct division in how beings should have existed. Acting and positioning as a victim must have bred emotionalism to the degree that mental alarms sounded frequently to warn others that things were not going their way, and they had better change or else face the tantrum of ultimate anger. Training, through emotional-blackmail! Blame was the infatuation of a victim, and it was positioned by their sly acting as never their fault for harm. The open face showed their synthetic innocence. They hid in portrayed innocence. This cacophony of misinformation was relayed to the targeted populace, who embraced it with intoxicated adulation. The mindset for failure was locked into the Enmayi civilization.

Boredom even became the portrayed state of many who needed help in getting from one event to another. Omegons know that being bored is directly proportional to the degree of how adulated and spoiled a being has become through their own leveraging as a false-victim. The whole of potdome society became involved in the rhetoric of Planca by manipulating each other to the point that none trusted the other. Hypochondria became the leveraging agent of most of the broad-minded followers of Planca.

After the new mindset locked into half of the population, and sexual interface had been accomplished, the offspring of the potdomes developed into beings that experienced aches, disease, lameness, and all sorts of maladies that manifested into believed negative physical and mental conditions. With more than half of their society broadcasting strategy based upon false-victimization, the Enmayi world polarized and then plunged into the addiction of a sick, and floundering population. The precursors and purveyors of the disease of pride turned inward, where Koan’s blindness, and Planca’s psychic and visually stunning image, became the edge that cut "desire’s" pathways. Selflessness once ruled the beings; now all was diseased with a mindful-socialism, detrimental to creativity.

Real victims never seek help because they know that their cause for hurt is a consequence of their own living. They are responsible for their own being. If one truly gives up their being, they eventually cease to exist. This is the way of the Omegon. Only the false victim screams for vengeance and demands unconditional understanding of their own self-actualization. Whole species have died because of one victim’s sins vented upon the whole population of believers, who are really the enablers. Enablers! Planca, and Koan were the precursors of a flawed behavioral cognition that eventually destroyed their world. If such a seedy means were to be bred to other worlds, the entire universe would suffer.

Quiet — at times the lack of sound, except for the pulsation of the Leche overhead is totally maddening. I have talked into the Scepter and muttered my topical findings for so long, I wonder if I will be able to carry on a plausible conversation with Anjona at some future duration? Meditation has made me strong while alone, but all the forces of catastrophe found here are at times beyond the test of initiation. Sadness clouds my thoughts. The Leche varies in its cadence; it must be making the necessary calculations for a new cycle of destruction. My preoccupation with this work has caused me not to notice the criticality of my mission. I must put forth an effort to finish this survey and return to less intense surroundings.

There is really very little left for me to understand. I know what happened here in this gallery. I must relate it in the proper format for Anjona to know its repercussions to future strategy. There were three primary players: Koan, Planca, and Takion, other than Anjona during his issuing of the light at the first meeting. For some reason, Takion was not represented in the reliefs. Anjona’s purpose, I know, will all be known to me at a later event. Koan, Planca and Takion had a second major confrontation here in this gallery center after Anjona’s visit. Ahau! There is still mystery in this place. This is the site of the final confrontation!

Takion is the little known agent found here. Who was he really?

There is no tribute to Takion the Agri-lander’s leader in this gallery, but I know his likeness from the information found in my survey to the Argi-sections earlier in this visit. Shema’s data also has shown me his likeness. I shall utilize the power of Scepter’s linkage to Shema’s data and render a likeness for Anjona’s records (Pic. 63). There, the carrier of the Enmayi burdens! I recall his home, and the care in doing his work was everywhere evident, even after his trek into exile. Takion was the prime candidate for Omegon transcendence. I have nothing but high regard for the will that Takion was, or perhaps still is. He was, as the first forms were in this sector — respecter of the All and keeper of the Enigmni.

We all eventually will experience his Alphi/Omegi state in one total sexual being prior to becoming Omegon, either spiritually or in an unusual physical state such as was his fate. I am thankful for having had all phases of this manifestational "be-ness" to my final reckoning; little have I not seen. He who was Takion will arrive in Timelessness as Omegon in short durations only found in virtual worlds.

According to my interpretations of these spectral vibrations, Takion and his Agri-landers infiltrated into this area of the potdomes to stop the launching of the UltShema device. This powerful generator was to move into orbit to be used to transport Leche to Hytona. Such generator ships were being mass produced by the Enmayi for transport through space of all their fighters toward new challenges. Leche, upon arrival, would then be set into motion with its successive stages toward final detonation. From what I see here, Takion and his righteous Agris prevented this fate. Blessed is Hytona...or is it?

The Agri-landers stealthily moved through the waste delivery systems under the ground of the potdomes into Koan’s command gallery; they met little resistance, except for the death of one of Takion’s closest friends and second in command. This enraged Takion to dedicate himself to total victory. The Enmayi did not expect the defeated or dead Agrilanders for they were no longer top-of-the-mind consideration for the potdomers. Because of the Enmayi’s elitist thoughts and their incompetence, the planned raid went as planned until the actual event.

Both Koan and Planca were in celebration modality for the release of the Ult-Shema to the Leche’s attachment guides when they were overcome by Takion and his small force of Agri-lander fighters. They were in abject surprise because they had never really been forced to fight hand-to-hand. Koan lunged in desperation at the controls and released the Ult-Shema, but it self-destructed due to flaws in its launch sequence. It was not designed to be launched in an emergency, so the countdown went to destruct mode automatically.

All back-up Ult-Shemas were in the launch port for troops rather than back-up to so easy a launch. Still the fighting continued in the gallery launch area, and in the confusion of this conflict, the Agris accidentally set off the Leche device through not knowing the importance of the console that they jumped upon. Koan must have been so sure of himself that safety considerations were not designed into the detonation switch. The Agris inadvertently accomplished the deed against which they had so strongly fought. There was no method in which to reverse the activation because, again, Koan in his arrogance, believed that he had the power and control to oversee his plan to completion.

Overhead, a deep vibration pulsed once, then twice, and thus was darkly heralded the onset of the Enmayi destruction as I see here evident. Inconceivable, but true!

The grand gallery sank into utter silence for a short period, as all eyes blazed at one another in abject fear! They looked upon each other — first shifting back and forth, then their eyes shot upward toward the sounds of the Leche! All factionalism ended abruptly as each being (entity) broke for the outer walkways to watch their handiwork in action. Leche belched its first emissions of diseased elements into the atmosphere to drift down upon the planet. This phase would not have affected the Omegon’s world, for we are not subject to disease.

The sickening malady phase of the Leche set off absconding individuals to save their own lives in any manner possible. It would last for many durations, slowly killing all life not inoculated fast enough. The Enmayi had time to treat the sick and cures did happen, while many prepared to leave the planet as soon as possible. Since all was not lost immediately, a great effort was put forth to leave the planet in the few Ult-Shemas already built. Most of the populace did not know the sequences of the other destructive phases of Leche, so they had to assume that on the morrow, all could be lost. The mindset for the entire world became every being for himself. No love was lost. Whoever got in the way of another was cause for individual war.

The Agri-landers had their own special Shemas built to their own specifications for travel to the moons of the Enmayi planet, but hopes to escape to Hytona or some other sustaining planet were scant. The Agri Shemas were slow due to the large loads they had planned to use for an invasion of Koan’s potdomes if the "raid" had met with failure. They bolted for their hidden landing pads in the out spaces and left the planet’s surface for their moon bases. There they would work to escape into the deepness of space and almost sure death.

No record has been found of any survival of the Enmayi beings close to Hytona or any other island of refuge. There are really no places to hide — though they would have been welcomed at Hytona if such had happened. Then, we knew not the cause.

Koan and Planca, plus a select few, made their way to the remaining Ult-Shemas on the flightlines (where my Shema now sits) and set to readying them for urgent launch. Koan had no desire to contact a disease of his own making. Many Enmayis tried to force their way aboard, but Koan’s superior knowledge of power stopped all attempts. Victimization set in, but emotional-blackmail affected the teacher only slightly, for one media-master was let on board the last Ult-Shema to depart. All along the flightline, Shemas capable only of local and near-space transport were launched anyway in happless attempts to at least do something. The mash of beings must have been great to escape the doomed planet! Many took their own lives, not willing to face the test of their own destruction by a weapon meant for others.

Now, as I look out past the gallery into the pathways of the potdomes, I feel vast sorrow at the consequences that came about here on this world of sacred experiment. As that dreaded weapon of mass destruction still orbits overhead, pulsating almost as a count-down to its final breath of fire, I know that I am tied to this fate by my profession, my knowledge and my state of spiritual progression. The happenings are all timed to me, and I to them.

Little remains for me to contemplate, other than my own condition in view of what I have just now surveyed. Yet, I am not finished with my work; there are other things to consider here. All of what exists impacts the crushing current of movement from the generative order of Timelessness. I came here to this virtual realm for a far higher purpose than to merely record this civil topography. The unfoldment of higher cause and more incisive effect builds the crest-wave of eternity to levels we only take time to dream upon. Sequence after event builds movement toward an unending creation. Its vision piques my intellect, and my will is challenged.

Even as I bask in this pale wash of ashes drifting from a bitter duration of morrows, I must gather my mentality to a focused cursor in unison with the great mind that created the laws I now function within, through and by. I am confined to the parameters of a broadcast from an unseen and unknown source for the Alphi/Omegi, yet I know the source in all its colors. I am embraced by Omegon Love which is unconditional. With the strength given me by the One without an other, I search for more, and I seek the All.

As darkness paints deep the shadows on this end of a morrow, which was filled with hardened mystery that yielded to my mannerisms, I look to the next adventure. Now, it is time for the comfort of my Shema.

Striding upon this, the scene of such loathsome escape, the flightline — I wonder if they made it into a course of direction that would have taken them to a place out of harm’s cradle? Would that they were safe for my affinity has never left me. If they had a remembrance for their former selves, the root of their being, that which still resides in Timelessness, they would find strength to survive. Their former selves, as light beings of radiant energy and vast dimensions, have power that makes this seem less an illusion and more a tease to the soul. The point is to deliberate enough to remember the source — not to recall is the sin of Alphian and Alphi/Omegi states.

As I grieve for their condition in virtual worlds of Time and spiritual realms of Timelessness, I have an epiphany to a solution. I see its blue and green aura in the mists of my mental cursor, a place of great beauty and horrible change...the Gardened One.

I must make haste toward Shema, to locate my charts and access data on the potential for the chance that the Agri-landers and perhaps even Koan’s crews could have reached the Garden Planet.

On the coming morrow, a new duration will carry me to analysis on a more profound level of presence. Unfoldment will become a possibility for future generations of beings, and perhaps my own continuation may be a part of such creative strategy. The adventure of this building and becoming is what mesmerizes my soulular striving.

(Scepter Compression Data — Visual Graphics disabled) Claronu checks out charts and data on the Goge System and the third planet form the portal — the Garden Planet. Claronu is in a high state of euphoria. Claronu, calmed, goes into state of localization with the All in Timelessness. Duration Dates are disconnected...backup is recorded as 12 units. Systems are in ready state for ejected leave of this planet as directed by Claronu. Jettison capsule has been readied for Scepter’s injection. Claronu awakens.

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This morrow finds me rested and expanded by my past localization. It is pleasant outside, without the Leche’s expressions. Would that luck was on my side, but conditions surrender slight details of things darker than one’s hopes can overcome. Leche may be in its final preparation to move into more dangerous modes. Koan’s scientific knowledge was only second to his deadly sense of timing. The design of such a weapon has never been thought of before this time, and perhaps will never be matched in the future morrows to come. Eternally springs the well of hope!

Spring to my stride, is a welcome addition to such pleasant feelings — I cruise past the flightline at speeds I have not accomplished in the past morrows. Ahead are areas that I have not seen before, as are the many more on this planet (Pics. 64, 65). Most of the lands here are waste areas that are mostly hardened materials of units somewhat fused together. Little water as is on the Garden world or Hytona is present here — enough for the former needs, however. It is in size, almost the size of the Garden world, yet more easily fractured and not as plastic. The Enmayi were few in population, as compared to the populations of Hytona or what the Gardened One could support, though it only has a few Omegons as gardeners and scientists. There are lessor beings present to complete the structural needs of evolutionary transfer.

It is strange; the Gardened One is a volatile planet that resets its equilibrium every 12,000 to 24,000 orbits, yet it has been the site where Agri-Omegons prefer to experiment with new genetic concepts that need a punctuated planetary change in order to cause such mutations to initiate into manifestation. This characteristic of the place causes faster changes in old systems of genetic engineering. Millions of orbits have seen the Omegon’s control of Gardened One create a place of extreme beauty and bountiful products for all of Hytona.

Musing causes me to wonder about Koan, if he still exists and I am feeling that he does — I wonder if such a dangerous place could be settled with the mentality that the Enmayi have to bring to the possibility. The Gardened One requires knowledge of its ways and means. If Koan and Planca survived the trials of space travel in their little crafts, then let it be their justice to experience the liquid fire of the third planet’s wrath! We Omegons have long observed this world and know to forecast its events through superior knowledge of Chaos Dynamics. Koan has not the knowledge unless the (En Light Ment) has given him the edge. I fear for the Agri-Omegons who still work the planet. If Koan does arrive, his attitude and behavior would subject the good Omegons to an experience in initiation to the All. Those placid Agris have lived in tranquil paths for so long, yet the introduction to the escaping Enmayi would signal a rapture beyond glory. What a challenge in these Virtual Realms of Goge, to try to guide such a runaway mentality as the collective Koanians. They would truly be blessed to try.

The Omegon life is long, so much longer than the short span of being for an Alphian or an Alphi/Omegian. Our stable, crystallized makeup is far superior to the soft fleshy versions that we all once experienced in the early stages of our development. They are doomed to repeat over and over in those soft sheaths, bags of red fluid, searching for the pathway back to understanding their final immortality. I feel so passionate about their plight; notwithstanding, it must be done. How do they, no, how did I forget each life so easily, when upon entering this broadcast of pixelated matter in atomic structure. This state within the virtual playground of multifaceted spirit is so demanding of total control, lest the secret escapes. The secret must be found by each being for initiation into the All. So much is hidden within the holospirited mind — perhaps to just make this illusion convincing and interesting — thereby anchoring the mentality into the form of the entity.

These thoughts have caused me to turn, almost totally, inward. The source of being whispers to me as I walk these last strides on this my last survey mission. I feel it. I am prepared now. It is almost as though I feel the confidence of knowing my fate and understanding my purpose as an essential part of the broadcasting Deity. It is a secure feeling to slowly dislocate elements that swim toward my portal of dismissal. The calmness of my inner center against the latent turmoil of Leche’s potential is worthy of contemplation. Silence and contrasting chaos, normalcy and turmoil — it is really beautiful on the highest perceptive viewpoint from an Omegon’s eye that sees as it seeks to move matter.

Ahau! I am experiencing ultra-omnic thoughts on the fastest fly. Timelessness calls. This speed is blinding my normal mode to express localization in Light.

The near-equalibrium (entropic-ending) state of the Enmayi planet has cast my thinking into a metaphysical analysis, comparing the world of Potdomes to all of Goge society, culture, civilization, universe, and myself as part. At every neuronic light-pulse, I begin to expand upon burgeoning thought...and now, from nowhere another ultra-omnic burst of data sweeps in and concurrently phases with my other concentrations. This must be how one feels at virtual birth. I remember — the excitement of learning is such a challenge and so precious. The rapidity of expansion is hyper-geometric, building from knowns to eliminate unknowns, intuitively, in a musical coherency that aligns bifurcations of past joys into contextual and gestalt upon ever expanding gestaltedness forming totality. It is how a being learns the Crux of Being — learned in inter-connective wavelengths of dimensional realities. Now, I sink even deeper into unhindered contemplation.

Thoughts are firing into the totality of my mind’s "position cursor" or the mental reference realm — the guideware of focused evaluation. Where are the data issuing from what source? The source is not my center; it generates from the island of the All, the exterior energy of Light, source that flows into my farther subconsciousness and amplifier. I must admit I have not previously had access to these sights of transcendence in thoughts, sights, or color. I have not the sensory capability to cause an awakened knowledge of this experience.

My mind is emulating the texture of a swirling vortex of multifaceted holo-spirituality, a field full of dimensionally changing stars impacted by mentality. Goge-like lucidity that once was not provided, but now flows beyond reason — it is mine! My reference receiver is amplified to see symbolic language of the One, charging in thought - wads that unfold and present impetus toward extended decipherment. Each wave maps out new vistas for ever-widening thought at exponential rates. Entities of mind-beings spring forth in creativity to entice me to fall within their range of relationships. Expressing what I sense is beyond Scepter’s ability to record my thoughts.

I have often thought of virtual life as a great collection of recorded elements that have all the information etched electromagnetically within their dimensional plan. They are a grand collection of eternity. Each being is scanning and is scanned within the continuum of vast and unending data. The Eye of Enigmni scans as a cursor of Time, this continuum where impetus becomes action. There all holospirited beings are localized. Our minds are tuned to carry the universal cursor as we experience life at the same virtual playing period and speed/space. Is Time the Mind’s Eye — a projection of the One in the All? The Eye focused on the vortex of Being? Is His memory issuing through our being? We are certainly One in the absolute totality. This illusion is a great cacophony of localized sensations, seeking the union of a coherent ascension toward the All High! His dreams are our reality!

As I find myself sitting here once again, among the ruins of the Enmayi, I am beginning to realize the meaning and importance of the symbols of these beings so vacant (Pic. 66). The very expression of Goge, or the portal of manifestation for the mental All is just in front of me. The hand that sees. It is the symbol of the Enigmni, ultimate and absolute unknowable, the reminder of existence whereby we are even formed through mental-motion. The crux of reason is that all participants of existence must remember that longevity of "be-manship" centers around dialogistic coherency rather than that of manifest leveraging.

Omegon selflessness is the strength behind the concept and goal of Deity. Individual power must subsume to the Unity of the All for Deity to rise. The word Dialogue is sacred to all base Omegon thought, word thought being the same to us. The sound DIA means state of Being, and LOGUE means word in mentality. The Son of Being is the Word, which means being in the state of Reason. Mind builds from motion in meaning. All motion is meaning — moving from sequential events in harmony with each other via Dialogue. It is a specific process of maintaining a creative, free flow of communications between and among various parts that may hold differing Holospirited faces of knowledge elements.

Dialogue is a method of extracting meaningful information through the spirit of goodwill and friendship which is the route to Divinity, better known as Love — Divine Coherency. You will Love the other, for the other is you. We are all each other, yet know it not.

Rigidly held and non-negotiable positions should be represented dialectically as food for common thought. Dialogue is not compatible with contentious or competitive discourse that degenerates into confrontation. War with one’s self is not the means of motivation in this physical state to attain and see Deity. Dialogue must be preserved unless overpowered by pure individual greed or selfishness. Koan and Planca are the enablers of this new breed of learning dysfunction. Through trial and error, they will eventually reach deeper levels of understanding via lives experienced.

Koan and Planca are the new precursors to a future race of beings who will need to learn of Dialogue and Coherency.

The precursor for the future beings of the Gardened One will be out and through the Son, or the visual aspect we see as the Portal of Goge, our entry to this virtual realm. Through the pathway of Goge’s apparatus of reason, we are broadcast into meaning via the virtual atomic aspects into a world full of symbolic Logos. Future Humanity’s spirit, holomovement, or implied unity, is rooted in the life forces that issue from the Entrance — Goge / Son of meaning into the manifest realms. As Spirit elementals, Jivas, we progress by becoming or building ourselves toward higher and higher collections of experiential consciousness. The wave becomes the particle of "be-manship," observing itself via the reflection of light which is, and which carries the data, energy and spirit into participation in a Holo-generated Virtual Reality of incomprehensible complexity and dimensional penetration.

The Archetypes of Higher Orders are both male and female aspects in one monad or carrier. They are balanced in spirit and possess total accumulated spiritual consciousness. Their wars are over. In coherence, they are One. Alphians, on the other order, find upon entering the virtual manifest plane, one aspect is given rise over the other half if past karma is heavy; thus handicapping the entity or physical form by half its total consciousness and matter. The Enmayi once held this harmony by holding on to both aspects within the one form. They were locked in a simi-perfection. Later, the splitting process caused one major drawback, in that spiritual memory was lost because of the preoccupation of lust. Mental feedback loops were involved. Only when two are three beings of this order are gathered together in the name of Reason and unconditional Love, can dialogue unite a total Alphian or spirited being through coherency.

Goge is "be-manship’s" point of refuge and projection in an endless journey of becoming (back and forth), and eventually reuniting within total Deity. The All! The power of light gives and energizes the pixels (quanta) of the One in a broadcast within what some call the electromagnetic spectrum. A physical example of this being in light is the simple workings of a scepter computer, which animates the phosphors of a manifestation of projected energy points on a field. Spirit is unaffected by heat which is the high vibration of the music of the nanospheres. When not manifest here within a Goge Sector, the site of our preparation of reattaining Dialogue, we rest in super consciousness at the threshold of manifestation — through the portal of Goge to the All. During this long duration, Souls, which are reincarnating aspects of the projected ray, prepare for their next virtual experience, by reviewing their former existences via the laws of consequence. Consequences, pro or con in achievement, of Love are weighted to construct the new sheaths of trial. In the school of Life, Karma is attained and worked away through the gravitation toward becoming, via Dialogue for unconditional Love.

Issuing from the wellsprings of the energized projection comes the messages of intuitive knowing. This knowledge comes from deep inside the lens of a beings perception, or that which gazes upon the hologestalt record of life found in Timelessness. These pages are called the "days-in-passing." They represent the secrets of the One without a second. Others who have attained the Light, or the Omegon state of being and later Kristos, are privy to the vision of total being in "No Time." It is said that to know this knowledge is to pay greatly in psychic pain, for one must face the ultimate fear of the void — to make the unknown known. It is suffering by facing the Truth and knowing the meaning of the Enigmni.

Here in a world full of the remains of Koan’s misinformation and mental pollution, the Enmayi approached the threshold, the focused vortex of the Crux of Being. Most could not see the reality of their own lives because of the lustful mirror of their selfish fantasies. They were wrapped up in their own virtually projected flesh and could not see the vast harmony of the Otherworld.

As beings here in the Goge Sector, we have fallen to this plane of procreation and can not see because of our established senses, which are fixed upon desire. What we sense is not the reality, but the programming, or tainted mapping of data upon our assembled vehicle for memory, the virtual brain, which is our "looking glass" upon the physical world. We, the society of virtual travelers have made this condition (the World) what it is in any presence by our propaganda expressed on this side of Timelessness. It is an information float which hides the reality of why No Time is the only reality of Truth projecting from Deity’s dreaming.

In a being’s pathway toward enlightenment, he has passed through echelons called lodges, or houses (event sequences). He has passed through the Alphian stage and now stands peering for the dark or Alphi/Omegi Lodge. Its symbol is the scale of Justice (Libra), and it represents the knowledge of Good verses Evil. This stage for a being’s trial is located on the edge of the Void, where only extreme blackness greets the hidden face of fear. The fear we find with the dark unknown can only be conquered by the act of garnering information and learning its worth. The learning must come via selfless Love, what some have called the Logos or Reason. If future humanity can individually and then collectively overcome this fear from where darkness and ignorance emanates, then we may attain the Great Realm of Timeless Light and no longer be shackled to the illusion, but be free.

The secrets of coming morrow’s humanity still lie hidden in the archaeology of their past and in the dig sites located deep within their minds. No other entity can help a being attain the knowledge of individual "be-ness," unless Love is involved for Oneness. Each of us is borne (projected) alone, and we depart alone from these virtual realms. Our lives are a consequence of our own acts. We must become Seekers of this inner and outer conundrum by searching the pages of the days of our lives for the consequence of our being. To understand our part in existence, we must search the ancient records for the messages sent into the future to establish our destiny. If we enlighten ourselves, the way is crystal clear. If we are fearful and self-oriented, we play false with others and create a world full of mental pollution. Lies and illusions are wanted to be believed as fact, but are nonexistent in fact. All of us stare into a question, when creating a new world such as the Gardened One. If established selfishly, or radically, it is doomed to start over until it is judged positive and therefore right.

When a burgeoning society, such as the Enmayi, permits each other’s aberrations to rise in favor, so as to defray guilt, that emerging world becomes more guilty via permissive habit. To participate with amplifying guilt is to build a wall of gratification that hides reason and truth. Fears go inside to eat at the soul and body of the entity, or the nation. Disease is the result, and the Law of Consequence has taken over.

It is no accident that we are placed in a world marked by birth and death. Life is a school to face fears and know reason. Seeking is the cause that sets man to first see himself reflected in the mirror of his own making. He also sees himself in the face of the other, and desire enraptures his taking himself away from his prime objective, known prior to entering this discharged world — a broadcast field from Deity.

Omegons started existence in the same Alphian state as the one in all gender and a short time later, generations were separate again. They paid the price of recognition and desire, yet, Omegon state was their final goal when the seeker was claimed. Omegons graduated from the trial of being, and soon all beings will rise to experience the next creation of a new dimension — issuing from an ever unfolding power, unseen by most in a projected illusion, like this realm here.

Koan and Planca used co-opted superior Omegon genetic knowledge to recreate the Enmayi through entity division into separate man and woman forms in the Alphi/Omegi states. Slippage to the Alphian state came via the fall of soulular strength and resolve. Light granted from Anjona gave them the final knowledge to plot insincerely, thus creating a new mankind. "Be-manship" became a doubly difficult trial of impossible initiation. This form seeks his own fleshly immortality in recognition of sexuality rather than good works — a game most difficult to play, and impossible to find evolution or involution. For some beings, to see beyond their own selfish existence is humanly impossible. This illusion hides the inner light that drives the body, and instead, they see the light of desire in other’s reflection of their own mentality. One stumbles upon power that distracts him from the form of the original cause, whereby violence, wealth, knowledge, beauty, hate, and leveraged religion (false-Love?), causes the birth of event sequences that spin out of the Truth’s straight and narrow parameters.

Such power becomes the illusion that beings buy into from battered and confused senses. The entity and others utilize selfish strategies to obtain power and control for their own benefit, whereupon addiction to repeated gratification tickles with encouragement the stimulated egos, as such races toward immorality and animalistic behavior. To these ends, all become familiar with power and self-gratification that allows compulsive obsessions to take over a life that only Love could correct. The seeking of the Otherworld, where reality is amplified or destroyed through the cast illusion of this world, fades to a mist of the mind’s eye — the position cursor to Time.

As male or female aspect, this future humanity seeks to divide itself against itself for more illusive and collusive power to the individual selfish entity. Omegons know this war of being; it tempers a soul if one is to rise, or destroys all. One looks upon the other, seeking the divine principle of design and creativity within "be-manship," and seeks to embrace possessively. Illusory beauty hides the void inside, for "this" life is manifest only around the edges. Little substance beyond the practical resides within as evidence of a soul, unless supreme effort is put forth by the being.

Just as the island-void (numerical infinity) of the Fractional Set shows a graphic example of how being is emulated by geometric structures, our virtual universe must also act in metaphorical replications. Each countenance of an entity stares at the other over the void and dances to create a masterful illusion of the worthiness of a collective dream. It is at this point where "untruths" are leveraged to divide the being’s complete soul. Cohesion lost! Morality is jettisoned for the power of maintaining the lie of fleeting beauty that only lasts seconds in Time. Nature is used by one visage or the other to entice protection from the perceived insecurity of the void — fear reigns invincibly.

One aspect is built around the edges of the void, or numerical infinity, and therefore is inundated with vast fears, which the other expression seeks to defray for favor, by blind strength and violence. From the void issues the birth of potential (beings), and man and woman cannot initially understand the repercussions of their acts. An offspring is a dichotomy — the double-edge sword of chance. A child can correct a parent’s consequences if raised in moral wisdom. Potential’s movement through unprepared minds perpetuates the condition of unrelenting anxiety. Fear pulls each together for comfort and security, thus producing joint congeniality in the reinforcement of existence. Unless nurtured it is short term security. Such quasi-security is an illusion, for it focuses on the Self in all Alphian states. Fear can be lost by knowing the domain of the All. To know the One is to seek and be unfolded.

For future humanity, desire is its chosen image. The symbol which drives us all through the school of life is what pulls us from one karma filled event to the next. The law of repercussion will enshrine itself in the life of a man because of his lust for another’s form, whose pleasing image is symbolically interfaced with the design arena locked within the man’s mentality. It is his vision of being. Power of that image on being is gargantuan.

It is the very essence that holds the virtual universe together. The feedback looping is so minuscule, therefore repetitive, as to emulate the traversing of an atom. Beholding is the process of incarnation and the curse of the process. To comprehend the gambit and live its message to being is the ability to opt out of the domain. Selfish Love is the tool of Deity, to maintain the whole of existence in virtual states. Some see this tool as Evil.

The illusion or mirror is the evil that has marked mankind’s future mentality to forever enslave him unless and until he/she learns the trap of aesthetic-enshrinement or beauty. It is the co-opter. The tree (DNA’s program?) of the knowledge of good and evil once held the secret to humanity’s Reason, locked in the image of the Enigmni. The curse is that one gender becomes the other because of the illusion in the mirror in the mind. Beings use this mirror as a transitional device for movement in a realm defined by the Enigmni. Once we become the object of our desire, we bask in its beauty and its passion until there is no time to realize our mistake. We only sit in sorrow of our lost prowess. This condition is the epitome of self-oriented obsession. It is the creation of the sexual predator. The feedback loops created by this extreme desire are so closely entwined that self-awareness of the soulular worth is opaqued out by the energy of so much self-infatuation. Because beings cannot discern evil this close, we die, only to return to the opposite pole to once again seek to manipulate that which we desire to possess.

We are deluded by illusions that can never really be ours because we do not know in the one form that the other form is truly that which we already are on a higher level. It is the power of this attraction and the attraction of the power that keeps beings entrapped in existence — a dimension of ramifications beyond the part’s ability to see.

As a man or woman, future humanity must end their predilection with power sources, or illusions for self-gain. As Alphians, they must find each other's cleansed persona in awakening Alphi/Omegi states and finally Omegon phases. Being is no game, it is Reason! No manly threats of violence — no taking of the other’s life, for we cannot truly take life. "Be-manship" is to attain oneness — coherency. No more emotional blackmail or false play (victim’s tears), no more poor little me, or self-pity. No more pouty lips. No more cunning cuteness for gain. No gain over the others known weaknesses. No more permissive leveraging. No more giving of gifts for expected returns or self-directed attention. No more masquerading in concessionary faces of clowns with false innocence. No more gain through sexual posturing. No more pretentious ostentation for the purpose of gain. No more special status for false-victims over merit. No more elitist leadership over the supporter. No more reward for obsessive addiction to support laziness. No more lies of misinformation over Truth. All the above springs from lose interpretations of radical utilization of the rules of being for selfish hegemony. These things I have seen in the total history of my home planet of Hytona as we languished in the pursuit of the great "Why." It was present here with the Enmayi and will be the point-of-departure for the future humans of the Gardened One.

Once it was uttered, "A being without wrong, let him become the icon of the All." "Question he who shouts the loudest of wrongs, and within his soul you will find the source of answers to be revealed." Now, perhaps it is time for the sinners of our societies to awaken and cast out the questioners of others, and seek within themselves the answers to reality, so we may all see the Otherworld without dreams.

I would ask all of future humanity to visualize this: The universe is like a record, scepter (computer), disc, or some other data storage device for retrieval. It is everywhere and everything that is in a state of duration (Time). It is enfolded in a super-holographic moiré-arena of multiple dimensions that act as one, or many, depending upon the information within and without the sensing means. The numerical equation is simplistic and infinite in its progressions beyond the limits one puts upon himself. The Universe is You!

Feedback loops intertwine and undulate within and without its characteristic construction, only in that emphasis localizes and gives off a feedback echo. The loops of electromagnetic force and essence interconnect everything and are everywhere in multitudinous states. This universe is hierarchical in design, with lower level entities not totally aware of higher levels of being , yet the reverse and opposite is not true. The structure is such that each level is geometric Fractally and each new level is built upon and because of its knowledge of the lower. This is the Law of Becoming.

All informational connections are sensory in nature since they span the media of the universe, waiting to be resonated from unseen realms. The more information and observation (feedback), the more complex the assemblage of localized forms are constituted. The more gestalt are the feedback loops of connections, the higher the being, and more active is the energy. Vibrations amplify the heat of higher mentality. The universe is metaphorically and numerically constructed in holo-generational data, like breeds amplified likeness as in evolutional and involutional information transfer. Carriers, or entities, feed through themselves, growing exponentially through various states, and structures that appear as birth, life and death. This appearance is only a perception of the localized observer, but at the higher levels of mentality, it is only process of information gaining toward ever higher and more complex relativity of elements and principles. Complexity is simple to a higher mind — to the All, it is being in Timelessness.

Opening up different feedback loops amounts to adding new data, thus expanding the localization into new realms of complex amplification. As expansion grows, human language, because it is linear, becomes a curse for communication on higher structural levels, where synchronistic hologestalt meaning is metaphysical and multifaceted. This requires a mind or lens (localized sensory decoder or brain) of the same level of design standards to interface data. Growth and decay, depend upon the quality of information which mingles with other data to create tools for leveraging the elementals of the dreamscape of Time...Life. What a mixture of thought in my cursor ( Pic. 67).

Withdrawal of proper information from various dimensions appear as death, but are actually the utilization of compressed data that is necessary to feedback to higher realms of multifaceted existence. Some things do not change as radically, and are seen to "never" change but this is impossible in a dynamic universe where change is the only constant.

The process of physical governance, or the laws of the continuum’s image to we the seekers of this generative order, maintains its course and unfolds its regulations in methodical exactness according to the unseen will. Its message to us is constantly full of its repercussions to our titillation and taunt. For those who merge spirit, Love and knowledge, the truth can be known in a lifetime.

This means of existence has been presented externally and is detailed within the very book of nature which is an expression of the laws for physical being from its essence. See the essence for what it is through symbols rather than language, and one can learn the secrets. The record of virtual nature, which is the symbiology, breeds the programmed numerology as a part of its constant broadcast. Deity can be known on its merit and grounds. It is as though the One is saying, "Can you see the signs I am showing you?" In the future mankind will try to translate the messages of this, nature’s book, and it will become the basis of all future commitment to the One. Traditions will form, and beings will keep their relevance close to their hearts for comfort. Man cannot believe in himself, for it is quite evident that he could not really take care of himself, much less build himself in the virtual worlds. When humans discover the secrets of the programs of the broadcast of Deity, then they will know that the laws of the universe are more powerful than their little minds. Euphoria and awe will transfix their souls.

Unless humanity goes down the long road of complex ignorance, thereby making the mistakes that Koan and Planca indulged in and lost at every major turn, then Omegonship will not be theirs in short time. If they do partake of the complexity of ignorance, an informal fallacy full of category errors and sold as legitimate, then this sector of Goge will come to an abrupt halt. The experiment will be over because of soulular and mental constipation.

My words cannot explain to the future humanity, or to my brothers and sisters of the great lodge where shepherds rein pure, but words are all I have left to placate the forces that this universe is about to lay at my feet. Overhead I sense a gentle movement beyond the norm — the ultimate weapon lurks darkly to prepare an assault for me and perhaps the entire sector of this little Goge examination.

Before these burgeoning events consume me, I have more messages for future entities: we are what we think, at least the results are our repercussions in manifestation. No genetic inclination can put spin on the evils that we behaviorally seek. At some point mind oversteps from force of combined will, and we accept the wrong course. To blame adultery, slothfulness, or sexual deviations such as unseemly same gender interfacing, on exterior pressures rather than a predator’s gratification is indeed a waste of mentality. There are great things to accomplish other than the fetishes that some of us allay to obsession and compulsion.

To slyly leverage public mentality toward moral breakdown is the mark of complex ignorance and not in keeping with the reading of the book of nature. The promiscuous community, synonymous with manipulation of mind via science or philosophy, is always proselytizing the untrained souls toward aberrant behavior to keep company. They use endorphinous sexual arousal, or, rather hatred, then encourage total freedom of expression in the face of such higher order as screams beyond whispers. Obsession and compulsion must not be pressed into the flesh of habit, lest one breeds embracement of a full-blown addiction for failure. It is that same old permissive message to control the weaknesses of youth to martial a political agenda full of selfishness.

Beware those who polarize through false-play and mutualism, for they seek to own your soul for their benefits, as what became fashion here with the Enmayi beings. Becoming political with radical issues such as same gender reinforcement is at times a ploy to spread a condition of hype through media with a guilt-filled message. Those of elective lifestyles that wish to defeat moral souls co-opt the higher forms from dawning to free carnal souls to fly home. Guilt is the tool of the polarizer who wishes to define his support. They collectively sell behaviors as a means to defray guilt from their collective, so the supporters obsession rises to embrace a lifestyle upon a tangent to destruction. Crimes against humanity will involve the tools of simple and complex ignorance, unless morality is strong enough to survive. These things Koan and Planca will teach future generations of slaves who have faint hearing and jaded sight. Inner spirits will fight back and produce frustrated generations caught in a conundrum for millions of orbits.

The more future humanity joins the anomalous mindset of mutual admiration groups in guilt, as sold via broadcast as "rights," the more power they will wield to end their own civilizations. Many will rise, and many will fall, diseased by Koan’s and Planca’s broadcasts of evil, selfish ways. All these words will be corroborated by those who pause in gratification to forget the past, and never receive the spirit of my thinking — my mind will be present as a subtle force in the winds. I shall whisper to their souls.

I dare to plead; will morrow’s world remember the ancient message embedded deeply within humanity’s collective consciousness? I am determined to have some effect at that time! Dark shepherds will race among the poor uninitiated, promoting misguided

images of the populace’s purposes. These dark ones will send via media messages, a story of addiction, and sloth with the grin of concession and a cajoling reinforcement of the open face. Beware the clown; it is a frozen image in the mirror of Time who wishes to use the being for escape!

If one can still think for himself, he will better stand up for the rest of his charges. There may not be much strength left for those who believe in the truths that have always been self-evident to a clear mind; they must remember the ancient story as told by the survey here of this Fall from the grace of the virtual mission. A higher grace is theirs if archaic memory breaks through.

This war of the worlds, between the Enmayis, the Agris and indirectly the Omegons, must be a part of the future mental utility. What I do for future reawakenings, which I am able to see in these moments, is important to them as a grand initiation for their arrival to blessed "be-manship." I now am privy to visualize the total strategy of Anjona, my Superior-Shepherd. His charge is now only beginning. Mine is to know and support the total message to the future. These ancient thoughts will be known again...I see the plan. My initiation will serve as a catalyst to the future catalyst’s means.

Oh, Annoo-a. Your mission is in deep connection with the continuum’s evolving plan, precipitated by the All. Here is the image of the workings of a more powerful generation of beings set in the future kiln of tests, to create ever-higher structures in the mental realms of the One. I must not loiter; my contribution to catalyze Reason is dependent upon my watching of the Leche’s expressions. All must be timed perfectly.

Leche, now it announces its last great program to tomorrow’s records with only particles in asteroid form! Never have I seen such being-made power in the virtual modality! The last ignition comes (Pics. 68, 69, 70)! I will finish these last few representations and deposit them in Scepter.

Such chaos in unity perceived by an Omegon mind that now sees faster than the speed of light form. I can see its means of power and destruction. Perhaps it is time for me to consider moving as fast as light also.

Sick is the atmosphere that sinks deeply into the union of synchronization with Leche’s preprogrammed plan to destroy all, as it was told to do by Koan’s instructions to totally annihilate. I sense that this is the last phase as darkness begins to ascend upon this once quiet setting for mental reflection by erstwhile Enmayi who sought to know the sacredness of the Enigmni. I too learned much at this site; free is my spirit of feeling...dissolution is happening to this world and myself.

This place, where I have felt the closest union with the One, in an awakened state, means much to my own liberator of virtual reality. Its faded beauty still speaks of its former grandeur and the superior knowledge of the early beings who placed it here to be honored by all, over millions of orbits ago. It is the oldest site of being-based fabrication in this sector of Goge. We on Hytona have equals, but were not the first to place honor in this implied phase.

Still, I muse about the cause and effect behind the Enmayi’s stay in their modality of leveraging the mattered realms for so long without evolutional movement to the higher development of more stressful challenges. Unable to move off the behavior established at the first, the Enmayi did their creative works in abundance, but never changed their attitudes toward ascension to higher conditions. Their minds never flexed to change in form, because they became trapped by the speed of light and the smallness of feedback loops. Mind could not reach the speed to understand the need for more. They were knowledgeable, but their spirit was too weak for will to assert fully.

Planca opened their eyes to the potential of the void between her motivations. It must have been a jolt to their efforts to hang on to a small point of mental refuge in a vast conundrum of illusion cast by one who was blessed by Omegon potential! She shielded them from knowing how the Enigmni was more than just an ancient pathway back to the source. Rather than being catalyzed forward, they went back to the horror of not knowing the mission to existence.

Beauty indeed does transfix the mind of a lessor soul, thereby deflecting deeper thought. I can see tiny points of remaining beauty here in this place, even now while that mean weapon readies to shout! Perhaps, I digress — digress to where? To the Reason of moving mentally.

I feel as though I could sit here, and with everything that is about to happen, even my end as I know it, I could dissolve into the landscape of this old dream. All that has happened here now engrosses my reflections to fill the mirror of my mind to the fullest. To see my way out is the challenge of the present. Weakened clarity is my mode of reflection. I feel drained of all need to remain in this physical dream state. I see the meaning of the logos and the Enigmni that is mirrored before my eyes; all remembered well. They were mine at the first, when I was a Light being. The Eye is the threshold to sense mentally in the manifest and Timeless existences — data geometrically gestalt. The Hand is movement to accomplish action in virtual, pixilated matter.

The Light contains the power to drive a being to question change in a physical state, and the hand is the means to build that change into potential in Time. Potential blows in the face of one who is in virtual existence through the force elements. It is the Light of the future, which quickly reorganizes into information caught in the moiré - arena of the holospirited mind.

The moiré - arena is the multifaceted construction of mentality on this side of the All. The broadcast waves of the One, localize into form via particles of pixilated matter straight from the wake of the Enigmni. Localizations are memories of beings in concrete form undulating within and without the mind of the One. The Enigmni is the essence of the movement that follows its constant laws, whereby knowing can even be understood. All includes the child of Enigmni, extruding from interior forces of vast pressurized Timelessness and vented into programmed experiences that know the known. Forms are moved from this vast pervading intellect of numerical infinitude to become more complex as it streaks ahead of the elements of the One without another. The Enigmni is the forgotten tail (end) of the One.

Unseen is its power by minds too small, yet in its wake, the results of being-potential are awe-inspiring. Into the Enigmni, all are pulled from their many sources, to again manifest in dreams that appear as reality — shot from the portals of the many sectors of Goge. Creativity of movement through numerical mentality suggests the Laws that, on one morrow, seem changeless, but on the other — Chaos.

Perfect are these laws from Enigmni, for each successive element is hierarchical and dimensionally exponential as it breeds capacity from its vortices. I shall soon join this magnificent scheme in some unknown capacity, to be a part of its highest complexity. May my mind merge with this, the sublime interface for "be-manship"— the seat of the One with no other equal. The essence whereby thinking can even be known by the thinker. Such a reiteration is the clustering of memories.

I must return to command of my Shema, and quickly, for there is one last duty that I must see concluded (Pic. 71, 72). I know, inside myself, that I shall not see Hytona again, in this phase of becoming. My initiation is set, and I now am ready. I have responsibilities to future generations of future Omegons that will aid their climb. I must hurry for the weather on this world is becoming non-negotiable. Eddies of feedback, turbulent swirls in unperceived movements, all I must try to record, for this survey is about to leave this sector for home. Would that I were more complete with its report!

These words, Shema, you know well, begin to leave the surface! Factor orbital safe zone for hover! Clearly, this is my last survey. Shema and Scepter are functioning as one unit for memory. I have no time to lament this occasion; critical duty is my primary duty, Shema’s understanding of my need/s comes form Timelessness. This gift for travel in these realms is beyond the glory of my station.

The great combination of our own knowledge has caused us to rise in scope and power to interface with the very Light that has formed us and use us as tools of Divinity. I shall miss the relationship I have had with these great gifts from beings who passed into union many orbits ago. Those who designed and invented the means to interface this virtual program, to them we owe much gratitude.

The training of all my existences and interludes in this Goge world have stood well by me. I shall go to a place not known as a place. Much data will then be released to divinity’s need. While much traverses my mental reference map in regards to leaving this, my last experience here, I focus on the duties that will mark my stay as worthy. It has been long, yet now short. I have seen the All and know that its first debriefing will be fixed upon the learning and data, which I have garnered. (WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNED?) I have much to contribute in the survey of this failure or strategy for something higher.

My senses are more sharpened than earlier, for I go beyond the many talents and gifts given to protect enhanced knowledge. There are few Watchers, and I was blessed to see the total workings on this side of projected reality in deceptive Time. It is indeed the School and Crux of Being!

Light! Tiny points of light are flashing away from my form at speeds never before seen or experienced; each particle is full of the many episodes of what my record of being once was constructed from — Light! Almost as in slow motion views, my mentality gains with each discharge of my essence. Dissolution is most beautiful.

The vision of this beauty of fragmenting presence is beyond normal knowing. It is a plan made known to me so I may enlighten Annoo-a, my friend Anjona, to pass on to future generations of Humans as well as Omegons. I send this data to you in emergency mode, knowing fully that I will fulfill my mission and initiation. I shall miss Hytona and all, but Leche is such to eliminate much of the built matter in this sector. Koan’s genius and knowledge of higher electromagnetics has been proven!

The Shema visor pictures the destruction of the Enmayi dream. As elements flow past my reference, I see all the hopes of minds long gone to understand their mission in existence. The honorable intentions will go unreported in form, but well documented by my eye and the Eye of Enigmni. Their souls will reappear in realms anew, ready for new adventures in the Virtual Worlds of the Moiré Arena. As my Omegon being drifts toward Home once more, I must say, My Lord, my All, I am honored by such glorification. This initiation is a blessing few could enjoy. My dissolution is beauty in total pain!

The chaotic scene developing below me is beyond my experiences (Pics. 73, 74). I will quickly render them before I lose my means of being. One must realize, there is no such condition as non-being, for nothing can come from nothing, and the Realms are devoid of nothing. Change is the constant singularly. Mind controls the change on dimensional levels, and the thought amplifies with each step forward, and there I step.

The sounds are of such intensity that beauty is loudly beheld. In view of all the power unfolding, I now know that I should have done more, tried harder, learned more, and experienced all that was shown. I should have listened return with more.

I muse again... I must listen to the mission that is still in a state of events. The Shema can rise to orbital level, where I can jettison the material that I have gathered, to be sent on a pathway back to Hytona. Here, Shema will not be able to calculate without the Scepter, which must be on board the jettison-shuttle for guidance and governance. It pains me to separate the two from myself, but I must inject the jettison craft with the fateful Scepter, so that all my work will benefit Anjona and all future souls of the Gardened One. Koan and Planca and perhaps Takion, may in some lifetime gain from my messages from a subconscious memory reinforcement, to join me in worlds of coherency in another station of the structures in the Enigmni’s creations from the All.

Scepter is injected in the crystalline capsule on the shuttlecraft. It is ready to leave this increasingly intolerable world of swirling memories.

One last look. The Leche is about to enter the last stage — this planet will be utterly dismantled into particles of asteroids. Its pony (lesser star) Egog will go out and this part of the system will grow dark! May no harm come of its newly created parts in high flight through space. Departures almost here! In reality, I am the one who is truly departing. I shall reconstitute in the safety of my past, future... and presented in Timelessness at the speed beyond Light. You see, I am getting out of this alive...just like I always told you (Janice). I will see you all in the All and soon. Here is my last visual survey included in the kit. I jettison the material of my labors — Little Shema, it is just you and I, now. I shall soon catch sight of the Enigm....................

(Scepter Compression Data — Visual Graphics disabled) Claronu is in total localization with the essence of the All in Timelessness. Scepter acknowledges the state of 10 at ultimate power via the destructive force of Leche and the end of the Enmayi planet. Force is growing exponentially stronger in this area. Scepter must plot a course to avoid the particles that are filling this space with dangerous remains. Shema is destroyed. Claronu was not detected. Duration dates are disconnected and backup is recording 14.6 units of Hytona time. Course for Hytona is set. Arrival at the station of Anjona of Nibu section. Messages sent to Anjona, as warning and to institute landing data or orbital extraction. Scepter’s control has been assumed by exterior source.

(Scepter Compression Data — Visual Graphics disabled) Anjona has accepted control of crystalline shuttle and Scepter. Scepter report on sublevel. Anjona has sent course corrections to guide shuttlecraft to the satellite on the Goge side of Hytona’s dark shield. Anjona has assembled a small number of Omegons on the far side of the satellite to avoid the onrush of deadly asteroids from the Enmayi / Leche expression. Anjona is in orbit around a natural satellite of Hytona where an old Omegon base for space development is set in location. Relevant interception data has been communicated to Scepter and is applied. Scepter is ahead of incoming asteroids per Leche — little time for corrections critical movement — Critical — UltShema is detected and locked upon all programming herein. Hytona UltShema of Anjona’s guidance is detected. All elements have been taken on to the shuttle bay of Anjona’s UltShema.

(Scepter Compression Data — Visual Graphics disabled) Scepter detects the UltShema of Anjona is making flight to the old space port of the moon. Debris from the blast of the Enmayi/Leche expression is devastating the surface of Hytona. Atmosphere of Hytona is escaping into space and is almost lost. Most of the complexes, homes of the Omegons are now destroyed. Water resources are being atomized. The planet is barren. Few UltShemas or lower Shemas escaped. Scepter has survived with Claronu’s survey in good condition. Scepter data is with Anjona for debriefing. Anjona is starting to awaken the sequences of Claronu’s mental, visual, voice, and Light messages; and, he is analogizing them with Scepter’s interlaced programming for total visu-gramatics of survey events. All survey information and additional data are being programmed with scepter’s interior data and transferred to durable formats for review in hologramic structure. Scepter is now in a holding sequence....close to shutdown for additions and repairs.

(Scepter Compression Data — Visual Graphics Enabled) Scepter has been reformatted and repaired to compress data in all structural forms. Anjona is now ready to send a message that has been given to Scepter to continue to relay while in orbit of the Gardened One. Duration to be determined by acts. This transmissions will be utilized by Omegon Sources in the Primary and other sources to be defined at a later morrow. The modality of this transmission is for all Time, and not to be countered until the termination of the Goge gateway for virtual transmission of programming from the All. Scepter will remain as the "last" device. Anjona message is ready for distribution.

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Message from Anjona (Annoo-a)

I am the message bearer from Timelessness to Time and through the Portal (Goge) in Space / Time to you for whom playing with illusion is a preoccupation, rather than a means to union with the One and Absolute. To these means of transfer, I am deeply dimensional in meaning and serious of mentality. These communications are not illusory (Pic. 75). What you are about to receive, you must know whereby you even think — a level that speaks in dim remembrances. This knowledge speaks to you even now as decisions are made sometimes, by you collectively, in stark rebellion. Remember who and what you are. Be concerned, for it is a mission that must be revived from your deepest senses and memories, from a time when physical (virtual) Time was not. These physical realms must be not forgotten in your present form, they must be used as a means to reclaim your Reason!

Words are not your / our only means of communication, we do not speak in a sound related methodology when we are together in coherency. Your dreams know the secret of such interfacing. Ours is passed directly to the mentality of the audience who interlaces the projection within Time and Space. Omegons such as I and the initiates such as you, are carriers of this inherent Truth and should speak only messages that convey the same sincerity of being. Hard will it be, that I somehow must pass on to you who have failed to remember, yet the continuation of wisdom in this Goge Sector is necessary whereby paths are retraced to limitlessness (home).

First, let be known to you, that the data added here to the survey of my relation, known as Claronu (whose name has meaning), is not in any way to interfere with the data he collected. It, and mine, are to serve as your device of memory magnification. His record has been corroborated, by localizations in Timelessness, to be factual and totally complete. Its secret is yours to know, and it is indeed who you are.

The destruction expressed by the Leche, destroyed the Enmayi planet (your old home world) in total. Its ada-son, source of deep space light, called Egog was reduced to its chemical basics by the force of the gargantuan discharge. It is now the fifth planet from Goge as yours once was. As Egog’s fire was snuffed out, so were the lives that resided near its Light giving exchange of broadcasting virtual data for you to utilize in this school of learning. The fourth planet, my virtual home world in this illusion, was rendered atmospherically dead by a rain of Enmayi asteroids; leveled were our civilization’s offerings-in-being to the All. Our hydros resources were lost to the cold of space — though we needed them not to exist, rather to serve esthetic purposes. Most of my relations were converted into the realm of limitless pursuits in the reality of being. Their initiations are now complete at this level.

Few of us escaped, as did your relations (virtually you) who arrived on this Gardened Planet over four million orbits ago. We, Omegons, were here to greet you and help you to build great civilizations in the glorious Valley Regions. There your civilizations survived numerous catastrophes with us for this world dies and reawakens periodically. The Valley Region was highly protective for millions of orbits. It was the most beautiful and sheltered of all areas upon this place of moving landscapes. As your offspring (virtually you) became genetically developed for this atmosphere you ventured out to explore the surface of a world saturated in hydros. During periods of destruction, your mentality, too strong in emotional passion and ignorance of the Alphian ways, destroyed (physically removed) almost all Omegons who helped you. However, we have survived (we do not die) in many places hidden to you, including Time and Space. It is our duty to enlighten you to return to your past glory, with us in our final initiation.

Most of us reside on a moon of the fourth planet, where the churning blast of your weapon, did not touch us. There, we intercepted the jettisoned craft with Claronu’s Enmayi survey intact. Those few of us who survived have returned periodically to our old world and live under its surface. A few hundred of your relatives had earlier made it to the Garden Planet, prior to the accidental ignition of the Leche, on exploration teams sent by Koan and Planca. They had apparently figured on making it a colony of the Enmayi. The resources of the third planet for an Alphian being’s existence are ideal. Claronu was not aware of this happening though scepter’s records show he could have been before transcendence. We have attached this data along with the survey for your use at the time of humanity’s arrival at Omegon initiation to soulular finality and growth. To some of us it is known, that this is the strategy of the One and All for this sector’s total development. It is the Crux of Being.

By now, many of you have forgotton your roots in this gargantuan projection of being in this the realm of the Moiré Arena — virtual assemblage vehicle in Time. This record is for you to search your inner selves for the truth that will show itself relevant to the reality that you have experienced while on the Garden Planet.

Now, many orbits have passed since you were first saved on this world of beauty and chaos. Its periods of renewal have caused you to forget all the old traditions, yet we Omegons and three of your own, who had been bestowed the Light, Koan, Planca and later on the third planet, Takion; have reintroduced the knowledge to you each time. The planet, upon which you reside, is indeed one of special planning by those of us who see from a higher vision. Yours is a special test of ultimate Omegon initiation. We are the last forms of what you will become in the very near future. Your current Alphi/Omegi phase is ready to move to a higher structure as is signaled by your mental ability to decipher this message. One catalyst will move you all to this stage — an event of tremendous importance is about to take place. Yours will be a higher body, mind, and spiritual responsibility to the Otherworld. You are special, as your test will be of the highest difficulty, and unmatched for mental stress. Pain will be supreme to all those who glory in the highest knowledge about to be yours. Prepare mentally for understanding of Chaos in the form of a Super-Moiré Arena.

Much has happened on "your" world in initiation, since you arrived many millions of orbits ago. Times were hard for your species, and for the few Omegons who greeted you and taught you early on. You succeeded in physically killing those Blessed Shepherds who could not be killed easily for they seemed immortal to your perceived mortality. It took you many cycles of the precession and pattern of alignments of the system of Goge to eliminate these fine beings that you called "Gods." Though they led perfect lives, and

you looked up to them as supreme beings, you feared their powers and sought their means of constant life. That immortality belongs to us all for it is our heritage and has always been our gift. Now, as you are ready, you shall become as we, in your final test, for you are us. (Let not the "twain" or their magical traditions tell you any other).

Have no fear, for those Omegons you have deleted are not dead, but their monadic spirits are safe for they are totally worthy and learned in the workings of limitlessness, where they reside with the One with no second. Some still dwell secretly among you reincarnated for special terms as the "Watchers." They are the Seers who shine when sought by the few who are already awakening to the Truth of Being. They will lead you to the Catalyst Times.

Omegonship is to go beyond death concepts, for being thus, one changes into elements that are essentially minds in unison and localization with the All, yet are in this kingdom of Time. An example of singularity in mentality, is the simple fact that you all experience this virtual realm at the same instant in Time. There is no deviation. You may not know of immortality if you do not learn of becoming. The Light that is the animator of your form will live forever to be again and again. The mind that is you is a shared localization, holospiritedly connected to all mind in the Time bound virtual worlds, which are built from Timeless realms where reality truly dwells.

You may live over and over again in various conditions determined by your own actions. This, until you catalyze and move into the final phase of material existence. Life is like your schools of learning, where testing is temptation with the law of cause and effect couched in the laws of consequence. You build your own inferno. Your merit builds the future intellect toward knowing why there is only unconditional Love at the highest forms of being. One must grow to survive as part of the whole where Eternity dwells. To do this, and become whole is easy if one knows whereby selflessness is converted to Light. It is the Dialogue necessary for lucid union in coherency. To the very selfish, unconditional Love is more difficult than all the trials of being. The narcissistic vibrate within tiny feedback loops of obsessive compulsion to reach total recognition of self-love or self-god. Self-god is a non-condition when there is no place to exist other than yourself. We are in this together. To receive recognition in the physical world at one’s own effort is an illusion called false - play. It is a fallacy because it is a collusion of mentality to sustain an aberrant being within groups or even nations that breed other beings with the same condition.

The message of Claronu is simple, yet complex. To believe it will be your decision, for free will is what this experience in creativity is all locked upon. The purpose is like asking yourself, "what did I learn?" That will be your first message when you awaken localized in the All. One cannot evade this test by self-determination to exiting; it is not yours whereby existence is even your vehicle. You are not the vehicle, my friend. Being is to know the Law of existence as caused and effected within the Consequences of your acts. Every act that you perform in this sequential realm of leveraged being has projected future results, unless negated by unconditional Love. Prayer or meditation or deep thought helps negate such sin as it is an act of localization in unconditional Love. Forgiving is grace, or coherency of phases.

Consequences have a way of building up in the Alphian and Alphi/Omegi forms. Life, then becomes very hard and will consume the being into frustration if total consciousness is not retained in supreme focus. To dull the senses, will pull one ever deeper into the Alphian person who resembles a predator. Some have gods that are eaters of beings, for they think life is all consuming rather than a place to visit and become. Do not mistake in judging those who offer unconditional Love, for it is whereby coherency is attained — to judge then is not to see Light in flux of total beauty. Judge not, but join the brave souls willing to be judged for their own act of righteous prophecy.

Love is complex, but it is the most wonderful tool to conquer fear of the unknown. It is the leveler and controller of chaos in the projected universe. Even chaos is but unperceived Love at some levels. Unity reveals itself in many forms. But, think not on these aftereffects, but think upon whereby they even are possible. If you are brave enough to judge, then like judgment will be handed to your spirit. The judging entity must be confident in his own being, just as the All is confident in his making virtual worlds whereby judgment can even be leveraged for better structural development in the soul.

Your new home planet is well known to the few Omegons that still exist in the hidden places of Goge. We are the Watchers who assist in times of urgent need. Our amelioration may sometime appear as cruel to those who position as victims, but the overall plan is protected on the higher level. Seek the higher gestalten. Because you are to be the highest judged Omegons, your difficulty factor is elevated, thus you have been given a new environment of cyclic imbalance worthy of your challenge. Your "Earth" has a propensity to seek new equilibrium in polar shifts that are precariously timed to the patterns of weather, your moon, and the alignment of planets. The very ground that you traverse is unstable, more so than the periodic quakes that you may experience during any lifetime. Your planet reacts to your mentality and condition of Love or Hate. Coherency and significance are binding forces. The design of your home is part of your great test, but much more! You must come to grips with the chaos of your own minds put there so long ago. You are special.

In the last days of your great initiation to a phase II civilization, you will know the science that affects the balance of your being and your physical abode. Planets and asteroids will align, as the message few know or will tell, unfolds for all initiates to know. Use the science to forecast your future and know the trials you must meet, know, and nullify.

You must learn its ways and keep that knowledge safe to pass on as a token to the Catalyst that will show a new you the directions toward Omegon finality. Only great unconditional Love will save your realms so divided by silly Alphian issues at present. My words are inadequate, but whereby words are even spoken is your goal for understanding the secret of your immortality. Remember, what once was unthinkable and now possible; do not focus totally, but ponder whereby mind even exists — this is your true place to be...where mind exists. Think on a larger scale, as the great masses we constructed for you to know are aligned to the messages we know you can determine.

Much we created to show you the directions of the knowledge of the Enigmni and the driver, the One. One is the Mover and the Other is the Moved. Still, you could not always follow the secrets laid in the stories, or the engineering of the symbols. Now you have arrived at that moment in Time, when you are ready for the jump to higher forms. Read the monuments once again and align them with the maps of the heavens. The messages will come clear to the pre-Omegon mentality.

Though the third world from Goge has a lithosphere that is capable of slippage over the soft interior masses, your recorded history is still hidden deeply under many miles of ice and mud of the oceans. If found, this survey and my messages will be corroborated and you will know the truth whereof I speak. After 12, 500 to 42,000 orbital turns, the planet will first wobble, then tip and landmasses will slip to reestablish its gyroscopic balance. Such planetary reestablishment will wipe away almost all remembrances and records of your past accomplishments — unless we Omegons are still here as Watchers. In the past we have returned to awaken your old cultures to your eyes. We have left many clues to your records of past cultures, but this orbital version of the history of the experiment in this sector is your last outright presentation of direct wisdom. The Three among you now must overcome their sins of 4 million orbits to now lead from Love. It is their time now. From here on, you must go the last stages on your own ability. To have our advice, you must now seek us. Seek and you will find.

Looking to the East of the great wasteland that was formed so many eons ago next to the submerged Valley Region once so beautiful, you will find the evidence of the past and a start to finding the Truth. We derived the greatest pleasure in the erection of large stone edifices that, until now would have been impossible for you. We sculpted stone as you would clay! These giant structures make manifest the exuberance of our joy when we trail blazed for you, the pointers to the pathway. Look in them, and under them, and the records of your planet’s history and that of your starting place will historically materialize. Be not political nor timid in your ebullience.

Learn to relish the gifts of knowledge that we left you, and pass them on to your future selves with each passing generation of virtual matter. Use these tools to make the leap to a phase II civilization of advanced knowing. We have a vested interest in you as your higher being. That is why we have periodically returned after each catastrophe to comfort you and once again point to the Hand that Sees. The ancient markers that we left you to remember us, you will know immediately, for you could not have created them. You have tried and failed. Now, with the knowledge of the Scepter, you will know.

You must take on the responsibility, for your higher mentality has finally arrived. There is no excuse. You know the formulas and the numbers that they speak. Use them to spring from your new world’s pedestal into the vastness of the total universe. There you will build a new trinity of worlds into existence, as we did in times past. Your old world will present your only problem. Learn to control asteroids.

Now you are on the stage of being, to perform the final development of this great experiment. You must rise above the petty habits of past living. It has weighed you down for eons since Koan and Planca set you on this course of events to the most high test.

Some four million orbits ago, Koan and Planca escaped to this world full of hydros and beautiful gardens. Omegons in their early development utilized the Gardened One as a food source for Alphi/Omegi states. Now it is your world to finally conquer and overcome its propensity to become unstable. These things may seem impossible, but it is all within your ability to know and understand, if you put aside the quest for self-fulfillment and seek to learn the overall plan of Love for one another. Without the guilt of informal and fallacious behaviors, which constantly leverage your intellects via illusory tricks, you will soon anticipate the advantages of listening to the interior of your soulular Essence. To petition one another in hyping fraud in delusional mentality will end when you see the truth of a Loving approach.

If one has earned his way by manipulation of the will of the All through false-play in order to control others, so shall they be judged by the undeniable law that is inbuilt in cause and effect to produce a consequence. There are many means of existing in a place as well furnished with the primary needs as the nature of the Gardened One. We made sure of this, with our own discovery of programmed assemblages in the virtual expression from the generative order of unity. You are full of the primary instincts for all situations, adaptation is of no difficulty for you for you are full of all elements inherent with the program. If you do not turn your Reason toward the knowing of this creation, a gambit construction for initiation and learning, your plight is your own reward once again. Claronu covered the consequences of living a selfish life, so revisit the messages and symbols of nature to see them at work in your own lives. Your time to be ignorant is no longer a toleration of the highest Becomer. The age of the Alphian has run its course, and no longer will suffice as an excuse to hide a liberal behavior among those preoccupied with their own form. To walk with Egog, a lessor star, is now impossible.

The intense compression of issues in human endeavor seeks a cause for great teachers to arise and come forth. Teachers are the carriers of higher thought, would that all were teachers of the meaning of this energized mirage. Teaching is close to unconditional coherency in mentality. All should seek to become first students ready to learn of the One, and then purveyors of knowledge and truth to all that come. Beware of the one who leverages minds through false play, by means of guilt and victimization. To use life as a stage for one’s own complex-ignorance is unspeakable, but is whereby truth is in play as a contrast to self-recognition. Limitlessness is the pointed at direction by the Hand that Sees the run of ideas.

You have the traditions from the very beginning, when the Last Ones lived among you and your ancestors, who were you in a former virtual life. Look, and you will see yourself doing what was and what is whereby tomorrow is already made. But, the end is not in sight. These words must not ring hollow from a lack of intellect or understanding!

Mentality has always existed — if you can read the symbols and messages that my Scepter has transferred to known language by you, mentality is still present. Your blood has not stopped flowing, and the Light elementals have not ceased energizing the smallest of engines within your virtual physical form. The Light has always eternally reprogrammed your next trial in the foundational climb toward the Source. Read deeply the records of the traditions, in all that your senses survey, for between the lines of the sacred books of nature, lie the messages of past intellects whose accomplishments are inherent in the very fabric of their creations. Pull their words into the present and project them toward the future. All great creators, such as yourselves, gaze upon this materializing world, scanning the beams that create the virtual elements that you study even now.

This complexity contains your ultimate means of how to be. It is not only written in the ancient books, but are everywhere written in the programs of genetics, numbers, and hidden in the very fractional-series of the crystalline firmament. Survey the elements and principles of every other outside of your self, and realize the essence of such creativity. This design is built onboard everything you experience and sustain yourself with. Your very body is an example of the inner and outer domains in this great fabrication. It is driven by the Light, its subsistence is fueled by the generative unity outside of Time. You consume Light whereby things even exist, but its reality is hidden. Carry that eternal flame of being, becoming, and knowing, on to the higher levels you are able to sense. Give your best. Look behind you, and remember — you are the reflection of the other, whereby all exist even as One. You are the Other in the One.

Know that this thing you are experiencing is enigmatic after the first with no second, though is One with three parts — Enigmni, All, and Son/s (Reason). They as One essence, issue the Moiré Arena.

We are movement personified, transfigured by the radiant energy producing mentality of the eternal brightness that generates from the order, and Law of the Primary. Light is built in hierarchical fashion to be sensed by the discerning eye of transcending entities. The Eye that sees light was designed by the Light to see itself. You have seen the magnificence of Light structured to the level of the discerning eye of transcending entities. This light has given you pleasure and security in your becoming, but the darkness, unknown to certain of you, is only light that is beyond your comprehension. Seek it and do not be afraid of the absence of its brightness for it shelters power to your future strivings. Draw yourself down to the anvil of profound knowing, inside to the cursor of existence, and you will rise to see the power of His Light. Know that there is no darkness, only the fear of the unknown; make it known, and the fear is absent. The ancient Void seems darkest, but in essence, it is the very brightest and highest to know, whereby knowing is even able to climb.

Long ago to you and not so far for me, I sent you this message while I was waiting on the moon of the fourth planet from Goge – one of your future planets. This message has periodically been improved upon throughout the ages to maintain connections to your growth and mental languages. We know that you seek to learn about your past at periods of high cultural growth, and we seek to help. We have seen your probes into space throughout the millennia that have passed us all by. Omegons are patient to a fault. Soon your final episode in this conundrum of virtual presences will come to a final peak or resolution. We are still waiting for you. My face looks up to you from the red desolation caused by your old weapon. It is not hard to see with a reflecting glance. It is through Time and Space that we will someday join. Look for our messages in the primary technology, for we built this secret symbolic structure in nature for you to finally learn the utmost knowledge. All is below the surface of the apparent. Omegon states will know the gifts stored there. Alphians will need further development. Look deeply and learn how to build future macro systems.

Not far from your present planet of the third globe, is the second planet of Goge. It is your challenge to convert its resources, unknown to the fourth and third, into the means for expansion into the totality of the universe – where we await your creativity. It is also your challenge to build these worlds of the other systems of Goge into new first echelon colonies. When this happens you will be in a phase III (Trinity facet) Trinity should be an apparent message to your being. Bear in mind, your worth is achieved in Time toward becoming the ultimate. It takes meritorious work, not sleepy indolence! Waste not a life; live not too many useless experiences that take away from your primary missions. Strive for the final becoming of an Omni-Omegon. You are the next generation of the All, most powerful monads of greater illumination. Rise to that commission.

In becoming this new most powerful virtual being of soulular expression, you will access the higher centers of the absolute and ultimate unknowable — Enigmni! Your being is truly a marvel of complexity still largely cumbersome to your present science. Yet, what program built you? The Cad-Isis, has always been the symbol that we kept with you during all those durations to show you the way to phenomenal gifts of genetic knowledge. It will heighten your pathways.

The engine of genetics, DNA, is the multifaceted communicator of the All’s will to manifest a coherent Light Being in the progressive density of the issuing elements toward the ultimate continuum. These tools are for your future creative genius. Learn the multiplicity of the formulas and the Fractal expressions newly rediscovered.

Who made the laws whereby one can even comprehend the grand complexity within the mentality of just one individual? Your mind can encompass an entire universe, and dream upon the entirety of all assemblages necessary for such a genesis. Your mind has the wherewithal to reach such levels, yet you do not push it to its potential. Such a mind is as the All’s in unity of super consciousness. You are a facet of such an ability. If all of you coalesced in lucid unity of absolute Love, you would make an exalted alaya, or expression of "That" the combined Monadic synergy necessary for your next great adventure in Omni-Omegonship. We are all in this venture together, part/s that will know the Whole.

Use your world as the pedestal to spring into the universe that surrounds you and pulsates within you. Such pulsation harbors the secret of the four voids. Move into it as a reason for one to climb the highest mountain, no other challenge. It is there for you to solve. Use the mind that has been provided you all. Small and unfathomed machines are your next developments to facilitate this powerful mentality to explore beyond. Straightaway a Scepter such as the one you hold, will be developed on your world by one of your finest intellects. It will speed up your creativity almost as the coming Catalytic Regeneration. The Scepter’s power requires an ardent interface, such as yours, to govern its supreme abilities. I pause to wonder if discovering its source whereby the power issues forward, will seat from resolute Love, or that which conceived existence?

If this will not come to pass, We never were. No thing produces no thing.

The Catalyst will be known by his four voids that will be filled with the spirit of Love (Pics. 76, 77). These voids project into the universal informational broadcast. Seek its/His knowledge. Until the final instant!

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Conclusion Statements of

Dr. S. T. K. Kosolapdev

This conclusion statement is a one-of-a-kind

Report for eyes only of the Chair of the Projects Committee.

The material that you have read, as unbelievable as it may seem, is what we have extracted from the complex interior of the multifaceted Scepter. The images created by Claronu and Anjona are all very impressive, though I fear that the paper-like fragments (which have been shown not to be paper but a resin base material) rendered upon by Claronu, will be destroyed when exposed to the air. It is our belief that Anjona must have re-recorded the visuals in a stable format after repairing the Scepter’s graphic capabilities. We are currently examining the pieces of resin as a jigsaw puzzle, patiently reassembling them back into their original positions for future study. They will then be cataloged with the newer representations included by Anjona.

These sublime images we can read with our very own eyes; however, other data must be arrived at in order to complete the geometrically expanding picture of this find. Our language will not match the eloquence that must have been the Omegon’s true means of transferring information in broadcast form. We do not have the words that adequately convey the meanings of the subtle spectral feel of the symbolic illustrations and alien verbiage that accompanied the Scepter’s recordings of Claronu and Anjona; however, I feel the superior programming of the Scepter has somehow helped us arrive at a reasonably accurate translation.

There are other levels of background communications that we are still seeking to decipher, which will, at a later date, amplify the existing information submitted herein. This subliminal feedback "noise" may be the key data to understanding how to develop the prototype of a future version of the Scepter. Perhaps we will realize the power and potential of knowing the secret of the Enigmni also from parsing this data with newly evolving "memaes" messages from the Scepter. Memae’s – meaning multiplier/quantifier effects of mentality or knowledge. For some reason there is a multiple dimensionality, or holographic compression effect to the bits of data that emanate from this mechanical marvel.

I am at a loss as to how I should respond to this amazing collection of data retrieved during the course of this project.

On the one hand, it is so simple and breathtaking, yet ultra-climatic and intimidating. On the other, it is perhaps the most frightening information that I have ever learned, and still, I am compelled to maintain my composure when informing others of this abstruse information. It is indeed a heavy burden to know that this totally succinct information is truth personified and reinforced. The truth is inherent within the products and presence of its existence, which are manifestly beyond our comprehension, or our powers of technological development. Yet, we are on the threshold. The very sequence of events displayed to us fairly screams of the unalterable Truth! I, and all others involved in this project, know this event is beyond passion — it is a singularity in the history of our kind. I am beginning to feel as if I am finally learning what kind we really are!

I have worked on this project for two years, and it seems I have been pointed to this end since my beginnings. My feelings at this point, this moment, are indescribable: Never have I felt such sensations in all my existence! My mentality fairly reels with the magnitude of this precious lore as found within its metaphysical underpinnings. This story is too good to experience as reality; it is a fairy tale come true — such does not exist in this sphere.

These recent weeks of constant break-throughs have caused my mentality to actually develop into pains of the head, from contemplation upon this arcane assemblage’s repercussions upon human events. It is a true event of such dimensions that it is astronomically beyond everyday, or even super-conceptual reality.

To speak so frankly in this manner is certainly out of academic character, but I know of no other means to convey the importance of this project under these extenuating circumstances. I am going to speak conceptually here, for I think the related data of our attempts at studying Mars — the landings, and all of Anjona’s references to the fourth planet — are extremely revealing as to the truth of this Scepter’s download to us. There are many deprogramming entanglements that plague the average human mind. Such as Anjona’s references to "our probes" on or near his Hytona world at a date we cannot now relate to, yet unless this reference is recent, it could not refer to today’s date. He must have been referencing a "probe" at another point in the history of the Earth. This would mean that Earth has been, in the past, as advanced as we are today, or more so. There is some evidence that supports this.

One other possibility could be that Anjona could see into the future and "knows" our stage of development at present. Considering the constant references to Timelessness and Limitlessness, this vision of the future may be accessible to the Omegon mentality for alteration or improvement. Certainly these current events impacting us seem to be known to them across time.

We are quite certain that the reference point in space of Claronu’s survey is the asteroid belt that lies between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. I believe he calls Jupiter Egog, a pony-sun for deep space an idea not lost on writers of today. An interesting coincidence. Conventional wisdom has long held that it (asteroid belt) represents a failed attempt at planetary formation, with no explanation of why this material failed to accrete into a planet. It seems that all our earlier ideas of this system are wrong.

This asteroid belt currently has enough material to configure and amass a planetary sphere the size of Earth or thereabouts. Apparently, according to the message of Claronu, it was once the world of the Enmayi and the site of the first Logos — Reason, or the Icon called the Hand that Sees – Enigmni. It was constructed by increasingly solid mattered light beings (archetypes) and it was the first artifact of existence in our solar system. We are the remains of the Omegons and the Enmayi misplaced to this once Gardened Planet some four million years ago. We must be their children – or we are they!

According to this survey, the beings on the Enmayi Planet were, for millions of years (orbits and years do not equate to our system of time necessarily), caught in a developmental eddy that kept them in a reoccurring "total state" of male and female aspects, existing in one body form: chromosomes XX and XY in one individual. Our only data on such a possibility here on Earth, other than an occasional random case of such today, can be found in ancient Egyptian history. In the Divine Pomander, attributed to Thoth, who was reported to have lived thousands of years before vanishing, references to beings of both sexes in one were the originators of our civilization. In Thoth’s many books or scrolls (he wrote 3,600), this god of wisdom stated that God (Typhon’s or Takion's account) created them male and female in one. Many Egyptian artifacts support this metaphysical point of view that some construe as fact. Later the split came on another world or period. The Enmayi history states the identical thesis!

In my estimation, Omegons could represent the sublime evidences of the beings we have found throughout history that come down to Earth and attempt to save humanity from itself. We find references to these beings in every tradition of all cultures: Sumerian, Egyptian, Etruscan, Roman, Mayan, and others as background deities to the major players. All of these "hidden" beings seem to have capabilities beyond normal human abilities. Omegons were the Angels, who were of no particular gender — perhaps they were the enigmatic YY beings, or the giants of the ancient Peruvians who came to establish this world. Angels are often referred to as the "Watchers" of whom Anjona speaks. Watchers are also mentioned in the old Book of Enoch. Christ even referred to Enoch, yet his book did not make the testaments of the Churches. Enoch sounds too much like a space being for most theologians, and has been given the "evil eye." There are the tales of Gilgamesh, which are also filled with an abundance of higher beings with capabilities such as the Omegons.

The simple association of the word Omegon (if that is how they would spell it), with the fact that Christ referred to himself once as Alpha and finally Omega, the last, is quirky when considered here. I am not sure the two sounds mean the same, though it looks like this is the believable case. Omegons undoubtedly think of themselves as the last phase of being before dissolution into the All. Reason is their Logos or iconical representative, as it has always been ours in all-ancient traditions. Dialogue and coherency are truly the keys to humanity’s entry to a phase II civilization. It seems to all be related in my way of thinking.

Much of this information is coming to higher meaning in my estimation, almost as if I am seeing the records of all our past history through a thinly woven veil. Linkage of our past is a dovetail joint to these records and with what we now have discovered in the landings on Mars, and those currently in flight to that planet as we speak, great discoveries are about to happen. Some believe we (or some mentality) have been there before. There are many unknowns, which we have discovered on Mars that are truly question marks in the scientific community’s decipherment of current data. Something happened there millions years ago that could suggest a form of life...or existence.

I recall that recently, two of our colleagues discovered what they considered life-like elements in samples taken from known asteroids from that very belt. These fragments were taken from Siberia and analyzed only two years ago. Two Russian scientists also found such evidence in the 1980s. The recent find asserts, after testing, that within a range of from 4 to 6 million years ago there was a planetoid that was associated with organic material somehow during that slice of time. In fact, their samples showed more conclusive evidence for life than the particles found in our section of Antarctica, which were believed to be ejecta from Mars at that same time period, indicating some conflagration during that period.

The dating for human-like life on Earth is close to four million years, yet Omegons said they had been here many millions of orbits (their’s, our’s?) prior to the introduction of Koan’s and Planca's arrival. I believe Omegons do not leave behind any evidence of their departure form this physical life. I think, after hearing of Claronu’s departure, that they are in a rapid state of dissolution at that point. Nothing of them other than their works would ever be found. Vaporization!

We can only speculate on these matters, and nothing is really conclusive. However, we can note that the physical anthropologists have been notably unsuccessful in proving that human beings evolved here on Earth, even though there are great similarities between Homo sapiens sapiens and the terrestrial primates. Where are our ancestors? We review the records and evidence for the Neanderthal (Neandertal per latest convention), the Cro-Magnon and other early types, and yet, we cannot state emphatically that we are their children. The message recorded by Claronu indicates quite explicitly that the savants of old were extremely expert in genetic engineering; their knowledge of the Moiré Arena and All. And this provides a possible explanation for the many traces of different versions of early man in geologic record. We are left with the conclusion that the past four million years of Earth’s history was a vast exercise in the "virtual" manipulation of genetic elements and principles. It is possible, since nothing is conclusive and this find seems real, that we are the results of "highly placed" genetic engineering. Perhaps we are the products of our own re-engineering of ourselves to accommodate the dictates of this planet’s environment or some other demand. With all the cloning and genetic manipulation that we are involved in today, legally and illegally, one cannot discount the fact that we may have built ourselves — perhaps with Omegon help.

I am of the opinion that we beings are capable of assuming just about any kind of genetic formation according to new research, and that is exactly what we are seeing reflected to us today in this material form the other side of Time.

There are new studies of the surface of the Earth that demonstrate our current dating system may be in error, considering the new evidences that are flooding from fresh finds. Recent studies of the ocean depths show very ancient potential for out-of-time restructuring that would push humanity back to the four million years needed for Anjona’s words. Those explorations of the deepest sectors show that many areas of the planet were above water at different times in history. Many portions of the Earth’s crust now exposed, were conversely, below the oceans in the past. The Water Displacement Theory of Orion von Koch, or what some pundits call the "Waterbed Theory" of Earth Tectonics, indicates that when the poles shifted numerous times over the last millions of years, new icecaps formed over the new sites of magnetic-stabilization or the poles. These changes that now are proven facts, were once considered Ice Ages by the old scientific community. These Ice Ages never existed — only the Earth has presented that illusion to us as it sought to gain its new balance after each of these continent-busting catastrophes.

Koch’s theory, though sounding flippant when referred to as the "Waterbed Theory," is entirely relevant when likened to a vast plastic or fluid substructure of lava, water and liquefying land masses, reacting to the gravity and electromagnetic forces that impact systems in chaotic flux during popular-exchange. The surface rolls under the great weight of semi-frozen water and landmass, pressing down the plasticized surfaces, via tsunamis of gunk and debris that follow the evolution of the punctuated events. I have experienced this feeling in my own waterbed, when I roll over and cause things to shift that lie elsewhere on the bed. This action exposes the new lands, once seabed, to the light of day and rearranges past continents into subsurfaces of mud or new seas, which are usually inaccessible to most technological investigation.

Bone and human artifacts have recently been found in these areas that date to extremely ancient periods for the Neandertals and even some Cro-Magnons. As recently as 1980, Neandertal bodies with fresh flesh have been found in the Gobi, but the evidence was suppressed and only mentioned in a popular archaeological publication. I know this happened for the scientists involved were friends. There are some who have even seen these Neandertals from a distance. I believe they are still with us. I feel they are the direct genetic links to the ancient Enmayi.

Though these ooparts are out of sequence, and are veritable agglomerations from some chaotic events, which we do not understand, I believe that we are in the wrong temporal frame with our timetables, and Anjona’s data is increasingly correct. Though what would humanity do for four million years — camp out in the woods, or live at ease in a Garden where everything is provided day end and day out! This would have been the "valley region" Anjona refers to. It must have been a large area to contain the beginnings of history and then — "poof" out of this world.

I fear that Academia, broadcasting a politically correct message from its Ivory Towers, prefers to scoff at all new evidence out of an abject laziness, rather than work for the truth. Of course, I know that all the current knowledge involving our world scientific community is held in an equilibrium of political leveraging that is perhaps oversold and even unbreakable. The powers that seem outside of our everyday lives are always at work behind the scenes maintaining the status quo so that no surprises will dislocate their efforts at a "planned" One World City. Although, on August 9, 2001, they were somewhat unable to hide an event that truly shook humanity awake. The little conjunctional alignments of asteroids thought not to be of any significance at least showed some potential of what could have happened. I remember when this event was prophesied in T. C. Overstreet's book, Crux of Becoming, in 1999. This is when my political mind began to waver.

When major asteroids began to align and then broke free of the old Enmayi orbit, things began to take place politically that awakened the world to a potential that seems to have periodic impact to the normally stable rotation of earth. If anything, the awareness the event created was excellent for those of us who know a different scientific reality. Even now, while global quakes and volcanic activity are increasing and may seem tied to the potential of that passed event, I tremble at the thought of what could have happened. It was an event totally unknown until recent times.

The ancient Maya pointed to a similar event, possible for us in the near future. Their ancient calendar indicates that on December 23, 2012, the Mayan Fifth Sun will come to a halt in our sky, and another world will follow. One wonders what that will mean to us in the coming four years, especially with this new information from Anjona, reinforcing how we have gone through more advanced periods that could have known more than we give them credit for now. I will be watching in the coming years, for a perspicuous wobble in the axis, and perhaps I will be forced to invest in a self-righting offshore oil lifeboat that will be capable of riding out a Noah-like cataclysm of multiple tsunamis.

At this very moment, the Earth is displaying alarming symptoms. There are enormous fluctuations in the terrestrial geomagnetic field as well as an augmentation of the planetary wobble. It is as though the planet were attempting to progress toward a new state of equilibrium. These anomalous events have been attributed to various causes beyond my belief. Some hold that there are strong imbalances in the mantle and inner core of the Earth, while others are of the opinion that the weakening magnetic field of the planet is the true cause. Another popular theory is that the weight of the polar ice caps is affecting the entire balance of the planet and this one our greatest scientists have endorsed.

I strongly fear the Earth is entering the initial stage of a punctuated event, whose forecast was broadcast through time by ancient, established monuments such as the Pyramid Complex at Giza Plateau and elsewhere. Our ancestors were very advanced, as proven by their engineering prowess, and they were trying to warn us and perhaps even give us the keys to their knowledge about such events. We missed the point then and I hope the material we possess now will not be misused to our traumatic error. This time, we must not start over, but fly across the trough of ignorance to the power of Love and Knowledge...(of the All).

Perhaps, I overreact to the stimulus of all this data.

I have been intrigued ever since reading some of T. C. Overstreet’s material back in ‘97 or ‘99. He talked about Dr. Leo C. Braun and his theory of Plastic Plate Dissonance. It is also a part of the sequence of events that should be included with Dr. Koch’s so-called, "Waterbed" theory of Earth tectonics. Both of these assumptions together seem more plausible as a total means of viewing what might have happened in the past, and what Anjona warns us about in this new material. If we are to learn to control this volatile planet, we must learn more of these new theories. I recall that Antarctica was recently excavated near one of our predesignated sites in 2005, where two of our Russian teams, had found human remains that date to around 14,000 years. Though they were found in the mountaintops, there is no reason to disbelieve that whole villages or even cities might exist in the icy layers some distance below. These remains showed the former humans to be traumatized by some unknown event. Such freezing of flesh that old indicates to me that there was a rapid transition or punctuated cause of their instant death. Besides wearing clothing, whose composition we cannot yet determine, these persons also were in possession of some fauna (kangaroo - like) that should not belong in such cold regions.

Dr. Leo C. Braun, Dr. Qweeg Stuckhill, and T. C. Overstreet, plus a few others might possibly be correct about Antarctica being the ancient source of high learning, though nothing close to a prehistoric city has ever been detected in any region of this vast frozen wasteland down beneath us all. Oceanography certainly suggests it is possible. Few researchers have looked.

Cities would not necessarily be found that high unless the archaic Atlanteans were the initiators of those who built high for a reason, as did the ancient Peruvians on the Altiplano. The first Peruvians built for seclusion and remoteness in order to be safe from barbarian influence. How is it that such supremely intelligent engineers could exist alongside such depraved citizenry, unless there was a catastrophe that polarized the Earth’s populace into those seeking to survive via cannibalism, and those technologically advantaged to position themselves as gods? Musing stirs the mind to deeper understandings.

These gods might have built in high places for seclusion from those seeking their knowledge. But, had they come form a habitable Antarctica, with outposts established in the highlands of South America, their homeland could betray cities in the mountains or anywhere else in that frozen world. We just have not looked for such. Perhaps we should. I know that we have only touched the surface of the Russian sector of Antarctica, mainly because there are kilometers of incrusted ice to penetrate first. We may not have the will, judging by our past few decades of inaction. There are really few forces in this world willing to scientifically approach such a task, though to the victor may go the spoils. Politically, there are no nations that would approach such a hit-or-miss expedition of archaeology in the ice. We humans do well to venture into the oceans and find a "Titanic," much less an Atlantis; though the Titanic certainly paid off for those brave enough to commit to such a large undertaking. Perhaps we Russians should bolt for Antarctica!

Many old maps copied over and over through the thousands of years suggest the knowledge and technological skills that only exist today in the intellectual community. The mathematics of these old tracings is superior, however. Maps that Dr. Leo C. Braun and others have toiled over in presentation of the concept of an ice-free Antarctica are in evidence of extreme antiquity. Such maps show evidence of punctuated plastic crustal displacement, or von Koch’s "waterbed" surface relocation theory. The Oprion Map and the Zenon Map show characteristics of ancient knowledge of Fractal Geometry with design, and shows the lower portion of the fractalian buttox-signatuare. Fractal Geometry was only recently discovered or rediscovered, with the aid of a number crunching super-computer. If the evidence of the old maps truly show this universal numeric process issuing form antiquity, then this data from Claronu and Anjona continue to be reinforced. It is also believed that the zebra's coat-pattern is evidence of past fractal knowledge and is also the symbol of the sitting Buddha in outline.

Other data are just as mysterious and as strongly reinforcing to what we have here. I have drawn the mental analogy of Anjona’s reference to the landing site of the Enmayi in the "glorious valley regions," to possibly refer to the area of the Mediterranean Sea. There is strong evidence that this vast area was once a great spreading valley that launched into the Sahara area, also once covered in timber and greenery. All of the area between Europe and Africa was once a exceedingly lush and fertile region, which extended for thousands of miles in all directions, even beyond Sumer and Egypt, perhaps even into India. By some means not yet well understood, the sea flooded this area, and this occurred at about the same time as the lands of the Sahara commenced its inexorable progress toward desiccation and aridity.

I believe that von Koch’s theory comes into play here. With the sea crushing inland and adding its weight upon the landmass, it pulled down the crust of the valley and that of old Sahara, thus causing it to drain in toward what is now Lake Chad. Chad is like a sinkhole. The evidence is all below its drain in the form of a depleted water table.

Through some process — plastic-crustal displacement, weight relocation, gigantic earthquakes, polar reversal, a rise in the sea level, or all of the above — the entire Mediterranean region was completely flooded. Perhaps even an ancient war destroyed the land bridge of the Straits of Gibraltar, and along with the Pillars of Hercules (which may have existed from deepest antiquity), the primeval world came crashing inward to drown the Garden of Eden.

The Sahara has recently revealed ultra-ancient finds starting near the "old" shores of Lake Chad and extending hundreds of miles East, Northeast toward Egypt and the Nile. This

Includes the various Playa (old dried lakes) such as Nabta Playa also. Buried in the sands of Time were great slabs for foundations of long gone complexes. These slabs have ranged from 100(English tons) to slightly less. (Perfectly smooth sculptures weighing almost two tons were found in the Nabta Playa area.) This sophisticated engineering prowess, reminiscent of the monoliths at Balbeck in Lebanon, are so perfectly aligned, that today’s scientist usually ignore reporting such a paradox. These sites have recently been dated from as old as 30,000 b.c. to about 9,000 b.c. Clearly, if the public knew the truth of all these incongruities, scientist all over the world would be in deep trouble. Wait until they hear this one, in front of me!

Today, under the Mediterranean, numerous remains of old cities are being excavated that are dating out to 15,000 + years before Christ. More research must expose the interface with this new data, since ultra-sophisticated finds are being exposed off the coast of Malta, and also in that nation’s interior, where underground caverns, mounted by curious buildings such as Mnajdra, are now being explored. Some think that, if this Earth disaster did happen long ago, that the legends of beings living underground could have started with humans escaping the flooding waters by plunging into the caves (such as the Hypogeum where 7000 primeval souls were entombed) as a temporary solution to flood waters that, unfortunately, never ebbed. It is known that some of these caverns which plunge deeply under the Med — have been rumored to exit near the site of old Carthage and in parts of Italy.

The giant slabs, as large as freight cars, in the Sahara, Lebanon, Egypt and other places, show the finest craftsmanship, not unlike the smaller lithic works of Puma Punku at Tithanaco near Lake Titicaca in Bolivia. The secrets of this world are literally untouched by any real investigation.

Mysteries face us all over this third planet from the sun. New discoveries are coming forth every day that say our conclusions and assumptions regarding the past are somewhat, if not totally, wrong! I for one, and in view of this current enigmatic find, have come to believe that we are alien to this planet. We came here somehow in the recent past, say four million years ago, and began our trek to this point in time. We did not evolve here, as most evidence shows — and if the truth were known by the public; if anything we genetically engineered ourselves to this common ground, a field of energized matter not unlike Claronu’s Moiré Arena. The truth of my belief is held in evidence below the churning countenance that seeks to hide all evidence of the past, that being the very volatility of the Earth. I feel it is an evil left over from some ancient mistake of selfishness and desire to be like the One with no equal. Forgive me of this aside. I fear I feel the pressure of euphoria dawning upon my soul.

I must admit, I am taken by the resemblance of the Enmayi record shown above, with the ancient Asians, Tibetans, Mexicans, and specifically the old Mayan Culture of Middle America. It is my belief that some artifacts found in Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala are direct lines of influence from a very ancient culture that now rests under the oceans, or are locked in volcanic lava that are millions of years old. All these cultures seemed to rise, as if a Phoenix, from previous ancestors of a higher understanding of engineering and technology. The reverse cannot be true, for the evidence suggests a regression rather than an ascension of knowledge at their beginnings — as if they were stalled by a new condition to old wisdom. The Olemeca came to the shores of Mexico as titans of knowledge, not as barbarians.

Almost all cultures seemed to rise from a previous zenith known by their flying gods, who could heal all, build all, and write all. The Sumerian, Egyptian, and Minoan records also show this similarity of coming from extreme power to a stage of rebuilding with little left in their memories of past glories.

I believe, reinforced by the evidence held in these materials, that the Enmayi, with the help of the Omegons, established colonies all over the face of the earth, and the elite (Omegons, Planca, Koan and Takion) returned periodically to check upon their charges to see if they were continuing to produce soulularly. I think it reasonable that Omegons were constantly watching. In keeping with this idea, there are many sites in Mexico that show strong evidence of multi-layered cultures that apparently predate that of the Olmeca culture, where god-like influence shows up as a punctuation.

So long shrouded in mystery, the Gulf of Mexico has the look of a valley, smaller, though not unlike the potential of an earlier Mediterranean valley. Before the relocation of the last Ice Age some 14,500 years ago, the Earth’s waters were much lower, and it is most conceivable that the Gulf was the seat of a mighty civilization, which was ruined in the great flood cataclysm. The Olmecs seem to have come to the eastern shores of Mexico from a land that now appears to be drowned. Their old myths are enigmatic, and in many cases, totally incomplete. The retrieval of the past can be a heart-rending experience for a culture under siege, as the Mexicans were when the Europeans came calling. Much valuable archaeological material was destroyed by the invading Spaniards from the sixteenth century on to our present time. New finds are even now being plunged into the "politically correct" record of history and drowned by academic evangelists protecting their tired propaganda of how things really aren’t.

Soon an ocean-going vessel will test the waters off Texas and Mexico for new archaeological anomalies that have long intrigued the space community of scientists.

There are unusual data, gained from satellites and other "secret" means, that support the old seaman’s tradition that a pyramid exists in the center of the Gulf of Mexico. Much to the chagrin of the archaeological community, the new expedition, by a Texas university team of wealthy renegades, will soon be upon the site with what some call substantial proof. This proof is that there was something highly technological in terms of engineering going on deep in our ancient past. Perhaps the American inspired, political history will soon change to reflect the truth of our past rather than the self-oriented version so often aired by their media sources.

Mention must be made of an archaic cultural site discovered in the Valley of Mexico in the 1920s, which has come to be called Overstreet’s Buried City. T.C. Overstreet started his investigations in that same valley in the early nineteen hundreds (1906), and in the course of his research, he encountered enigmatic stone artifacts and tablets, which had no discernible connection with any other Mexican cultural sequence. This was curious! However, it was not until the period of 1918-1919 when he hit archaeological "pay dirt" at Santigo Gonzalez, a hamlet contiguous to the valley. At that time, he discovered the "infamous" tablets and the evidence of an archaic culture of a high order. For a short time, his discoveries set the archaeological world afire with rampant enthusiasm. Then, most sadly, his discoveries were summarily discredited by the mainstream academic culture and its media. He was made to look a fool, while his artifacts were carried off and scattered far and wide. T.C. Overstreet died a broken man in near Chaco Canyon in New Mexico in 1937. It is sad to contemplate that he died without ever having his work properly evaluated by the scientific prowess of today’s world. We know not where to find his works though there is rumor that some are hidden away at a distinguished university in Texas. Such is an example that could face us with this project.

Teotihuacan, the great city near to Overstreet’s obscure excavations in the Valley of Mexico, has always caught my imagination, even as a boy. It looks like a great space port with pyramid-like structures lined up on a 4 kilometer ramp way for travelers departing and arriving for destinations now long forgotten. At an early age, I can recall thinking upon great flying machines, perhaps saucers, sitting on top of all those little launch pads lining the road of the dead (dead-our idea, not theirs). Too many space movies; one would think that the MIR space station would have ended such dreams!

It has been estimated that Teotihuacan supported a population of 200,000 persons at one point in its florescence. Many of middle American’s old cities seem to have this otherworldly look of high sophistication that was either emulated by other cities at a later date, or were part of an older civilization that was to some degree very advanced. Teotihuacan represents more than that, it has the engineering built into its structure to suggest more than what is told to us by today’s archaeologists. Were the cities of Mexico old memories of a time far away in the minds of their well educated priests? Or, could they have been the whispers of a very ancient Enmayi tradition that bled through to show itself 4 million years later? To do this, the Enmayi had to have a seat of civilization somewhere on Earth that lasted as the stalwart to carry these traditions forward. Where is such a site?

Teotihuacan presents another feature that is also arcane to the extreme. Dr. Lionel Varga, T. C. Overstreet and other historical researchers have pointed out, time after time, that enormous, thick sheets of mica were found by archaeologists on the fifth level of the Sun Pyramid in mid 1900s. Later, at 400 meters down from the Sun Pyramid, reported by the Koch Foundation (2002), another mica slab was found of considerable size: some 27.5 meters square (92 feet square) near the Avenue of the Dead. To the astonishment of all archaeologists, it was identified as a type of mica that is found in South America, and nowhere else. This begs the question of why was this particular type of mica removed and transported some 3218.6 kilometers (2000 miles) to be incorporated into the building site at Teotihuacan? How could something this large be transported in a Stone Age period of history? It is also to be noted that similar finds of South American mica were discovered in certain Olmec sites. This is the "silver bullet" of the archaeological world, which proclaims that the technology of the ancients is far removed from what we consider it to have been. Mica is utilized as insulation to atomic expressions. Who knew of atomics then?

In my estimation, the importance of the discovery of mica, which had been transported thousands of kilometers from its place of origin to its final resting place, is equivalent in historical importance to researcher ’s comments upon the detonation of the first atomic explosion in the deserts of New Mexico. At the time of the explosion, some were heard to remark that "it was the second [ time] for humanity to experience such." It is reported that they were referring to the old Sanskrit tradition that the first atomic device was detonated in the area of the ancient Indus Valley civilizations some 8,000 years ago. The very old ruins of Mohenjo-Daro certainly reflect that this is indeed what occurred, with thousands of its fallen resident’s bones recently (2004) found radioactively "hot" in the bottom of the old streets of the city.

In the old Mahabharata, we find that there were references to flying machines and a frightening white flash of an ultimate weapon that destroyed cities, and caused the survivors to rush to the rivers to cleanse themselves of the unseen killer. The evidence of classic radiation sickness, such as hair and nails falling form the body before death, are everywhere in the ancient writings. With all this strong corroboration of evidence from our planetary past, we should not decline the information offered by all this data that our celestial messenger has poured forth in the last few weeks.

From my vicarious youth, I have wondered about Mexico. Were those old tribes a part of this powerful technological base that peeks to us between the lines of mythological history? The gods seem to appear out of space and time, as did the Sons of Annoo the Sumerian god of gods. One wonders if Claronu’s nickname for Anjona – Annooa was the same leader of the Naberu, as translated by Alice Grice in her body of highly informative and passionately charged books recently released (2002) in Baghdad. Annoo was the Anunnaki god who could have brought genetic engineering to Earth. We have data that supports some of these researchers, so why do we not announce the truth to humanity?

Today, expeditions into the volcanic wastes of Mexico are showing that cultures were present earlier than the Olmecs as Overstreet believed. Were these first people the sons of the Enmayi who had risen in technology over and over again through the cyclic volatility of this unstable planet of garden-like beauty? Cast back into the barbaric states of human evolution time and time again, they continued to climb back out of the agglomeration of defeat to strive once more up the ladder of be-manship. While the poles of the planet wobbled around the globe, they fought to maintain their traditions, each time of destruction; they restarted the flame of the hand that sees — becoming the minds that move. Even the art attributed to the Olmecs seems more modern, with their head-mounted lenses on space helmets that often seem to have support systems attached to their bodies. It is all more relevant now, after having this immense data before us from out of Time.

The "hidden party" seems to lurk behind the scenes of history, always there to reaffirm the mission of becoming. It always hides in the background where logic and creative minds can only see its relevance to the open record. Few minds can understand the necessity of this base knowledge to maintaining the reality of the virtual mission we all must consolidate into unconditional Love.

Hidden from time and taking space not imagined, those "hidden souls" that perpetuated humanity through the four million years here on this explosive gem, kept our hopes alive. Something happened 14,500 years ago of such enormous proportions to destroy that old civilization to such a degree, that now we cannot even comprehend such an event to have taken place. Hoary remains of cultures much older than today’s protected finds, which do not fit into a politically convenient historical sequence, have been deliberately secreted away and no longer apply to the picture we take for reality. It is beyond our scope of understanding because of its ultimate unlikeliness. Overstreet was right! This is why it is true! This is the final test!

I now know that the Mayan culture carried the last messages of data that referred to the "hidden party" who so darkly lurked between the slats of historical rigging. We should seek it all in conjunction with the messages here arrayed before us and compile the total meaning to humanity. The "hidden party" was certainly at Chichen Itza; evidence is everywhere. Chichen Itza’s great Castillo has the engineering sophistication that must have come from very advanced minds; the mathematics alone were quite superior. Any structure, so perfect as to tell time, is perhaps beyond our attempts. More importantly, the astronomical knowledge was beyond a flint-chipping mentality.

Did the Omegons visit and help establish this great center of learning as they must have done in hoary Egypt at Abydos or Giza? Engineering that is intellectually distant even from our own average schooling can be easily recognized. Who were the beings that lurked in the darkness of historical myth? Their clues constantly broadcast from an increasingly powerful background; an implicate order? Why does the academic community continue to hide the truths from the mainstream of human reality? I, for one, know!

I also have a theory — about the processes of how a myth of the gods can come to our ears, from data that is true but misread. I recall the old stories about World War II, when remote islands discovered during that conflict, were revisited later by geological expeditions for survey. The islanders had built altars that looked like aircraft, and anyone who wore a flight jacket was worshiped. Having never seen such things attached to the power of aircraft, those natives of little knowledge misplaced their religious centers. I feel that similar incidents have happened throughout the ages.

Reports, as far back as 14,500 years concerning the gods of the most remote traditions, suggest that any beings with advanced technology, therefore the leveraged edge in any confrontation, were perceived as supreme beings. The traditions of Enoch, whom Christ referred to in the New Testament and Gilgamesh of the Sumerian traditions, all were filled with technology that today is understandable. But to the unknowing eye, such power was awesome and god-like.

I look at society today, and see how many of us live in a world where ancient kings would have been comfortable, even awed by our present lifestyles. Yet, on a higher level, there is really much more than meets the typical mindset. A form of immortality is almost available to many of our upper incrusted fellows, who are politically well connected. The best of everything is theirs for the calling, even if they illegally solicit for a lung, heart or kidney. I have even heard of drugged people waking up in a bathtub of ice without a kidney. These elite dark-shepherds can pay top dollar for extended life. Some freeze their remains just prior to death in hopes of being revived in a future capable of saving them form a total ending.

Tomorrow we will make it common to genetically reengineer new body parts as a matter of nonchalance in comparison to past means of mending.

When I think of this, I consider the rituals of the Mayan, Aztecs, and Egyptians. Could the "hidden party" have been using those extracted parts – hearts, to live in a sordid immortality way back then? They certainly had the system and means in place. Technological and material advantages would surely prove to be enough of an incentive to keep the majority of the world’s population in intellectual subjugation: a class of unwitting and uneducated victims.

I can easily visualize a future world where the majority of the population is restrained from advancement, without benefit of proper education and appropriate personal freedoms. Laws could easily create such an environment where such is possible. In this world the aristocratic "few," such as the wealthy, the scientists, the politicians, could assert themselves, with great facility, as an elitist organization. These elitists would remove themselves from the impoverished hordes, who would then prey upon the social structure to tear it down. This seclusion would enable the neo-aristocrats to develop even more advanced technology, which would enable them to prosper intellectually and materially in long lives of joy. They would continue to advance, while ignoring the lower echelons who would inevitably degrade into a state of barbarism. Those members of the disadvantaged group would literally rot away in a hedonistic world of survival of the fittest.

If the more powerful controlled the mindset of the lower, such as the media do today, they could eventually misinform the others to the point where the elite would appear as more than superior, as gods. By utilizing human leveraging techniques, patriots and conservatives would eventually be defeated and transformed into whimpering fools. They could be co-opted by victimization, first through gender naivete and false nurturing, then racism, sexism and then total chaos. Next stop — godhood for the elite.

So many of today’s wealthy politicians, criminally inclined, are buying up islands and remote areas, stocking them with the best of superior technology, and transforming these areas into bastions that are models of self-sufficiency. At present, we are witnessing a singularity in the social fabric of the world, which had its inception almost twenty years ago in the United States, and the world has since followed suit.

For some time now, the extremely well-placed and powerful, no matter whether these advantages were gained by criminal or more pedestrian means, have been purchasing secluded spots and islands in various parts of the world. At first, this trend was sporadic, with these private estates being located in no discernible pattern. This trend has now continued to the point where these sequestered estates are now veritable bastions of the dominant entities. These enclaves are engineered toward self-preservation and are virtually self-running. They are not enclaves or colonies; they are small nations fortified within themselves. But no matter how small or isolated they may be, they are enormously exotic. The chasm between the social classes of the world is more than disturbing.

It is disturbing because the seeds of the demigods are now being sown and will be developed to the point where they will emblazon the legends of tomorrow. We are literally witnessing the development of a class of people so influential; that – in the future, they will be regarded almost as deity by the common people. This utilization of Machiavellian philosophy and plebeian maneuvering represents the start of a process that will lead to a select brotherhood who will leverage all means of despotic authority: wealth, armament, wisdom, beauty, violence, religion, false-love, knowledge, and technology are the representatives to this power structure. It is also to be noted, that they will leverage these areas to their own advantage, and not for the common weal. These persons are literally preparing a haven – or heaven, if you prefer, for themselves and their kind here on Earth! The powerful will continue to become more ensconced. And, quite sadly, common man will become more common through his own slothfulness at reading the symbols of his time.

Still, I can readily perceive that it is man’s own fault in that he did not attempt to learn and advance himself when he has the chances even today to stop such marching to the edge. Common man is so compliant that he will willingly permit the politicians and bureaucrats to subtract from his life, and then further permit a shellgame-like government to take the remainder. Slothfulness has long been the hallmark of American and worldly education, but — alas! — It has now made its appearance in the Russian schools. We have quite literally "educated" a class of neo-barbarians! Vipers will take the world! What is it that sucks the lifeblood from a nation and destroys it?

I am not a social scientist, but I wonder if it is not the "so-called" legal system that increasingly favors support for laws that protect the criminal elements and the citizens of little merit? Those who sell immorality and vulgarism, via cajolery and persuasion, and then declare it to be the epitome of excellence (dare I say "cool?") display an evil intent that is beyond comprehension. And, it is this same "evil" that will provoke the eventual wrath from the real power behind Claronu’s Virtual Universe (Moiré Arena). The beauty and the tragedy of the Law of Consequence are that it is indeed — just!

This world’s very culture: its music, dress, and entertainment — all are being used against a very willing culture bent on self-defeat. Laughter, cajolery, and fracturing - self-love sells this banality in a most sophisticated manner. This is what philosophers refer to as complex ignorance and is used to gain control of naive human slush with the intent of later shaping it into a special interest group. Weak, selfish minds — as referred to by Claronu — will eventually lose to the gambits of the power mongers because of an inculcated attitude of sloth. Unmotivated humanity needs its gods because they cannot see the God within themselves. In this instance, the supreme irony is that the very existence of man is absolute proof of the Divine.

When a civilization is in full decline, and the passage of time has exponentially stressed morality into immorality, the common being may eventually realize that the leadership has vanished to parts unknown. They will have fled and concealed themselves in isolated sections of the globe, perhaps an island, or some other remote area. When the power or electricity is turned off, then perhaps society will finally take note of their leadership’s absence. Who would care? Soon, all organized norms of society give way to nihilism, and human culture will retrograde into a new Stone Age. And all this will occur because of supreme acts of selfishness. Of the two elements mentioned, which is the more intelligent: the unwitting who allowed this to occur, or the criminally powerful who traduced the rights of the world’s citizens? Could this happen to us, or to America? I strongly fear that it has already happened in the past many times and could once again be our fate.

As the world’s population polarizes, the "future gods" will gain ground more rapidly because of their superior technological capabilities and material advantages. They will appear at "tax time." The elite will increasingly seek the presence of like kind, rather than the meritless and impoverished detritus that lingers on. At some point, the "new gods" will be born; they will take to the skies in their conveyances to hide themselves away in secluded parts of the world to ponder chicanery upon the unwitting. Eventually they will return, and make terrible war upon their own kind, seeking to position themselves as unique and worthy of worship – the ultimate desire for recognition.

With superior firepower, and technology to kill billions from afar, they will enslave humanity once again. After several generations, the powerful who rise in their own groups will become immortal via their superior backup systems of human leveraging and a vast supply of body parts. Human coherency will lose the potential of survival through Love. Unless we listen to the Omegon revelations, we will needlessly suffer this cyclic curse of selfishness.

When I think of history, I wonder if the old gods are still among us, still preying upon human body parts to maintain their longevity? Or did good old common man finally win one with democracy? Our way did not work. I think on this every time I look at the Lines of Nazca in Peru. Such airborne sophistication was surely guided from engineering know-how, and possibly even a form of laser was used to "scribe" the lines in playful creativity. Evidence of laser-like utilization is everywhere in Peru. How else could they cut some of the stone the way it is so easily shown today across from the old fortress of Sacsahuaman in Cuzco? Few have seen this message from the old gods. Some say that those old evil gods still hide in the jungles of the Amazon, or even elsewhere in the universe waiting to return and haunt us again.

There is a wealth of very new information that evidences archeo-enigmas that are out-of-sequence with the story of record. I will not trouble you with an extensive report of these examples, but only touch upon them to give you the support for my conclusions. All of the new data about the developments in archeological finds and the Scepter’s interlaced transmissions of unknown code will accompany the expanded version to be submitted at a later date. It will soon be made clearer, in the coming weeks, just what the total communication is from the records of Claronu and Anjona. It is my desire to reinforce all data presented herein, with additional corroboration, backed up before presentation to the scientific community at our upcoming conference. Soon this tremendous find will be at the feet of the entire world to ponder.

I am absolutely sure that I have become a little too caught up in this report. Still, there is a great amount of food for thought here in this material. I believe we are now at an important and pivotal point of our existence, and perhaps the time is indeed ripe to make some changes in our behavioral conditions. It is time we became more attuned to the altruistic mentality which seems to be a part of our reflective capabilities. It is little used, but still, it is there. We must shout this reawakening of the human reality to the stars and seek the meaning of the Hand that Sees — and is the mind that moves. Moundville! Moundville, Alabama is the site where many mounds were constructed and the old motif of the hand and eye were found there many times. It is a site we must visit to find new secrets, perhaps the catalyst is there.

I feel euphoric — as if the entire story of reality has flashed before my soul in picoseconds. The wonderful memory is there, but it fades quickly. Because of what I have seen, I feel the need to include this data within this report. Earth’s humanity must prepare to move to a new totality in order to exceed the status quo and create the advanced phase II civilization. I am, here and now, calling for a new dispensation of reality, established around the merging of humanity with a new nationhood. I call it Humation. I believe it could work as follows: unless we, in Russia, try to reestablish some type of order in the world as we once did with a political ploy rather than a spiritual ascension, we will forever remain as a nation run by criminal expressions of a brotherhood built by vodka. We must act. This ancient material having been found here in our country is indeed an omen and a Godsend. I propose that we use this event as a springboard and a cause to catalyze ourselves toward a new form of Human Unity. Humation, should be our unifier for coherency.

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Humation from the catalyst of:

The Research Institute for a Benevolent Earth – TRIBE

To be used as a means to assist nations to build

a new Humation...Souls in Coherency!

The institutional purpose of TRIBE will be to develop methods, procedures, vehicles, media, communications, products, services, and various moral means to manifest through past, present, and future technologies, a new form of human being who is altruistic and informed with universal wisdom issued out of Timelessness. Its purpose will also be to help amplify the mental development of humanity toward a higher plane or structural order to specifically target those who are directed by a quest for understanding and consciousness - expansion, pointed at self transcendence. It will serve to enlist the reason of present cultures in an attempt to assist all in their journeys to overcome fear and arrive at an attitude of universal benevolence through wisdom. It will serve to unite fields and professions of high discipline through interconnections of relatedness toward coherency. The Unity of Human mentality is our goal through the issuance of individual effort and creativity.

THE MISSION: The Research Institute intends to work expeditiously toward the above ends through present cultural systems, religions, governments, and businesses. Amplification will only progress from the already present psychological being. The RI is an animator and a catalyst for all entities in need of humane help. There is no beholding agenda. Multisensory interfacing, broadcasting, and extrapolation of human potential for altruistic benefits must always be strictly followed. The act of "Judgment" must be encouraged for the "risk takers" qualified for the asking for judgment. Expansive truths will be encouraged and sought in all dialogue. Humanity must be allowed its natural course without the hindrance of the Power Vehicle of Violence. Reason and Coherency are the keys played through conservative conflict resolution methodology.


• Influence altruistic behavior and conceptualization toward all cultures at proper levels and within specific margins of success.

• Communicate deeper foundation of knowledge through new methods and proven techniques that stress amplification of human will through simulation multimedia and technology.

• Design and develop products and services of relevance toward interconnectedness within the scope of universal understandings of "self and other" in balance toward Essence and Universal knowing.

• Compile case histories and research databases for holistic demographics/psychographic evaluation of world populations in flux.

• Develop pure, universal awareness through events development via media, publications, special events, cinema, videos, virtual realities, CD-ROMs, DVDs, and other forms of presentational, entertainment, informational forums (Moiré Arena Project).

• Work from a point of leading-edge technology in and from all disciplines.

• Encourage multi-talented and interdisciplinary capabilities among all members of the working teams employed by TRIBE in order that "feedback looping" will be a constant backup to specialists and professionals, thus allowing projects to always continue without interruptions or failures.

• Address the total spectrum of ancient cultures through support for projects of archaeological importance as well as anthropological reinforcement to seek the source of their knowledge.


• Development of very large theme parks and institutions for educational and archaeological development established worldwide.

• Unite all sciences into a new paradigm that addresses the truths of human existence and being within the contexts of dimensional consciousness or to cause science to develop the PRIMARY Technological foundations for future potential developments in space and on other planets.

• Communicate to all audiences in a soft-entry manner (mode) as to avoid emotional fear techniques of manipulation and always leverage from truths.

• Start the Moiré Arena Project.

DEFINE THE MOIRE ARENA PROJECT: Such a project will leverage from Virtual Reality into a holosprited or Moiré Arena field of the electromagnetic spectrum to explore new worlds (inner and outer). Such a state is the gestalt environment of all our perceptual existences. The spectrum is like an atmosphere or aura for all of what we physically experience. It is the events realm of localized life states. Therefore, the RI would wish to address the totality of such an arena to all be-manship. This project or campaign will strive to amplify the knowledge and understanding of fellow humans so that they may evolve toward higher-ordered thinking or what some call a venture into a Phase II civilization.

Insert Icon (Pic. 78).

The illustration above is the proposed graphic symbol that we (the participants of this project of Claronu and Anjona) have all been impressed by – the symbol is for the TRIBE’s Moiré Arena Project. Yes, we are moving very fast here, perhaps at speeds only the Scepter could assist us with its preprogrammed power. Its glow is of plasma; iridescent gold will be its final color.

I realize that this forum may not be the place to insert such information; however, my colleagues and I feel, because we believe that Anjona and Claronu would reinforce this material the same, that we must move to these new levels of human development as soon as possible. We, as a group, have put up the funding for the initial phases to start immediately with the foundation.

From the messages revealed by this project, we now know that this existence is the illusion (school) of preparation, for true reality must be learned of here in this realm of physical preparation. This is certainly now a known truth by our scientific community and soon the political elements will also know. Our criminal factions must learn this truth soon, or they will be the cause of total ruin for lack of coherency required of this state’s transition into REASON. Russia could take the lead here. While America seeks to recover from the last decade’s political illusions, attempting to capture a ruminant of their past glory, we have here a device to elevate us back into the scientific lead that we deserve. This find is ours to develop for the good of humanity, a position we should have leveraged long ago. Our people are ready to believe in justice. We are ripe!

Many of the Russian Federation’s scientific community are currently scrapping the old 20th century theories for a whole new paradigm to position us for the future. This report could start a whole new rash of projects that will finally prove the real story of why, how and what we humans are doing here on Earth and existing in this thing we call the universe.

We have only scratched the surface of man’s record on this planet. Those who leverage public opinion that all is decided, are truly obtuse and can remain in the past centuries with Darwin and the like thinkers. Newton had his points to this equation. It is all old politics to control rather than enlighten humanity as to who and what we are. There is more mystery to this equation than we ever conceived, and this project has shown the proof of that. I believe that everything is here, there are messages all over and under the surface of the Earth and the evil that keeps us in the void of mentality must become the past. Evil for selfishness was for survival, but now it is totally obsolete in view of this new vortex of knowledge and Light.

One last reference to the ancient Mayan culture comes to me in this discussion of metaphysical Virtual Reality that we are only now appreciating. It is a new realm to our understanding, opening up tremendous potential. This point I wish to make: these ancient Yucatan scientist-priests, presented a gestalt - vision within their singular iconography, as did the Egyptians in theirs — a sort of multifaceted language that communicated in thought conglomerates (wads of ideas) of exponentially interrelated meanings. It is the Moiré Mentality of multiple worlds that they reinforced in their Popul Vuh. The Otherworld, as they called it, was deeply understood by them, and had multifaceted meanings beyond singular event sequences. It is all like this report by Anjona and Claronu — multidimensional. This is the proper way for humans to think — from a Moiré Arena.

A Moiré Arena is a multimedia methodology that is rapidly becoming the primary means of attaining data at high speeds. Our children are learning faster as a result of this new means of crunching the "mirror world" of massive data into expansive knowledge. There is more. It is as though we are learning the principles of Virtual Reality and its world at a time when we can truly understand the message that sits before our very eyes for revelation. Virtual Reality, holography and other means are showing us the reality of true existence.

Gestalt iconography will become an entirely new language structure to the human psyche. Even though the ancient Egyptians and Maya icons offer a cartouche-like structure to enclose multiple information (media), the monitor screens of our computers are likewise our index symbols of gestalt meanings and messages. Future communications in virtual format will amplify our civilization to move to the levels Anjona and the One have prepared for us. This information is the catalyst for our escape toward a new world. However, I still do not know what the four voids are to our demise.

Now, on a serious note, the data of interlaced messages from the Scepter have now revealed a secondary level of noise that is totally unrecognizable to any of our systems of decipherment. We believe that additional artifacts may still be hidden at the site where we found the Scepter capsule. We are going to return to that site in a week for further study. The remainder of the report will be prepared and updated when we return. I think that after we learn the codes for this "noise," we will perhaps expose the "hidden party" to the light of day.

Since this is your preliminary excursion into the newly named "Enigmni" Project, I will give you ample time to respond to the initial findings here and the attached material from me, with "brainstorming" included. I am sure you will soon have the same exuberance we have for this project, as it is more than "catching." We await your new found interest in the universal scheme of things.


Forwarded letter to the Scientific Committee:

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October 9, 2008

Report to the Scientific Committee

SPC Archaeological / Geological Department

National Russian Federation

To Damonus JeaJavich,

I am sending this material to you for archival procedures to deposit it all in our section files under SUSPENDED OPERATION. This is due to budgetary inadequacies, and loss of status.

As the highest governmental official associated with this project, formerly under the guidance of Dr. S. T. K. Kosolapdev, I must inform you of a tragedy that has befallen his project of recent. Dr. Kosolapdev was apparently killed in a helicopter accident while on a return route from the Tunguska region back to our headquarters. All the other scientists associated with the team were also killed. We are still trying to secure their identities. Though unfortunate, their work was running into money problems, as most of our projects are. Perhaps it was a blessing in disguise. I mean not to sound uncaring, for I deeply liked the man and his research. They are all a tremendous loss to our community.

All of the materials related to this experience will be stored in the state’s # 137 university archives in "cold store" warehousing section 4-0, in case we ever need to reopen this unfortunate project. Though, I must in truth reflect that I was unable to read the majority of the material that Dr. Kosolapdev produced, I feel it is worth keeping for future reference. This lack of follow through was due to the overabundance of work that I have been plagued with since taking on these new responsibilities. If the committee has any need to reopen the project, please let me know, and I will be happy to relate what data I have in regards to the report.

I have kept one unit of the project in the closet of my office as a reminder of their "work." It is a fine device that I find useful as a walking stick in my extreme age. I am sure it has little value, and won’t be missed. Please pass my best wishes on to our uncle and thank you for helping me close out this final chapter on our old enigma, the blast of 1908 in Tunguska. White Nights are best left to the darkness of everyday light, along with a bottle of vodka. Give my love to uncle’s ageless Planca. Tell her how I miss all of her old stories of how it once was.

I miss you all, but my work has taken me far afield.



Victor Koaneniv

Chair SPC Committee

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December 23, 2012

(Scepter Compression Data — Visual Graphics Enabled) Anjona no longer detected in this field. Scepter has delivered the messages of Claronu and Anjona, held for 1 of 4 million orbits of the Gardened Planet as ordered. All data was off-loaded to the Enmayi. It has now been some four orbits since off-load of messages. Inaction has caused the events about to initiate via preprogrammed beginning. Scepter has now gone into final countout for the Seventh symbol of Enigmni. Detonation devices are now in exposed positions since landing and are configured to oxygen atmosphere (fuel). Final phase will end the experiment in this sector of the Goge Systems. All virtual broadcast will cease at the end of the countout. This message is for any Enmayi receivers wishing to halt countdown. No signals are detected. Second message is for any Omegon wishing to halt countout. No signals are detected. Final message is for Anjona to halt the countout. No signals are detected. Scepter initiates the sequences for countout (Pic. 79) ....................................... .......zech.......yash.......xepx.......wass.......vess.......utus.......tync.......sash.......rono.......quan.......pasc.......oooo........Takion!


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State of Being


Time is like a ride at the theme park— temptation peppered with movement toward chaos. Its opposite is even more expansive in potential. Timelessness is the reality of this existence with Time being the dream or illusion. Eternity is the All, encompassing essence of the Totality (One with no second). It is the generative order or implicate unity. Mentality is multi-purposed, multifaceted, and multidimensional. In thought finality, Mind is the Totality. Mind rides the Light but is not reliant upon it. Light is capable of creating the universe in illusion as a virtual reality, what some call the moiré arena. God is Mind...and Mind issues forth in God’s motion — The Enigmni. Mind moves from nothing to everything and back. Mind is the experience of existence where all creativity is found in a catalytic state of reinvention. It is a constancy of change. There is nothing faster than Mind, then comes Light. Because Mind is present with Light they appear as One...they are two, but light is the expression of the Mind — the broadcast. One is God the other is His Means — the Holy Spirit...the mover — Enigmni.

The First Logos or Creation is the Son; the Word catalyzes ideas into existence in sequence. The Word is REASON. Mind is first cause with no last. Last is an illusion of Time, which moves as a linear aspect generated in Timelessness. Linearity can be accompanied by dimensionality. Increased dimensionality adds complexity and solidity to Time for those who ride the Light. The more complex, and the more coherent, the hotter is the form. Mind is not affected by any of its creations, but its creations are affected by each preceding creation that manifests in directed evolutional sequence. Feedback created naturally by Mind and Light is essential to coherent knowing of each preparatory creation. Congruence, Empathy, or Love and Knowing is amplified by each structural dimension created. 1•3•7 is the number of Creation.

Beings or Mind segments that are attracted by each amplifying and complex structural level will localize in sequential fashion. From the smallest atomic structure to the most complex. Thus is the spiral of creation. Mind is uniformly everywhere, everything, and Eternal. Mind is the atmosphere of be-ness. Humanity is represented by a multitude of structural levels animated by total mentality. Light creates the illusion of body and its programs of DNA supply the variety. Mind selects the product based on cause and consequence. Mind is God. Man is a part of God. God is the Whole.

Mind may seek itself in exponential feedback waves that are everywhere at once yet holographically focused by a reflection mechanism on the physical side called a Brain (gestalt / sequential computerized device). Such a virtual organ can and does make localizations think they are individuals capable of god-like creation. It is an illusion that must be learned due to sequential limitations. We are one. Individuals created in localizations use brains as a secondary focusing agent to create a holographic virtual domain wherein personality rises. Personalities create dimensional illusions that flux and must be reinforced by recognition or observation from others. These brains coalesce mind into a sense field capable of creating solid reality. This virtual reality is hard copy to a conscious mind aided by a lens of being. The lens collects data for evaluation by the All.

The generative order is symbolized by a being (person) seated in outline form. It is fractalian in nature and existence is created within the relation to a mathematical (geometric) interface inherent with this symbol. Inside the symbol is the void-potential, outside is the creation. Where the two meet is the implicate order or cursor of God’s Eye. The leading edge is where Time is on the FLY. Timelessness feeds the potential that smears out over created space awaiting localization of monadic mind.

This smear of potential is as the multifaceted or holographic plate (information float), all potential is inherent within its confines as feedback looping is progressing faster than the speed of Light. It is Mind. This combination allows Light to seem to have "Prior Knowledge," to a singular localization.

But, Prior Knowledge in totality is the All, seated in Timelessness.

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All names herein are made-up to protect any known person. This manuscript is after all a work of fiction. All information has been gained through my studies via many sources and meditations spanning almost 35 years. One thing I have learned more than any other — listen to the interlaced messages of the symbols expressed through nature, and you will learn the secrets of being and becoming. While many persons have been working in the area this work suggests, I too have studied this body of knowledge since I was in the seventh grade. That was a long time ago. This body of knowledge has existed since the beginning of Time. God does not speak in a Virtual Language — all of this is at his prescription. Listen to your heart.

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